Parxal Arms Review – Does It Really Work or Cheap Scam?

Many individuals wish they could have toned and good-looking arms without effort or having to work out each day. However, toned arms are hard to achieve without considerable effort. The arms and the fat accumulated on the arms are among the most problematic areas of the body to improve through exercise.

Products such as Parxal Arms Therapy Patches were explicitly created for use on the arms using what the company describes as Moxibustion techniques to address this issue, allowing you to have less fat accumulation and a more toned look on the arms without the effort of exercising or dieting.

Moxibustion is shown in a 2013 post as a 2500-year-old method based on Chinese medicine that uses thermogenesis to draw out toxins and regulate the qi-blood. The technique has also been used to prevent and treat over 400 diseases.

Does this seem too good to be true? Let’s find out in this Parxal Arms Therapy Patches review.

What Are Parxal Arms Therapy Patches?

Parxal Arms Therapy Patches are placed on the arms to firm and tone the skin. Paraxal Arms Therapy Patches are made entirely from natural herbal ingredients that cause thermal stimulation, affecting deep and shallow skin tissues. Moxibustion can also activate blood circulation and revive the arms, improving their appearance.

The arms are one of the challenging areas of the body to slim and tone, and you need a specific diet and exercises to improve this area of the body. It’s easy to lose heart and give up halfway.

Using the Parxal Arm Therapy Patches allows your arms to have less fat and flaccid appearance without exercise. Individuals will no longer need to train for several hours a day or lift weights while gaining unwanted muscle.

How Do Parxal Arms Therapy Patches Work?

Parxal Arm Therapy Patches are a quick and efficient method to lose the accumulated fat on your arms using an ancient Chinese technique. Essentially, the herbs used in the product cause a powerful thermal effect when applied to the skin on the arms. This effect is responsible for eliminating many toxins in the body and stimulating blood circulation in the region.

With Paraxal Arm Therapy Patches, cellulite is quickly reduced via a technique mentioned above, moxibustion, which has been used effectively for decades. Results of using the Therapy Patches are felt within an hour of placing the Paraxal Therapy Arm Patches; the arms will have increased muscle tone and less cellulite.

The effect of the Paraxal Arm patches begins within 4 to 8 hours after applying. Individuals will feel and see the first changes in less than a week. The improvements could be reversed if you stop using the Parxal Therapy Patches too soon. However, combining the therapy patches with a good diet allows users to get the best effects.

How to Use the Parxal Arm Therapy Patch

Using the patches is easy. First, you should ensure that your arms’ skin is completely dry. The best time to use the Paraxal Arm patches is after a bath and without using a moisturizer.

Then, place one Parxal Arms Patch on the backside of each arm. Typically, it’s recommended to wait at least three minutes for them to be completely attached to the skin before getting dressed or moving about. The herbs on the patches will penetrate the skin, and it is recommended to leave the patches in place for five to eight hours before removing them and using them every other day. The slimming patches can be worn while sleeping and under clothing while going about the day’s routine.

Parxal Arms Therapy Patch Ingredients

Parxal Arms uses a unique blend of herbs as the ingredients in its formula, according to the sales page. However, the official website does not reveal what herbs are used.

While this is not uncommon, this is somewhat of a red flag for the product, as you won’t be entirely sure what you are buying.

Benefits vs. Side Effects

The Parxal Arms Patch may have a few advantages and disadvantages, and we found no reviews of the arm patches causing harmful side effects.


  • Firms your skin, increasing your muscles quickly.
  • It Burns the fat present in your arms, reducing cellulite.
  • They can help detox your skin from impurities.
  • Activates your metabolism, allowing you to lose weight.
  • Stimulates blood circulation.
  • It works and delivers results very quickly.
  • You can reduce fat and tone the arms without exercise.

Side effects:

  • Parxal Arm Therapy Patches are made from natural herbs and extracts and should not cause adverse side effects.

Parxal Arm Therapy Patch Pricing

Parxal Arms is currently offered on its official website, ParxalArms.com. The Parxal Arms Therapy Patches contain 12 patches in each pouch and can be purchased at the following prices:

  • One Parxal Arms $49.50 Each
  • Two Parxal Arms $32.50 Each
  • Three Parxal Arms $28.33 Each
  • Four Parxal Arms $26.25 Each
  • Five Parxal Arms $25.00 Each
  • Ten Parxal Arms $20.50 Each

Each offer for the Parxal Arms Therapy Patch is offered at a 50% discount. The company also provides customers an opportunity to purchase therapy patches for other areas of health and healing purposes on the checkout page. These are:

  • Abdomen Slimming Patches
  • Detox Foot Patches
  • Sleep Therapy Patches

Parxal Arms Contact Information

Customers can reach out by phone Monday thru Friday 10 am – 5 pm to contact the company’s sales website of the Parxal Arms Therapy Patches by viewing the FAQs section at the links shown below and choosing the option that applies to the query at:

  • Customer Support: https://e-com7.com/faq.php
  • Email: support@ecomgroupteam.com
  • Phone US Customers: +34 936 07 15 65


Parxal Arms Therapy Patches are a solution for those who want to reduce the excessive fat on their arms and help make them firm again. The Parxal Arms Patches are 100% natural, do not cause side effects, and claim to provide results reasonably quickly.

Should you purchase the slimming patches? Perhaps. The method of reducing fat and giving the arms a toned appearance is based on a thermogenic formula used in traditional Chinese medicine for decades and could produce positive results efficiently. The only downside is that the product’s ingredients are not revealed. To purchase the slimming patches, visit the official Parxal Arms website.


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