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Letter | I-90 tolling idea is ill-conceived

February 5, 2013 · 1:04 PM

A tip of the hat to Cynthia Moller (MI Reporter letter to editor, Jan. 30, 2013).

‘Right on’ on all counts, Cynthia, and furthermore perhaps those who are selling us down the drain should be fired or recalled.

Any CEO who made a billion and half dollar error would be dismissed on the spot; another inept performance by state government to grossly misjudge the loss of traffic on 520. Or was this “overlooked” to get 520 underway and ask for forgiveness later?

There is a second very serious issue that has statewide/national economic impact. I-90 is a “shipping lane,” not just transportation, to Eastside upscale residences, and a land link from the Port of Seattle to the Midwest and East Coast for goods.

The Port of Seattle is challenged by the loss of shipping to Prince Rupert, British Columbia (closer to major ports in Asia) and Tacoma.

Why? Those ports have rail travel and direct off-loading to trains, whereas the Port of Seattle only has truck access and old outmoded cranes. To compensate for lost shipping to these other ports, the port just recently “gave away the farm” to keep Hanjin (a major shipper).

The port has been a major critic of Hansen’s new sports arena due to additional traffic hindering trucks.

Now we want to add tolls to the extended “shipping lane” of I-90. They must be rubbing their hands in glee in Prince Rupert and Tacoma.

The idea of tolling I-90 is so ill-conceived, it is beyond imagination.

False representation to the residents and businesses of Mercer Island — a total disregard for keeping the Port of Seattle viable and operating, and understanding that I-90 is a vital shipping lane for goods and services.

Tolling I-90 will have an irreversible negative impact on all concerned with this vital “shipping and transportation lane.”

David R. Evans



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