Praying for safety on I-90 | Letter

Time will tell with the permanent changes to our access and permanent closure of the I-90 center roadway andimplementation of R8A. I recently spoke in front of the Sound Transit Board and voiced my deep concerns for this entireproject, our safety and the lack of transparency and lies.

I warned the board and I guess I feel better, but they closed the I-90 HOV/express lanes permanently anyway.

At the same time, the board is attempting to place light rail on floating bridges for the first time ever in our world’s historydespite safety concerns, and we will just simply have to watch and experience it. Our city is appealing to the WashingtonState Supreme Court, which has historically favored Sound Transit every time. To me and many, all of this feels and seemsso wrong.

I hold Sound Transit, the Washington State Department of Transportation and our leaders accountable for allowing this tohappen and proceed forward without properly addressing safety concerns and re-opening the 2011 Environmental ImpactStatement, which is now six years old and inaccurate. This is all I can do unfortunately as a private citizen at this point, andnow we will see in less than two weeks as it looks like nothing will be reassessed, delayed or changed.

I’m very sorry. I’m also very sorry for the level of discourse and the fact that safety is something we are arguing about withthis plan. To me, it is obvious and I don’t believe anyone should be as cavalier about safety as many and our leadership arebeing with this entire project.

I will let time tell and those in charge answer for their decisions. As a spiritual person raised as a pastor’s daughter, I willpray. I will pray that someone doesn’t die or is hurt. I will pray that it doesn’t hurt our Island, schools and community, and Iwill see as this all unfolds along with everyone else. I would love to be wrong on all of this, but I feel like we aren’t beingproperly protected. I feel like the system has let us down and our leaders are not properly protecting our safety, ourinfrastructure and our resources and tax dollars, but we who have opposed and gone on the record and to Olympia havebeen ignored. All I can say now is please be careful on I-90.

Elizabeth Buckley

Mercer Island

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