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Initial returns point to a power shift in the state Senate

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State lawmakers and Gov. Jay Inslee will get a raise this fall unless enough people object in the next month. On May 17, a citizen… Continue reading

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Inslee unveils plan to fully fund education with $5B in new and higher taxes

Gov. Jay Inslee unveiled a $46.7 billion budget proposal Wednesday that fully funds public schools, provides state employees a raise, freezes college tuition and transforms… Continue reading

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Will the Roadkill Caucus be reborn in 2017? This is not idle conversation as the approaching legislative session could be epic in its length and… Continue reading

From new license plates to rules on pot, Legislature faces busy session ahead

A preview of coming attractions and distractions for lawmakers next year can be found in the pile of legislation awaiting them when they return to Olympia in January.

I-517 defeat may have cost Tim Eyman more than pride

Eyman’s I-517 may have lost him key support in future

Schools funding bill may exclude raises for teachers

With lawmakers set to pour as much as $1 billion more into public schools, Senate Republicans want to make sure most of it doesn’t wind up in the pockets of teachers in the form of pay raises.

Your lawmakers at work

Here is a short list of lesser new laws passed in Olympia.

What do teachers do? State commissions new study to find out

Those wondering what public school teachers do all day are going to get an answer.

Better state economy brings in revenue

State predicts more revenue, but it might not be enough for schools.

Charter school criteria to be decided Thursday, Aug. 22

Those wanting to open a charter school in Washington will get a clear idea Thursday of what it will take to be among the first operators of publicly funded, privately run campuses in the state.

Positive revenue forecast may help avert state shutdown

A revenue forecast released today shows economic growth in Washington is slow but steady and may prove strong enough to drive state lawmakers to an elusive agreementon the state budget in time to avert a government shutdown.

Battle to control public records requests heats up in Washington

Those looking for a more transparent government are increasingly relying on public records to make it happen.

Younger, moderate recruits bolster Republican ranks

Of late, Republicans are doing a better job finding people to run who fit the political philosophy and temperament of their district.

Decision could avert dueling carbon measures in 2016

Backers of a carbon tax measure have spent months gathering signatures needed to earn a spot on the 2016 ballot. Now they may not turn them in because the content of a competing initiative polls better.

Special session likely to go to second round for Legislature

The governor is likely to keep the state Legislature working by ordering an extension of the special session.

Opening day 2016: Clean air, minimum wage hike | The Petri Dish

State lawmakers began the 2016 legislative session on Monday with a bit of ceremony featuring comments by Republican and Democratic leaders. Then members of the House and Senate dove into some controversial subjects.