Letters to the Editor, Sept. 4, 2019

Candidate support

Jacobson support

We hope you will take a moment to read about why we support Jake Jacobson for Mercer Island City Council. We’ve known Jake for 17 years as a friend and neighbor. Jake is a valuable community asset with the high level of integrity, strength of character and forthrightness that would make him an excellent city council member.

He is a skilled negotiator who successfully resolves complex issues. His experience as an attorney and his background in the construction industry where he dealt with the Washington state departments of transportation and ecology, King County, Sound Transit and several federal agencies give him a unique set of qualifications for the complex issues facing Mercer Island with a deeper understanding of these issues than the incumbent. His negotiating skills and ability to understand and analyze complex financial issues are truly skills our Island community needs for continued healthy and prudent growth. Additionally, Jake has deep knowledge of construction and development practices and laws as well as procurement and contracts skills so vitally important as we work through the Sound Transit/bus intercept issues we face as light rail crosses the Island.

Jake believes in and supports our school system and students. He dedicated hours, without a student in the schools, to support the MI School District bond to alleviate the overcrowding in our schools. On a more personal note he attended wrestling matches and tournaments at MIHS in support of our two boys’ athletic endeavors as well as the MI Schools Foundation breakfast when one of our sons was being honored. These are things he didn’t need to do but did because community on both a large and small scale are important to him.

Please join us in voting Jake Jacobson for Mercer Island City Council.

Dana and Billy Pruchno

Mercer Island

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