Kudos to our Mercer Island City Council | Letter

At the Aug. 7 City Council meeting, our council members saved $45,000 for the city by wisely deciding not to approve the re-striping of 77th Avenue Southeast for parking.

With the addition of private commuter services, plus the opening up of 88-plus additional parking spaces, which were options recommended by city staff, it is clear that commuter parking will be addressed less expensively and more safely than by adding parking to a major Town Center north/south artery.

In addition, our council recognized that the proposed parking on 77th Avenue Southeast is not needed for local businesses, because every business along 77th Avenue provides ample parking in its own parking lot.

Thank you to our City Council for protecting the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers traveling on 77th Avenue Southeast and for keeping 77th Avenue as an open artery in our Town Center.

Meg Lippert

Mercer Island


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