Best Delta 8 Flower: Top Delta 8 Brands Selling Legal Hemp Buds & Weed Strains In 2022

If you’re a delta-8 flower user, you know the feeling that everyone is raving about. That intense sense of euphoria, coupled with deep relaxation. However, did you know that the best delta-8 flower can also increase creativity and focus?

According to recent studies, delta-8 flower users are more likely to concentrate than non-users. If you’re looking to boost your productivity, try using delta-8 flowers, you won’t regret it!

Delta-8 flower is pure, organic, and contains no psychoactive compounds. So, you can enjoy the benefits without feeling any of the associated side effects. However, with so many brands dominating the market, it must be difficult for you to choose authentic ones. Although authenticity matters, still quality and legality of the product matter as much.

Therefore, you will have to do thorough research before getting the best delta-8 flower from any brand. However, it is pretty challenging to go through all the brands with various products. That is why we have made this job easy for you with our extensive review article of the top five brands.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep on scrolling to have complete insights!

Top 3 Delta 8 Brands For THC Flower [2022]

  1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best Delta 8 Flower & Hemp Buds, Editor’s Choice
  2. BudPop: Strongest & Top Shelf Hemp Derived Weed Strains
  3. Hollyweed CBD: Full Spectrum Delta 8 Brand To Buy THC Strains

#1.Exhale Wellness: Overall Best Delta 8 Flower & Hemp Buds, Editor’s Choice


Exhale Wellness believes that we can restore our bodies’ stability, comfort, and performance by using the naturally occurring cannabinoids present in hemp. So, this brand utilizes these therapeutic qualities to help everyone.

Their main aim is that everyone should have access to an alternative to modern medicine that promotes body-wide balance. Exhale Wellness wants people to have the knowledge and confidence they need to embrace a holistic approach to health by educating them about the therapeutic effects of hemp.

They practically show their motto by manufacturing organic items that improve your body’s function. Also, Exhale Wellness combines nutritious food with top-quality cannabis to come up with a total package of healthy and effective delta-8 flowers. So, you can be sure to enjoy the ultimate health benefits.

Manufacturing Methods

Exhale Wellness is an organic company located in California that produces goods from high quality hemp flowers. They promise that their farmers use non-GMO cannabis plants without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers while growing non-GMO crops either indoors or in the greenhouse. The manufacturing of delta-8 THC buds includes extracting the tiny amounts of delta-8 cannabinoids in cbd hemp flowers using isomerization.

Honesty and Third-Party Testing

All delta-8 flowers from Exhale Wellness are legal, establishing the framework for regulated hemp-based goods with a THC concentration below 0.3 percent.

All Exhale Wellness supplements are entirely safe and healthy to ingest and rely on, and they have also been third-party tested, and is highly recommended by theislandnow. Although strain-specific lab summits are accessible, test results for each batch of flowers are not available.

Cannasafe Laboratories conducts Certificate of Analysis tests for several of the concentrates. However, only delta-8 THC-rich cannabis got through the tests in the initial laboratory study. Also, the product labeling does not include shares of cannabinoids discovered per strain during third party lab testing.

User Convenience

Exhale Wellness offers consumers low-cost delta-8 flowers with competitive shipping costs and an amazing return policy.

Your order will arrive between ten to fifteen days, depending on where you live. However, if you pay a little extra and ask for expedited shipping, you may get your delta-8 as early as three business days.

The company provides tracking numbers to follow the progress of your purchase and know when it has arrived, allowing you to outrival any porch robbers. There’s even a 30-day money-back guarantee on goods weighing less than one oz. Therefore, you can try Exhale Wellness’s delta-8 flower with confidence.

Plus, if you’re not satisfied, wait till the thirtieth day and submit the ‘Refund Request’ form. After that, you can expect to get your money back, minus shipping costs, within three days.

Customer Review

According to reviews, most consumers rave about the flavor and fragrance of Exhale Wellness’s delta-8 flowers. There are a few negative comments about the deliveries when selecting free shipping, so the best option is to spend an additional five dollars for faster deliveries.

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#2. BudPop: Strongest & Top Shelf Hemp Derived Weed Strains


BudPop is a leading brand offering top-grade THC products. Founded in 2021, it is the latest addition to the CBD market. All BudPop products are potent, safe, and tested. Similarly, the delta-8 flower is an attractive addition to them!

BudPop offers four major strains – Tangie, Northern Lights, Cookies, and Zkittlez. Each of them has a signature flavor and effect. For instance, Northern Lights help you relax before sleeping. In contrast, Tangie uplifts your mood with its tangy taste and aroma.

Whether you want to unwind after a long day or need a mood booster, BudPop delta-8 flower is the best option. It gives only a mild buzz with no powerful side effects.

BudPop delta-8 flower offers delicious effects, taste, and aroma. From citrus to coffee to candy, you can get what you want. Also, it boosts your creativity, appetite, and sleep.

With great flavors and effects, the BudPop delta-8 flower is the best you can get!

Manufacturing Method

BudPop grows its all-natural hemp in Colorado. They do not use fertilizers and pesticides in hemp production. Instead, the BudPop delta-8 flower contains organic, vegan, and non-dairy ingredients.

Then they infuse this hemp flower with a pure delta-8 extract. BudPop isomerizes CBD to extract delta-8 distillate. Their delta-8 flowers contain only 0.3% of THC. Thus, they are compliant with Farm Bill 2018.

With BudPop, you get the safest and most potent delta-8 flower!

Honesty and Third-Party Testing

BudPop’s honesty is a primary factor in its rapid growth. The brand is not afraid of sharing information. They have lab reports about all their products on their website. So, you can find out the hemp content and its potency. All their products are tested for their quality and safety. BudPop also offers a Certificate of Analysis for their customers. Thus, you should not doubt what you are buying.

User Convenience

BudPop cares for its customers the most. Thus, they have a user-friendly website. You can easily find and order your favorite product. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. It is the perfect place to get a high-quality delta-8 flower!

BudPop also provides free and fast shipping. You can also track your order after shipment. BudPop has a reasonable rate for its products. They also offer a subscription plan by which you can get a 20% off.

Customer Reviews

For a new brand, BudPop has quite loyal followers. Many people praise the BudPop delta-8 flower for its calming effect. It is famous for its remarkable flavors and aromas. People claim it helps them fight unease and anxiety.

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#3. Hollyweed CBD: Full Spectrum Delta 8 Brand To Buy THC Strains


HollyweedCBD is a top-rated brand offering THC products. Established in 2017, the brand has received massive praise. It offers some top-notch delta-8 and CBD products, and Hollyweed CBD delta-8 flower is one of them.

The company’s delta-8 flower is perfect for THC consumers that like it the traditional way. They source their ingredients from the cleanest and safest sources. Thus, you get a top-notch delta-8 flower with no side effects.

Hollyweed CBD offers a wide range of strains, making ten in total. From coffee to citrus to woody, you can get what you want. Hollyweed CBD caters to everyone’s liking with its full-spectrum strains. Delta-8 flowers give a mild calming effect with little over buzzing.

Whether you want to relax or sweat in the gym, there is a strain for every purpose. Skittles helps you relax after a long day, whereas Sour Diesel will have you moving in no time. Gorilla Glue, a coffee strain, boosts your mood and creativity. Furthermore, Hollyweed CBD keeps safety as the top priority.

The brand uses non-GMO, non-dairy, and vegan ingredients. Thus, you are in for a fine quality delta-8 flower, giving the best effect. Hollyweed CBD delta-8 flower strains are clean, potent, and safe.

Manufacturing Method

Hollyweed CBD grows its hemp flower in the cleanest, all-natural environment. They convert CBD into delta-8 through isomerization and refining. Then they spray or dust this extract onto the hemp flower.

Hollyweed CBD uses all non-GMO, organic, and vegan ingredients. Their hemp flower also contains no fertilizer or pesticide. So, you can use Hollyweed CBD products with no worries.

Honesty and Third-Party Testing

Honesty and transparency have gained Hollyweed CBD its brand’s reputation. Their website features third-party lab reports about every product. In this way, they assure the purity and safety of their delta-8 flower. There is also a Certificate of Authenticity present. So, you can check the amount of hemp and other additives. They guarantee the purity of the delta-8 flower.

User Convenience

CBD has an easy-to-use website. So, you can order your favorite strain with no difficulty. Also, they provide free delivery on all products. You can also get expedited shipping, just in three business days. Moreover, this brand also offers a 30-day full refund on all products. They also allow a 15-day grace period for a refund. All in all, Hollyweed CBD is a customer-friendly brand.

Customer Reviews

Hollyweed CBD’s review section is not much developed. But they have gained positive comments on other CBD forums. People like their delta-8 flower for its relaxing effects. Some like it for the mood booster it is. Customers have also praised the shipping and refund policy of Hollyweed CBD.

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#4. Delta ExtraX: Popular D8 Flower Brands

Delta ExtraX is a famous brand offering high-grade delta-8 THC flowers. Its all-natural Delta-8 flower tops the quality and safety charts. Also, it aids your health and mental wellness.

Delta ExtraX provides top-class hemp-derived THC products. Its Delta-8 THC flower give you good feelings and pain relief. Also, they sharpen the mind and increase creativity. Delta ExtraX is a perfect place to get your CBD fix!

Get the taste, high, and fragrance, all in one! Delta ExtraX delta-8 infused hemp flower offers stimulating effects, taste, and aroma. It provides you with a pleasant high with mild euphoria.

Further, it relieves body aches and nausea. The delta-8 flower is great for boosting your sleep and appetite. Also, it calms your mood and body pains.

Delta ExtraX flower strains are available in 7 mg doses of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid flowers. All of them give different effects and tastes. You can get the original product as well as the preroll.

Manufacturing Method

Delta ExtraX converts CBD extract into delta-8 distillate through isomerization. Then they spray the distillate onto a hemp flower. They extract delta-8 THC from hemp or cannabis. Delta ExtraX sources its delta-8 distillate and flower from the cleanest and safest plant. So, all of their products are with a base of the plant. You can say that they have all-natural ingredients. So, there is no artificial flavoring.

Also, their manufacturing methods ensure the purity of the flower. Their delta-8 flowers are among the most potent ones in this category in the market. They innovate their production ways to increase their consumers’ safety and protection. Thus, you can enjoy a high-quality product with no undesirable effects.

Honesty and Third-Party Testing

Delta ExtraX maintains transparency with its customers. It performs thorough testing of all its THC products. So, you can check out the hemp content of products with their lab reports.

Delta ExtraX delta-8 infused hemp flower contains only a legal amount of THC. It also provides a third-party Certificate of Authenticity (COA) for every product. So, you can be at ease with the potency and purity of your hemp flower.

User Convenience

Delta ExtraX provides three strains of hemp flower- Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Sativa gives you an uplifting feeling with no severe effects. Whereas Indica provides soothing effects. Hybrid combines both the best of Sativa and Indica effects. You can have any strain that suits you best.

Also, it has a simple and easy-to-use website. You can search and order a product with no hassle. Every product page contains its description and reviews. So, you can easily make your choice.

Customer Review

Customers have loved the Delta ExtraX delta-8 flower for various reasons. They have liked it for its relaxing and therapeutic effects. It also increases creativity and helps you focus. Many praise it for its intense aroma and taste. People also like Delta ExtraX for its timely shipping and proper packaging.

#5. Diamond CBD: Best Hemp Derived THC Flower

Diamond CBD contains a team of the world’s best pioneers and scientists. They aim to provide products that can work better than traditional medicine to ease restlessness and sleep problems.

The company offers a convenient-to-carry jar that makes it easy to bring delta-8 products with you everywhere and does discreetly and conveniently. You just need to consume one of these medicines, and you’ll be able to feel the pleasurable sensation anytime, anywhere.

All the components of Diamond CBD are organic. Moreover, Diamond CBD certifies that reputable third-party laboratories verify the quality of their CBD products.

Manufacturing Methods

The folks at Diamond CBD are a group of farmers who cultivate industrial hemp on their family’s farms in Florida. They use specialized processes to extract the natural components of these plants, which they then turn into full-spectrum or CBD isolate oils.

The company goes through each phase of the manufacturing process, from hemp farming to selling their CBD goods, to assure exceptional quality. They also state that they handpick their hemp plants to retain as many cannabis chemicals as possible, resulting in the most remarkable effects.

Honesty and Third-Party Testing

The lab test reports of this company have a few awesome things going for them. First, Diamond CBD appears to be using a well-known and respected company in Puration Inc. (makers of the Potlabs machine) for their testing.

Second, according to this listing of cannabinoids by Retention Time – Diamond’s test appears right at the top of the list. In fact, it is one of only three tests on that page with a retention time shorter than ten minutes.

According to the lab, there seems to be no THC present in this product according to their initial test. However, an earlier GC/MS test report shows that it has 0.3% THC. It is likely an artifact of the hemp plant in extraction rather than any actual THC present in the finished product.

User Convenience

Delta-8 flowers, according to some people, help them unwind and relax, especially after a long day at work. As a result, Diamond CBD is the most prevalent brand. Its delta-8 flowers, like all of its organic hemp flowers products, are of exceptional quality and safe to consume.

Diamond CBD’s THC-free, high-quality delta-8 flowers are safe if the consumer takes the proper dosage.

Customer Reviews

Diamond CBD is a well-known premium delta-8 producer, which is why it is no surprise that consumers love it. Delta-8 flowers are of higher quality than other products on the market, according to most users. Some customers have added that the effects began within an hour or less of taking the delta-8 flowers.

How Did We Choose the Best Delta 8 THC Flower Brands From Top Weed Dispensaries near me?

We spent hours researching and analyzing many factors on the web for some factors, including customer reviews, brand reputation, safety, and cost.

Quality control was a significant factor in determining which brands we would recommend. There are several regulations surrounding how companies grow, store, test, and distribute medical marijuana.

We only recommend delta-8 flowers from the highest quality marijuana brands. After careful review, we’ve chosen our top five brands based on the following factors.

  • Customer Reviews and Feedback

It is important to see what the customers are saying about the brand to know its authenticity truly. So, we went through the reviews of each of the delta-8 flower brands before adding them to our list. Also, we try to keep only the such brands that have ratings above 4.4 stars, as anything below it is unacceptable.

  • Brand Reputation

These companies don’t compromise the quality of their goods and are trustworthy enough to give outstanding service. When choosing brands, we made sure to go through its track record and the number of happy customers to check its reputation.

  • Pricing

Numerous companies sell low-quality delta-8 flowers at a high price. Due to this, we decided to compare the prices of each brand and kept the ones that were reasonable yet effective. Hence, you can select any brand to buy delta-8 flowers from without worrying about your budget.

Things to Consider Before Buying THC Flower

Delta-8 has been the subject of people’s curiosity, and it is not surprising because it is one of the most sought-after products in the cannabis industry. However, before buying a delta-8 flower from any brand, there are several factors you must consider if you want to get the best product for your money and needs.

  • Availability

First of all, you need to know how much money you need to buy the item and whether it is available in your budget. Also, you should ensure what you are looking for and whether your desired product is available, and at what price? You can do this by visiting different websites and comparing the costs of the same product with various sites.

One more important thing to check is whether it is a branded product because they have a warranty. So, it will be easy for you to buy these products online and return them if you don’t like any product or exchange them with the new one.

  • Quality

You have to make sure that the product comes from a quality cannabis company. You will never go wrong with companies like CBD Lab UK because they only offer high-grade cannabis products. In other words, their THC content is shallow, and high levels of CBD are present in their flowers.

In determining the quality of the product, you should also look into how the company grows and harvests its hemp. You can tell from looking at a cannabis strain if it is organic or not. So, check if the hemp is organic to ensure no harmful chemicals and other residues are present in the final product.

  • Lab Testing

Check if the company you are buying from has their high quality hemp products lab tested. It is crucial to ensure that the delta-8 flowers you want to buy are pure and organic.

Moreover, companies that publish the lab results and Certificate of Analysis (CoA) on their website for people to see are more trustworthy than those that don’t. Independent labs help make sure that your weed is free from contaminants.

FAQs On Delta 8 Flower

Q1. Are delta-8 flowers safe?

Many experts believe that delta-8 infused flowers may cause less strain on the heart than typical high-THC cannabis. It has lower psychoactivity but still provides general mood elevation and medicinal benefits to patients without producing dizziness or dysphoria typical with higher THC products.

For these reasons, the delta-8 infused flower is safe, at least in the sense that it causes a minor degree of stress on a person’s cardiovascular system if consumed responsibly.

Q2. What is the best delta-8 strain for pain?

Delta-8 has milder THC strains that may relax muscles and help you sleep. They still provide the high THC that medical cannabis needs to be effective, but it is less intense than other strains.

A variety of delta-8 strains exist, but not all of them effectively relieve pain. The best one for a particular person depends on their needs and what they’re looking to achieve. The ideal strain is dependent on your specific issues, of course.

Q3. Is delta-8 more potent or delta-9?

Delta-8 is the more psychoactive of the two, but this depends on your experience. delta-8 (or D8) alters perception and time far more dramatically than delta-9 (or D9), usually having short-lasting effects.

Neither produces any type of “high” feeling like weed, opioids, or amphetamines do. They both produce an easing out of fearful thoughts and feelings due to lack of anxiety. It varies from person to person—-usually, there aren’t many differences between people’s reactions when it comes to these sorts of “soft drugs.” Hence, they can also reflect positive results in a drug test.

Q4. Is delta-8 more potent or delta-10?

It is an important question. First, you should know what delta-10 THC concentrations are. Delta-10 THC concentrations are very rare in the cannabis world, and they’ve only been around since the late 1970s. delta-8 has always been more common than delta-10 because it comes from THC synthesis with ethyl acetate.

Consequently, there’s no single definitive answer for this question because even “stronger” means something different depending on who you’re asking. Science may answer this question definitely one day, but until then, all we have is a lot of anecdotal evidence from people who use weed in varying amounts and frequency.

Q5. Does delta-8 make anxiety worse?

Some reports that it can worsen anxiety for people prone to it. Some people find that delta-8 helps them cope with their stress, while others worsen their symptoms.

It is essential to experiment with different strains of marijuana to see if you can find one that reduces your anxiety. If you consider using delta-8 and have anxiety, it is crucial to speak with your doctor first to discuss potential risks and benefits.

Q6. Does delta-8 help with panic attacks?

There is some anecdotal evidence that delta-8 can help reduce panic attacks. However, more scientific research is necessary to confirm this.

Delta-8 is a cannabinoid in marijuana. It is responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana, such as feelings of euphoria and relaxation. Some people believe that delta-8 can help reduce anxiety and panic attacks because it promotes relaxation.

However, there is no concrete scientific evidence to support these claims. We need more research to determine whether delta-8 can effectively treat panic attacks.

Q7. Does delta-8 affect your liver?

Yes, delta-8 can affect the liver. When consumed, delta-8 binds to cannabinoid receptors in the body. These receptors are located primarily in the brain and central nervous system, also in some other tissues, including the liver.

The effects of delta-8 on the liver are confusing, but research suggests that it may have harmful and beneficial results. For example, delta-8 may be toxic to liver cells and can cause damage to the liver tissue. However, it also seems to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that may help protect the liver from damage. More research is necessary to determine the full extent of delta-8’s effects on the liver.

Q8. Does delta-8 have severe side effects?

The side effects may vary, but the most commonly reported decreases feelings of depression and their quality of sleep.

The delta-8 supplement is a derivative of THC, producing sensations including euphoria and intoxication. These sensations are ordinary and typical for this type of supplement when you take it in small quantities.

Q9. Can you overdose on delta-8?

No, it is not possible to overdose on delta-8. Since federal law states that the THC level should be lower than 0.3%, it becomes impossible to overdose on that amount. However, it is recommended that you do not exceed your given amount of dosage.

If you take more than needed delta-8 products, you might experience side effects like cottonmouth, restlessness, anxiety, itchy eyes. However, these side effects don’t last long.

Concluding On Buying The Best THC Buds & Weed Strains

The delta-8 THC flower is not the newest on the market, but it’s worth a shot for experiencing something different. Their high quality products have been around for decades. Plus, they produce their line of supplements which is a bonus!

The delta-8 flower is an organic, indoors, or outdoors friendly pesticide-free product. With these facts in mind and our guide, you should feel confident about choosing this product for you.

However, delta-8 flowers can be pretty intense, so we suggest starting with smaller doses, so go low and slow. Just remember to do it in a safe place where you won’t hurt yourself. If you can’t handle the effects, then refrain from driving and other activities for a while.

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