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Mercer Island Center for the Arts is a waste of resources | Letter

Last week, you published a letter written by Baron Dickey, which pointed out the availability of an under-used performing arts venue at our high school that is set up with a “fly loft” so there can be more than one event per day.

What good planning by the architects who designed the high school. They were able to foresee the probable need for such a space in the future.

I now understand why Mercer Island Center for the Arts has not used what is available from our public schools. They have not used the high school for one of their performances. It seems as if MICA does not want citizens to realize that the high school venue is probably more modern and better equipped then any venue they have ever used and with ample parking. Instead, they hammer away for millions of dollars to construct a gargantuan building in one of our most loved and best-used parks. What a waste of resources.

Virginia Arnon

Mercer Island


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