10 Best Emergency Loans for Bad Credit: Get Emergency Cash Immediately

Emergencies can crop up at any time and often when we least expect them. If you’re facing an emergency situation and don’t have the cash on hand to cover it, you may be wondering where to turn. Getting approved for a traditional loan from a bank or credit union can be challenging if you have bad credit. You may be worried about being rejected or unable to get the loan you need.

But don’t worry! There are plenty of online lenders that offer emergency loans for bad credit. We’ve compiled a list of the ten best emergency loans for bad credit, so you can compare your options and find the best loan for your needs.

Here are the top 4 online emergency loans that you can use.

  1. WeLoans – We love WeLoans for its easy and fast online process. Best of all, it’s friendly even to those with bad credit.
  2. iPaydayLoans – If you need a quick emergency loan and have bad credit, iPaydayLoans is an excellent option.
  3. US Bad Credit Loans – With an easy online process and fast approval, US Bad Credit Loans can help you get the urgent cash you need in as fast as 24 hours.
  4. CocoLoan – CocoLoan provides fast same-day emergency loans online with an easy application process.

10 Best Online Platforms For Emergency Loans

1. WeLoans


WeLoans is a leading online broker that provides different loan services, although its main specialty is payday loans. They also offer emergency loans for bad credit, meaning you may get the cash you need within the same day.

With WeLoans, you can get amounts starting from $50 to as high as $35,000, depending on your chosen lender. While this isn’t the highest credit limit that you can get from online brokers, it’s relatively high compared to others on this list.

The best thing about this platform is that it’s available even to those with bad credit. You don’t need to worry about your credit rating when applying for a loan using WeLoans.

Getting loans through WeLoan is easy. You just have to submit all the necessary information, including your personal details, address, and bank account, and WeLoans will forward your form to their network of partner lenders. After that, all you have to do is to wait for an offer, which can come in as fast as within the day.

The only downside is that WeLoans doesn’t show the range of APR that their lenders offer. This is incredibly important since a high APR can make your loan more expensive. It would be much better to compare offers before deciding on a particular lender.


  • Streamlined application process
  • Instant response
  • Accessible to those with bad credit


  • High upfront fee

WeLoans Can Help People With Bad Credit Get Emergency Loans. Check It Out Now!

2. iPaydayLoans


iPaydayLoans is one of the most trustworthy payday loan lenders, and it can connect you with various lenders who all provide urgent loans at your convenience.

One of the most appealing aspects of iPaydayLoans is that they have lenders who can give same-day loans up to $5,000 for those with bad credit. Of course, borrowers with a better credit score can borrow as high as $35,000, depending on their specific lender’s assessment.

Some of the various loans available on iPaydayLoans include bad credit loans, fast cash loans, and even no credit check loans.

To get an emergency loan for bad credit with iPaydayLoans, you must fill out a short application form. From there, iPaydayLoans will forward your information to their partner lenders, who will send you an offer if they approve your loan request.

iPaydayLoans also provides all the information about their online loans. You’ll know exactly how much you need to pay back before you even accept the loan, so there are no surprises down the line.

That said, their service isn’t available to all states yet, so you’ll need to check if iPaydayLoans services your state first.


  • Provide a variety of emergency loans
  • Credit check doesn’t impact your score most of the time
  • Can offer loan amounts of up to $35,000


  • Not yet available in every state

For Bad Credit Borrowers in Need of Emergency Cash, Check Out iPaydayLoans Now!

3. US Bad Credit Loans


US Bad Credit Loans is another bad credit-friendly online lending network that connects you with lenders who are more likely to approve people with bad credit.

With US Bad Credit Loans, it’s very easy for borrowers with bad credit to send their information for assessment. Partner lenders at US Bad Credit Loans don’t mind lower credit scores, unlike traditional lenders who may immediately reject the application of someone with poor credit.

Borrowers also don’t have to worry about fulfilling strict criteria in order to qualify for an emergency loan with US Bad Credit Loans lenders. As long as you meet the basic requirements, you can send your information and be connected to hundreds of different partners in as fast as 15 minutes.

If you have bad credit and need quick money for an emergency, US Bad Credit Loans can offer you up to $5,000. However, they don’t provide information on the typical APR ranges offered by their lenders.


  • Wide network of partner lenders
  • Highly accessible to those with bad credit
  • The borrowing process can take as little as 15 minutes


  • APR rates are not displayed on the website

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4. CocoLoan


CocoLoan has a reputable lender network that you can use to get emergency loans for bad credit. The site can help you connect with internet loan providers who can offer up to $5,000 for a short-term loan and up to $35,000 for long-term, personal loans.

Their same-day loan application is extremely convenient and hassle-free – all you have to do is to fill out an application on their homepage.

CocoLoan specializes in quick loans, which are a type of fast short-term emergency loans. You can get your funds in as fast as 24 hours without having to pass rigid qualifications and undergo a strict assessment. CocoLoan offers various loans as well, including personal loans, quick loans, installment loans, and bad credit loans.


  • Offers regular payday/same-day loan amounts of up to $5,000
  • Fast application process
  • Specializes in quick emergency loans


  • Not available in all states

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5. US Installment Loans


US Installment Loans is also an online lending platform that connects interested borrowers to hundreds of reputable online lenders that offer emergency loans regardless of their credit score. You can also get other types of loans through US Installment Loans. These include payday loans for bad credit, title loans, and of course, personal installment loans.

Furthermore, interested borrowers can also check out a plethora of resources regarding online loans, loan-related information, details about their services, and just financial topics in general.

However, US Installment Loans also doesn’t show the APR ranges of their partner lenders on their website. This can be frustrating for some people who want to know the estimated cost of their loan before applying.


  • Offers up to $5,000 for same-day emergency bad credit loans
  • Secure network of reputable lenders
  • Provides resources and information


  • No APR ranges are shown on the website

If You’re Looking for an Easy Emergency Loan, Visit US Installment Loans!

6. US Title Loans


US Title Loans is a lending site with multiple partner lenders in its network. The platform mainly offers title loans, specifically car title loans. This means using your car title as collateral to get an emergency loan.

Of course, this also means that there’s a higher risk involved since you’re putting your car title on the line. However, US Title Loans make sure that their trustable partner lenders offer competitive rates, and you won’t have to worry about sky-high upfront fees along the way.

Aside from car title loans and loans for bad credit, US Title Loans also has other types of loans, such as same-day loans, payday loans, installment loans, and cash advances.

Partner lenders at US Title Loans offer borrowers the opportunity to get emergency loans for bad credit up to $5,000, regardless of their credit rating. If you have a good credit score, though, you can apply for an amount higher than $5,000 with ease.

However, US Title Loans suffer from the same issue as many lending brokers: APR ranges are not displayed on their site, nor is there any information about their partner lenders.


  • Offers plenty of loan types
  • Provides resources and information
  • Bad credit borrowers are welcome


  • Collateralized loans usually involve high risks

Check US Title Loans Today if You’re Interested in Title Loans for Bad Credit!

7. Fast Title Loans


As their website claims, Fast Title Loans offers easy and fast title loans for everyone – including those with bad credit.

You can get all kinds of title loans through Fast Title Loans. They offer auto title loans, boat title loans, and motorcycle title loans. They also provide more common loan types like same-day loans, cash advances, quick loans, and bad credit loans.

If you have an emergency and are worried that your bad credit may get in the way, don’t be. Fast Title Loans are highly accessible to bad credit borrowers. You can obtain an emergency loan from $50 up to $5,000 without strict requirements. You can even get higher amounts, up to $35,000, with a great credit history. In fact, the entire application process is quick and convenient, and you can even receive your money as soon as the next business day.

The downside is that the site doesn’t have information about their partner lenders on the site. They also don’t show the APR ranges of their partner lenders.


  • Offers various title loans
  • Accessible to those with bad credit


  • Risks involved in collateralized loans

Visit Fast Title Loans and Get Your Emergency Loans with Bad Credit Now!

8. CashUSA


CashUSA is an online lending broker with a unique feature: all the loans you get from this site automatically turn into installment loans.

And we mean every single one. Even emergency loans for bad credit become installment loans, which you can pay over the next few months. This is actually pretty helpful for people with bad credit, as it gives them more time to repay the loan without putting too much strain on their finances.

The best thing about CashUSA is that it lets borrowers automate their payments. So, if you have a stable income, you can set up automatic payments and not worry about forgetting to repay your loan on time.

Remember that the maximum amount you can get from CashUSA is only $10,000. So, you’ll have to look elsewhere if you need more than that for your emergency expenses.


  • All loans become installment loans
  • Flexible repayment methods
  • Automated payments


  • Not available in some states

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9. BadCreditLoans


BadCreditLoans is a brokering platform that can forward your information to their network of lenders. True to the site’s name, BadCreditLoans specifically caters to those who have bad credit and may not be able to borrow from anywhere else.

Because bad credit borrowers pose higher risks, traditional banks are usually unwilling to provide them loans and even reject them outright.

However, loan networks like BadCreditLoans have lenders that accept even those with poor to no credit. With this platform, you can get anywhere from $500 to as high as $10,000, regardless of your credit score. Repayment periods range from 90 days to 72 months, while APRs range from 5.99% to 35.99%, although the exact terms still depend on your lender of choice.

If you don’t qualify for their loans, BadCreditLoans will redirect you to other types of financial services, such as debt relief or credit repair services.

That said, BadCreditLoans is known to pass your data to various organizations, primarily because of the services they offer.


  • Provides plenty of information about your loan
  • Up to $10,000 loan amount
  • Can redirect you into other financial services


  • Minimum of $500 loan amount

Need an Emergency Loan for Bad Credit? Check Out BadCreditLoans Now!

10. PersonalLoans


Another platform that connects you to lenders and other direct lender organizations is PersonalLoans. The site offers some of the most competitive credit terms in the business, with consumer loans starting at $1,000 and going up to $35,000.

Additionally, the site can provide funds to its borrowers within the day at the earliest. This is great for people who need cash for an emergency, as it means they can get the money they need quickly.

PersonalLoans has a wide range of lenders in its network, which gives borrowers more options. APRs range from 5.99% to 35.89%, while repayment periods can be as short as 61 days to as long as 96 months. Of course, the exact terms depend on your lender and the outcome of your assessment.

However, we should note that some lenders on the PersonalLoans network may or may not conduct hard credit checks, which can have an impact on your credit rating. If you already have bad credit, a hard credit check can further damage your score.


  • Can get the money you need fast
  • Long repayment periods


  • May conduct hard credit checks
  • Shares customer data to third parties

Take a Look at Personalloans For Emergency Loans Now!

About Emergency Loans

Emergency loans are a type of loan that is designed to help people in a financial bind at speed. Some of the emergency loan creditors may even release the fund hours after the approval of your request.

That said, emergency loans typically have high-interest rates, so it is pretty expensive to borrow, and it is important to only borrow what you need to make sure you can repay the loan on time. There are many emergency loans available and lots of lenders out there. Thus, we always suggest our customers do research beforehand and make their decision wisely when getting online loans.

The Usage Of Online Emergency Loans

Lenders typically give out emergency loans to help people cover unexpected expenses. Here are some of the common uses of emergency loans:

  • Unexpected medical bills
  • Emergency home repairs
  • Car repairs
  • Moving expenses
  • Security deposit on a new apartment
  • Cost of utilities after moving into a new home

Of course, the usage of an emergency loan will not be limited by the lists above, as there are no restrictions on this type of loan. Emergency lenders typically don’t care about what you need the money for, and they will likely approve your request as long as you can repay the loan.

Get Emergency Loans With Bad Credit

If you find yourself in a financial bind and need an emergency loan, many options are available online – even if you have bad credit.

Many online lenders, particularly those who offer same-day loans, payday loans, or other emergency loans, also cater to people with poor to no credit. Thus, you can still get the financial assistance you need through various online lenders or loan brokers, even if your credit score is low.

Of course, keep in mind that online bad credit loans will typically come with higher interest rates than loans for people with good credit. You will also encounter a lower approval amount due to the high risks involved when borrowers have a bad credit background.

However, if you need the money urgently and can’t qualify for a traditional loan, an emergency loan may be your best option.

Things To Consider Before Getting A Emergency Loan

If you are considering taking out an emergency loan online, there are a few things to remember.

  • Funding time. Some lenders may take anywhere from a few hours to a week to deposit your funds, so if you need to get the money now, make sure you choose a service that can get your money into your account as soon as possible.
  • Repayment terms. Be sure you know when your loan is due and how much you will be expected to pay monthly. If you are already struggling to pay your bills, try long-term installment loans for bad credit instead of expensive short-term loans.
  • Interest rates and fees. Emergency loans come with high-interest rates, so you should expect to pay higher than average interest and fees.
  • Eligibility requirements. Even if you are dealing with a bad credit lender, typical conditions require the borrower to be at least 18 years old, be a US citizen, and have a stable source of income.
  • Credit score. Although emergency loans are accessible to people with bad credit, your credit score may still impact your loan application. For instance, it can influence your interest rate and the amount you can borrow.

Now that you know more about emergency loans, it’s time to start looking for a lender. Try out our lists of the best emergency online platforms to get your financial problem solved!

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