Shaun Scott, staff photo Mercer Island Islanders 2015 graduate Ben Cohen is looking forward to getting back on the gridiron in 2017 with the Eastside Bulldogs football team.

Cohen is back on the gridiron with the Bulldogs

Ben Cohen figured his football career had come to a close following the final high school football game with Mercer Island in the fall of 2014.

Cohen, who played offensive and defensive line for the Islanders, is looking forward to his return on the gridiron after a two-year hiatus this season with the Eastside Bulldogs football squad. The 20-year-old 2015 Mercer Island graduate said he will play defensive line for the Bulldogs.

“It is definitely a refreshing comeback,” Cohen said. “It’s been awesome. I never thought I would play football again after high school.”

Cohen said he found the Bulldogs football program after discovering the team’s website.

“It was pretty nice finding out this team existed,” he said.

The Bulldogs, who won the past two Northwest Junior College Football League championships, are striving to win their third consecutive title in 2017. Even in early season practices, Cohen immediately noticed the difference between high school and junior college football.

“The intensity is a lot more evident,” Cohen said.

He added while he may not be the biggest player in the trenches (Cohen is listed at 230 pounds), he makes up for it with speed and agility.

“I’m fast and I have a fast reaction time,” he said.

Recently the Reporter had an opportunity to ask Cohen a few questions about his life away from the football field.

Mercer Island Reporter: What is your favorite movie of all time?

Ben Cohen: “I am Legend.” I like Will Smith and I like zombies. It is a good combination.

MIR: What is your favorite restaurant in Mercer Island?

BC: Qdoba (Mexican eatery). The burritos are good.

MIR: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

BC: Working somewhere with my computer science degree. That is my primary goal.

MIR: Who was your favorite sports team growing up?

BC: The New England Patriots.

MIR: What is your dream vacation spot?

BC: Hawaii. I have never been there but I’ve always wanted to be there.

MIR: If you could pick one person to go to dinner with, who would it be?

BC: My older brother Jacob. I haven’t seen him in awhile. It has been almost a year now. He is in the Army. I miss him.