Megan Managan

Mercer Island High students trade goods with Africa

Carol Wiseley’s marketing class meets four days a week to discuss their upcoming projects and what needs to be finished as excitement over a scheduled video conference builds.

Lakeridge third-graders

Storytelling is key part of culture lesson

Third-grade students at Lakeridge Elementary celebrated Native American culture during a potlatch held last Wednesday. The third graders recently finished studying Native American tribes and traditions in the area, a unit that included visits from Roger Fernandes, a local artist and member of the Klallam tribe.

Lakeridge third-graders

School credit policies are stricter at other districts

Making sure that children have the best possible education is a major goal for parents. Enrolling their children in the right district, with the right teachers and worrying about whether the district is good enough is a stress every parent deals with. For many who seek specific help for their child in a certain subject, the option of using a private school for a class can be appealing.

Replacing WASL with fairer, less expensive test

New state Superintendent of Schools Randy Dorn announced his plans for the future assessment of Washington state students on Jan. 21. The goal: replace the Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL) with shorter, more efficient tests designed to save money and time.

Up to $3 million less for MISD in 09-10

It’s hard to escape the news of budget cuts, jobs lost and the generally grim economic forecast. The state legislature started its new session in mid-January, and citizens are waiting anxiously to see how state funds will be spent, perhaps none more so than school districts across the state.