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Letter | A rational approach to gay marriage?

October 8, 2012 · 11:12 AM

I am truly pleased to personally know a number of gay citizens rather well and I definitely appreciate every one of them. Nevertheless, is anyone really taking a truly rational approach toward the issue of gay marriage?

For example, gay marriage advocates say that it is the “right” of any two consenting adults to wed, but have people really thought of all that this implies? If a brother and a sister wish to marry, is this OK? Most people supporting gay marriage would say “no,” but what is the difference here that allows marriage in one case but not in the other? Couples in both groups may be “committed,” they may love each other, and they may not be planning children.

Along the same line, if the man-woman component of the traditional definition of marriage is to be abandoned, what is the rationale for keeping the “one” component in the same definition? What prevents three people of any sexual combination from joining together and calling it “marriage”? Or four people or five? Absurd, you say? Wrong! This is a live issue, and in Brazil recently two trios and a separate set of five sought marriage (CNN web news, Aug. 31, 2012).

People supporting gay marriage need to realize that in discarding the one man-one woman definition of marriage, they are also discarding any reasonable rationale for prohibiting incestuous and polyamorous unions. To say that all of these unions should be labeled as “marriage” is equally unacceptable as it reduces the term to meaninglessness.

Finally, everyone knows that the first use of the term “marriage” goes back to Genesis where it unquestionably refers to an enduring relationship between one man and one woman. What is the evidence that God’s mind on this matter has changed?

Carl Dodrill


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