Keeping the door open for growth on Mercer Island | Letter

Mercer Island is my home and its residents are my neighbors. I’m grateful that I can raise my children and build my business here surrounded by this vibrant community.

There is no doubt that I’m passionate about doing everything I can to strengthen and support my neighbors. We all want to ensure that Mercer Island continues to be a place where we embrace our traditions and culture while welcoming new residents and families. My goal is for all of us to thrive.

In pausing and thinking about the last few months and the debate about growth, I’m struck that my passion may have overshadowed these shared goals of community. And in this climate of divisiveness, I want to offer a slightly different, more measured perspective.

Let’s keep the doors open for growth. Let’s celebrate the many voices and the passion that they represent. Let’s not forget that these debates are part of the privilege of the democracy that we value. And while I’m disappointed by the decisions made, I know that we together have a bigger job ahead of us — identifying how we come together to ensure the fiscal and cultural health of this Island.

Big houses, small houses, lifers and newcomers, together our opportunity is to come together as one to keep the door open to growth and vibrancy.

Because at the end of the day, the one thing we can all agree upon is that we love where we live. Here’s to a great future for Mercer Island.

Marc Rousso

JayMarc Homes

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