Joy Langley takes action | Letter

I’m writing in enthusiastic support of Joy Langley’s campaign for Mercer Island City Council. As a typical citizen, I realize how easy it is to cast my vote for the person whose name I recognize. As Joy is running against someone with greater name recognition, I thought it especially important to express my strong support for Joy to my fellow Islanders. To know Joy is to want to vote for Joy. She would be a tremendous asset for our community and our children as a City Council member. Joy has both the devotion for civic duty and the energy and follow-through to be highly effective.

Our kids have been in school together since preschool, and to say I’ve been impressed by her work ethic for our community is an understatement. She participates with vigor on the PTSA Board, and is always there for non-mandatory school meetings and events. She is exceptionally well-informed, welcoming and kind, listens carefully and speaks her mind, always with respect for others and genuine interest in their point of view.

Where others feel and believe, Joy goes further and takes action. She organizes. She volunteers. She gathers community together. She reads up and shows up. She is persistent, reliable, competent, resourceful and highly attuned to the needs of others — she really “gets it” — qualities I’ve found to be lacking in many of those in office on Mercer Island.

And perhaps most notably, her devotion and energy are unparalleled. As a mother of four young children, an attorney and a former educator, I have been dumbstruck with admiration for Joy’s energy and her many accomplishments.

And I am far from alone. Other parents often express their awe for Joy and all she does for so many. Our community would be truly lucky to have Joy represent our interests on the City Council. I urge you to get out there and vote for Joy Langley.

Ashley Sternberg

Mercer Island