30 faces against 30 spaces on Mercer Island | Letter

At the City Council meeting on Aug. 7, I read the following statement. It was signed by over 30 citizens of Mercer Island and included face shots of many of the signers.

“30 faces against 30 spaces: A group statement to the Mercer Island City Council. We oppose the re-striping of 77th Avenue Southeast because it is wasteful of city resources and creates serious hazards for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. Sight lines and maneuverability will be compromised for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists just to gain 30 totally unnecessary, and potentially extremely hazardous, parking spaces. Re-striping 77th is unnecessary because (1) every business along the entire length of 77th has ample parking in its own lot, and (2) 77th is too far from the Park and Ride for commuters. We urge you, our City Council members, to vote against the proposed re-striping of 77th Avenue Southeast. Signed: Al Lippert, Baron Dickey, Betty Morgan, Biz Gilman, Bonnie Godfred, Carv Zwingle, Catie Light, Cecilia Finnegan, Charon Gooding, Ebie Light, Ed Pepple, Edie Warner, Fran Call, Ira Appelman, Jackie Dunbar, Jean Dunbabin, Jean Majury, Jocelyn Antilla, Lloyd Gilman, Lori Robinson, Meg Lippert, Mitchell Godfred, Morrene Jacobson, Patricia Malatesta, Patrick Daugherty, Rob Dunbabin, Robin Russell, Ron Malatesta, Sara Sue Zwingle, Scott Majury, Sharon Smith, Shirley Pepple, Virginia Arnon.” (Note: There are more than 30 names since several were submitted after the deadline for Monday afternoon printing.)

Thank you, City Council members, for realizing that adding parking to 77th Avenue Southeast is not in the best interest of citizens, and for protecting the safety of Island drivers, pedestrians and cyclists by rejecting the recommendation of city staff to add 30 parking stalls to that avenue.

Jean Dunbabin

Mercer Island


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