A great performance at Mercer Island Jewish Community Center | Letter

I attended the closing performance of “Willie Wonka Jr.” by Youth Theatre Northwest at the Stroum Jewish Community Center on Feb. 12. It was a delightful production, with engaging young actors who introduced themselves to the audience and answered audience questions following the performance.

The joy of the actors reminded me of my own delight acting in plays in elementary school and in high school.

The Jewish Community Center auditorium was a perfect venue for this production. Spectacular lighting complemented the elaborate sets and staging. I especially enjoyed the music, because the piano was on the stage apron, clearly visible to the audience and to the actors, too.

Seated in my comfy seat, I was grateful that the JCC has this beautiful, comfortable performance space right on our Island that is available for use by community groups. It’s a win-win, as performance space that would otherwise be empty is rented to provide income that helps to support our local JCC.

Protecting our public parkland from development, while taking advantage of performance spaces like the JCC, Mercer Island High School and others, is just another win-win for Islanders.

Meg Lippert

Mercer Island