Story should include MICA’s commitment to weighing other sites | Letter

“Mercerdale Park is ‘off the table’ as a site for the ‘foreseeable’ future.”

Your story about the so-called “reset” of the Mercer Island Center for the Arts fails to mention that, according to the organization’s new Executive Director Paul Shoemaker, Mercerdale Park is “off the table” as a site for the “foreseeable” future.

This important commitment by Shoemaker deserves to be included in the ongoing debate and I suggest you include it in the interest of fair and balanced coverage.

I might add that I spent several hours last week with Paul at the Mercer Island Community and Event Center to discuss placing MICA in the location adjacent to and north of the community center. He was, in my opinion, very open to this alternative site.

Claus V. Jensen

Mercer Island