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Concerns over CCMIP information and legal fund | Letter

One statement concerns me. CCMIP has established a legal fund.

Many thanks to Meg Lippert and Peter Struck for responding to my letter.

Leslie Bain, architect for the performing arts center, supplied my dimensions.

The size and shape of any architectural design changes as concepts are refined and the structure adapts to input from the community and governmental agencies.

I, too, would be concerned about the size of the structure if I referenced Concerned Citizens for Mercer Island Parks’ data. CCMIP uses Northwood Elementary School as a comparison. However, the school is two and two-thirds times larger than the proposed performing arts center.

CCMIP’s statement that the center would destroy Bicentennial Park is the opposite of what the proposed lease states. The lease states Mercer Island Center for the Arts will “replace portions of Bicentennial Park amenities that have fallen into disrepair.”

Sound decisions require accurate data.

Even though MICA is looking for a location other than Mercerdale, a robust community discussion is still in order. Our community, as a whole, needs to explore how the park can best serve our community.

One statement concerns me. CCMIP has established a legal fund. The last time there was such a lawsuit, the city paid out over $1 million; the community was drawn into the upset; and as far as I can see, the only thing accomplished was proving one entity wrong and another right.

My second concern is that as soon as legal action is taken, productive community engagement ceases.

Thank you for your letter. I look forward to further discussion including your addressing my concerns.

Carol Friends

Mercer Island