Letter: Thank you, Mercer Island Reporter

Thanks for good reporting

We are fortunate that Andy Nystrom is on the Mercer Island beat for Sound Publishing. Andy Nystrom steadfastly covers actions by the city council, boards and commissions, schools, community organizations, sports teams, individuals, and more. The articles are well written and highlight the most important aspects of each topic. The tone is positive and respectful.

It was also a pleasure in the June 22 issue of the Mercer Island Reporter to read original reporting on the recent extremely low tides on Puget Sound. The article by Cameron Sheppard and Henry Stewart-Wood was refreshing in more ways than one.

Commentary by Don Brunell often raises good questions and concerns. Bob Roegner uses his background as a former local mayor to good effect as he explains the ins and outs of state and local political issues in his column “Inside Politics.” Cartoons by Frank Shiers Jr. cut to the chase with a laugh.

Thank you to all of the businesses and organizations who buy advertising space and to all of the subscribers for keeping this paper going. Let’s increase our subscription support so that more content can be provided.

I hope that the Reporter can bring back letters to the editor in print. Print subscribers are paying for basic content and I think that letters fall into that category.

Thank you Andy and all of the Reporter staff!

Carolyn Boatsman, Mercer Island