Wong for Mercer Island City Council | Letter

Mercer Island citizens are extremely fortunate to have had Benson Wong on the City Council these past four years. Wong, an attorney, has worked on issues of public interest both large and small, for most of his life.

What are those issues? We know them by heart. They include the practical to the aesthetic to the very cultural identity of our town. Wong listens to residents and acknowledges those issues. He shares those ideals. He is respectful and smart. He knows how to collaborate with others to find common ground and workable solutions.

It is easy to complain that the city’s infrastructure is failing or that neighborhoods are being ruined by the construction of new homes. The strain of growth is showing. How to finance, repair and manage those impacts is complex. It takes patience, skills and commitment. Mr. Wong, however, with his long and varied experience as an attorney, a negotiator and active citizen, is best suited to represent Islanders.

It is instructive to look at the long list of endorsements for Mr. Wong. See how many are former council members, past and present state government officials, as well as citizen activists, long-time residents and those who follow the workings of the City Council. They have a good idea of who works best for the city and its citizens.

These individuals and others know that it takes more than passion to be an effective council member. Among the factors listed above, it requires the ability to build relationships and, time. It helps to have someone as open, hard working and skilled as Benson Wong.

Kevin J. Grady

Mary L. Grady