A city park sign at Mercerdale Park. File photo

Another ‘Save Mercerdale Park’ sign goes missing | Letter

The “Save Mercerdale Park” sign I placed in public right-of-way at the top of my street a couple of months ago has suddenly gone “missing” like so many similar signs around the Island. Perhaps someone would like to return it and collect the $5 reward (http://protectmiparks.org)? What would motivate an individual to remove a sign with a message about saving a public park from private development?

If it’s a Mercer Island Center for the Arts (MICA) supporter, don’t they realize “art” is about free expression? As a musician and arts supporter, I’m troubled by efforts I’ve personally experienced and/or witnessed by MICA supporters to suppress any opposition to their plans to develop Mercerdale Park.

Patrick Daugherty

Mercer Island