Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor: #1 Oil Play for 2022 Review

By subscribing to Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor today, you can discover Louis Navellier’s number one recommended oil stock to buy in 2022. You can also discover why Louis believes an “oil shock” is coming.

Should you subscribe to Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor today? What is Louis’s #1 oil play for 2022? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the new investment opportunity today.

What is Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor?

Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor is a monthly newsletter from Investor Place.

Led by Louis Navellier, the newsletter breaks down market trends and investment opportunities. While other Investor Place newsletters focus on getting rich quick, Growth Investors takes a conservative approach to investing.

Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor aims to identify high-growth investments and elite dividend plays. Louis wants to help investors buy these stocks below market value, helping investors maximize the upside of each stock.

By subscribing to Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor today, you get monthly issues of the newsletter along with access to a model portfolio and a bundle of bonus reports.

What is Louis Navellier’s #1 Oil Play for 2022?

Louis Navellier believes we’ll face an oil shock in 2022. Investors who take action today could get rich quick, according to Louis.

In fact, Louis believes investors could earn “3 to 5 times their money, or more…in the days ahead” by following his investment recommendation today:

“This is the ticker symbol of my #1 oil stock to buy right now. A single stock that could easily hand investors 3 to 5 times their money, or more…in the days ahead.”

By subscribing to Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor today, you can get that stock’s name and ticker symbol.

What is the 2022 Oil Shock?

It’s no secret oil has surged in 2022. Over the past six months, oil has surged past the S&P 500 and the DOW, among other major markets. Oil and other commodities are surging while stock markets are cooling off.

However, Louis believes oil’s brightest days are still ahead. He believes oil’s latest rise is only the start of a big trend.

Over the next few months, Louis believes oil will continue to rise. In fact, he believes today’s pricing trends are “nothing” compared to what’s coming next:

“…those gains – will, I believe they’re nothing compared to what’s coming next. According to my research…We’re still in the early days of a major and unprecedented move higher…one that could turn many oil companies into incredible cash machines.”

Here are some of the facts Louis shares about oil’s upcoming boom:

  • Louis believes oil could hit $180 to 200 a barrel
  • Louis cites some Wall Street analysts who believe oil could reach $240 a barrel in the near future
  • Louis believes we’re going to experience an oil boom that’s bigger than the one in the 1970s and more significant than the one in the mid-2000s
  • Oil could give investors a chance to make up the money they lost on tech stocks this year.

In fact, Louis believes investors who take a prominent position in oil stocks today could get rich in the next few months: “A hefty position in oil stocks could make 2022 the most profitable year of your life.”

If oil rises to $240 per barrel, then any oil company should deliver incredible returns on investment. However, Louis Navellier recommends investing in a specific company to maximize returns.

Why Will Oil Skyrocket in Value?

Louis is bullish on oil. He believes the price of oil will continue to go up.

Here are some of the reasons Louis believes the price of oil will continue to appreciate:

Oil Super Catalyst #1: The Environmental, Social, Governance Delusion: Louis calls it the “ESG delusion.” He claims people behind the environmental, social, and governance movements are delusional. They want to decrease investments in fossil fuels and reward companies for making climate-friendly solutions. That’s why major funds and prominent investors are selling oil stocks and buying renewable energy stocks instead. However, Louis believes this action is misguided. Some of the most prominent investors in renewable energy are energy companies who currently produce oil. These companies are exploring ways to diversify. The lack of investment in these companies will cause the price of oil to skyrocket in the future, according to Louis.

Oil Super Catalyst #2: America is Finally “Getting Out of Jail”: Many Americans have spent the last two years in their house or close to home. Now, we’re finally getting out of jail. Sports are back. International travel is back. People are booking extravagant trips and long road trips. As Americans continue to travel, the demand will outstrip supply. After using less oil for months, Americans will suddenly demand more oil than we’re producing. This will cause oil prices to rise.

Oil Super Catalyst #3: The New American Oil Age: Russia’s war in Ukraine has shown the importance of securing a national energy supply. Europe depends on Russia for gas and energy. This has renewed the importance of domestic oil production within the United States. Louis explains, “Putin has kick-started a new American oil age.”

For all these reasons, Louis believes oil’s brightest days are still ahead. Investors who take action today could earn huge returns over the coming months – but only if they invest in the right stocks.

The #1 Way to Play an Oil Boom: Leveraged Oil Stocks

Louis recommends using leveraged oil stocks to maximize the potential gains of an oil boom.

Leveraged oil stocks increase the money you make when the stock goes up. Instead of earning 2x returns on investment, you could earn 5x or 10x.

Here’s how Louis explains the benefits of investing in oil stocks:

“The #1 way to profit in an oil bull market is to buy oil stocks that are leveraged to the price of oil…Because oil companies are leveraged, they can see 2x, 3x, even 5x or 10x gains…from a small change in the price of oil.”

As an example, Louis points to Alberta-based oil company Cenovus. Cenovus raised its operating cash flow by $4.7 billion in the last 12 months. Cenovus didn’t change anything: the price of oil simply increased. Cenovus’s business was already profitable at around $60 per barrel but extra profitable at $100 per barrel.

If oil prices continue to rise, leveraged oil stocks like Cenovus will generate even more profit.

That’s why Louis describes leveraged oil stocks as “a gold mine for investors:”

“That’s the power of leverage—just a 10% move in oil could produce a 100% gain in an oil stock like Cenovus. Leveraged oil stocks are truly a gold mine for investors…They’ve delivered breakthrough returns – no matter what’s happening in the overall market—as long as the price of oil stays at a high level.”

By subscribing to Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor today, you get a bundle of bonus reports explaining how to play the new oil boom – including five specific stocks Louis recommends buying today for maximum upside.

About 5 Stocks for the New Oil Age

When you subscribe to Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor today, you get a bonus report called 5 Stocks for the New Oil Age.

In this report, Louis identifies several companies he recommends buying as oil’s price continues to increase.

The report covers topics like:

  • Five stocks Louis recommends buying today to take advantage of the ongoing (and upcoming) oil boom
  • All five stocks have operations on American soil

Louis believes these companies’ revenues will soar as America rushes to bring oil and energy investment back home

Louis believes the oil stocks in this report are crucial for surviving markets ahead; they can help investors avoid losing their gains to inflation, and they could help investors regain some of the money they’ve lost on tech stocks

3 Steps to Take to Profit in the New American Oil Age

As oil and energy investment returns home, it creates a massive opportunity for investors.

To maximize the potential of this shift, Louis recommends taking three specific steps.

After subscribing to Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor, you can discover these steps, which give you access to a bundle of reports called The New American Age Bundle: 3 Steps to Survive and Profit.” The bundle includes:

Step 1) 10 Stocks to Sell in the New American Age: As oil prices rise and oil companies surge, other companies will fall. Inflation and other factors will drag down certain stocks. Louis recommends selling certain stocks today to protect your portfolio. Louis claims to have a system that helps him “pinpoint stocks before they drop in value,” and he claims that the system “is rarely wrong.” In this report, you can discover stocks Louis recommends avoiding today.

Step 2) 3 Income Opportunities for the New American Age: As you sell certain stocks, you should buy other stocks. In this second bonus report, Louis identifies other income-generating opportunities you can use to add income to your portfolio. This step is crucial for retirees as it allows them to continue generating returns on their investments through uncertain market conditions. In fact, Louis claims one of the opportunities in this report has delivered gains of 733% to his readers.

Step 3) The Best Gold Play for the New American Age: Finally, Louis recommends buying companies that are leveraged in gold – the same way he advises buying companies that are leveraged to the price of oil. In this report, you can discover the gold investment opportunity Louis recommends to best position yourself by the end of 2022.

What’s Included with Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor?

When you subscribe to Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor today, you get a bundle of bonus reports and the core subscription.


Here’s what you get when you subscribe to Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor today:

Monthly Issues of Growth Investor: Each month, you receive a new issue of Growth Investor. Louis keeps you updated on what’s going on in the market. He also identifies new investment opportunities, new stock recommendations, and more. You get a minimum of 12 stock picks per year with your subscription.

Unlimited Access to Archive of Reports: Louis periodically releases reports and guides – like the reports mentioned above. As a subscriber to Growth Investor, you get access to all reports Louis has ever produced. You can dive into the archive to find previous investment recommendations, for example.

Access to Growth Investor Model Portfolio: Want to make similar gains to Louis Navellier? Want to keep track of all of his stock recommendations and investment opportunities? You can access the Growth Investor model portfolio and see Louis’s entry and exit points, his recommended buy and sell times, and complete information about the stocks he recommends buying.

Weekly Updates: In between monthly issues, Louis Navellier sends you weekly updates. Every Friday, you get a weekly update on market conditions, news from this week, urgent stock news breaks, and more.

Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor Pricing

Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor is priced at $199 per year when purchased through the official website. However, it’s priced at just $49 per year when ordered through the promotional page today.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Annual Subscription to Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor: $49 for your first year, then $49 per year after that

Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor Refund Policy

A 12-month moneyback guarantee backs Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor.

You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 12 months with no questions. Plus, you can keep any bonus reports.

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Final Word

Louis Navellier and the Investor Place team have launched a new marketing campaign featuring a bullish case for oil.

Louis believes the oil price will continue to rise through the end of 2022, and smart investors could earn huge returns by buying oil today.

To discover Louis’s #1 oil play of 2022, subscribe to Growth Investor today. An annual subscription is priced at just $49 and comes with a bundle of free bonus reports.