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Acker represents diversity, tolerance and inclusion

Many of us know Tom Acker for his reputation as a tireless advocate for Mercer Island residents on issues ranging from transportation to fiscal responsibility. Some may not have seen Tom in his other role, advocate for children. I met Tom several years ago through our children. While he tirelessly works to protect the interests of the citizens of Mercer Island, many do not know about his involvement in the Mercer Island Friendship Circle.

The Mercer Island Friendship Circle envisions a world in which people with special needs and their families experience acceptance and friendship. The goal is a future where children never again have to experience social isolation or unequal treatment. The organization has been so impressed by Tom’s authenticity and desire to bring good into others’ lives that he was asked to speak at the Friendship Circle’s annual Hero’s Gala. Tom’s commitment to diversity, tolerance and inclusion have made a difference in our community. We hope that Mercer Islanders have the good fortune of Tom’s representation on the Mercer Island City Council. I encourage you to vote for Tom Acker.

Alexis Rubenstein

Mercer Island

Acker has spent time for well-being of Islanders

If Mercer Island is running out of money, why is the City Council considering giving MICA use of loved public parkland for 5o cents per year, seemingly forever? Also, considering the huge real estate taxes we pay, the numerous taxes added to our water bills, etc., apparently the council is handling our money very poorly.

It would seem to many that we need an entirely new City Council. We need a City Council with members like Tom Acker. Tom has spent so much of his own time and money for the well-being of the Island citizens. We are fortunate that he is willing to run for office. I think if Tom had been on the current council we would be allowed to vote on MICA. Also, we would probably still be able to use the reversible lanes.

Beatrice Rauch

Mercer Island

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