Letters to the Editor, Aug. 28, 2019


Cartwright Support

Consistently, throughout recent Mercer Island history, primary concerns from Mercer Island citizens have been centered around mobility, fiscal responsibility, parks, density/growth and planning. These are serious issues, requiring critical thinking and objective evaluation along with “the art” of analysis and foresight to predict the unintended consequences. Heather Cartwright brings the facts and data analysis as well as foresight and scenario investigation.

How do I know this? I served with Heather (and her opponent) on the Prop 1 Community Advisory Group in 2017-2018. Throughout the process/meetings/communications/debates, Heather actively engaged, was always open to differing opinions, didn’t invoke personal or condescending attacks and sought alternative solutions rather than default to additional taxes. She was constructive and productive.

Heather is a pragmatic leader and woman of integrity, believing it’s important to solve problems while never losing sight of Mercer Island needs. Her business experience taught her to attentively consider information from all aspects and perspectives, distill it down to actionable and meaningful goals for the greater good and move forward. She will do the same for Mercer Island and actively represent Islander interests and concerns. To prove her commitment to Mercer Island, Heather is only accepting donations and endorsements from Island residents.

While thoughtfully planning our island’s future, I have no doubt Heather will ensure a balanced budget, safeguard public safety and open spaces, explore Islander transit options, and proactively identify and address potential issues and opportunities.

I respectfully ask you to vote for Heather Cartwright.

Elaine Kavalok

Mercer Island

Cartwright gets another nod

We have an important election coming up, and there’s no question in my mind that Heather Cartwright is the very best candidate for city council Position 5. I’m not one to blindly trust the political speak of candidates, but what’s important to me is action, not talk. I’m resolute in my endorsement of Heather based upon seeing firsthand how involved and dedicated she has been in so many Mercer Island issues.

At countless council and community meetings, Heather has been advocating for protecting our parks and neighborhoods, lobbying for keeping our Island safe amidst regional development and asking the tough questions about the future of Mercer Island’s mobility and transportation issues. She has strong analytical skills and proactively listens to the priorities of citizens. Mercer Island cannot be a good regional partner if we aren’t strong first. I’m excited that we have the opportunity to elect a candidate thinking long term about the impact of regional decisions on Mercer Island.

I watched how Heather dedicated herself to studying our city’s finances on the CAG (Community Advisory Group). What struck me about her approach was how open-minded and unbiased she was — she had incredible deference for the task at hand and ultimately her measured decision to focus on a more sustainable spending plan aligned with the majority of Islanders’ views.

Heather and her husband, Ken, have raised their children on the island and are active in the community – volunteering in the schools, sports and city organizations. Heather doesn’t stay on the sidelines – she engages and makes a positive impact. In my opinion, this is exactly the character we need in our candidates – ready to do the research, lend their expertise, be vocal, and respectful in order to represent Islander interests. She’s listening and channeling our voices. She’s won my vote.

Mark Coen

Mercer Island

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