SlimCrystal Review: Do Slimming Crystal Water Bottles Work for Weight Loss?

Launched in 2021, Slim Crystal claims to be the only water bottle created globally containing nine natural crystals that infuse your water to help achieve your weight loss goals. According to its creator, drinking two to three liters from the Slim Crystal water bottles can assist you to:

  • Attain your weight loss goals
  • Aid long term youthfulness
  • Maintain high energy levels
  • Support healthy digestion

The creator further states that crystal healing experts have used the unique combination of crystals for decades, thanks to their potency. These experts have used this blend to help people of both genders improve their lives, lose weight, and regain their youth.

It’s now time for you to give it a try. All you have to do is place an order today!

What’s Inside the Slim Crystal Bottles?

Every Slim Crystal bottle comes with nine types of natural crystals inside it. Crystal healing experts believe that these crystals have a unique role in providing the body with essential benefits.

Your body can benefit from the potency of these crystals every time you drink water from these bottles. The water helps revitalize your body, making you feel younger and more energetic than it appears.

Information provided on the official website indicates that clients who drank water from the Slim Crystal water bottles have experienced several benefits, such as accelerated weight loss and less stress. Many have lost weight naturally and have become much happier and more content with their lives.

How Does the Slim Crystal Bottle Work?

The water inside the Slim Crystal bottle is replenished with a unique blend of nine natural crystals. The slimming and sparkling water can increase your metabolic rate by more than twenty percent.

An increase in your metabolic rate allows you to lose weight without dieting. Its creator claims that several independent labs have tested the Slim Crystal water bottles and concluded that this process helps oxygen content to rise significantly.

Natural medicine practitioners have used crystal water bottles for thousands of years to assist in healing several ailments. Adding oxygen to the process aids in boosting your body’s energy levels in less than thirty seconds after taking it.

In the process, it improves your overall food digestion while reducing your hunger pangs. It also assists in eliminating toxins from the body.

Crystals Present in Slim Crystal Bottles

Drinking from a Slim Crystal water bottle can assist you in boosting your health and reducing your tummy fat quickly. As we mentioned earlier, the bottle contains nine crystals, and the following are some of the benefits of the nine crystals used:

Red Agate

Red Agate protects the primary chakra of our human body. It eliminates and transforms negative feelings. Red Agate enhances mental function, improving concentration, perception, and energies while providing self-confidence and positive vibes. It soothes and calms, healing inner anger or tension and feeling of security and safety. Its primary role is to prevent cramps inside the stomach, protect unborn children, and reduce the pain linked to menstrual cramps. It also contains healing properties.


It’s a beautiful gemstone that is a variety of Quartz. It contains iron and other trace minerals believed to promote a state of calm. The natural sedative acts as a protector for your mind and spirit. It can assist its users in overcoming addiction and exposing them to a new and deeper level of self-awareness.

Red Jasper

Crystal experts believe it plays an essential role in promoting psychic balance and focus. Other benefits include eliminating confusion, negative energy, stress, and anxiety from the user’s life. You can also use it to boost sexual confidence and vigor.

Clear Quartz

Natural healers believe it’s a super therapist that amplifies and regulates your body’s energy. Its benefits include boosting recall and focus and bringing balance to the body. Continued use can help in boosting your immune system.


It helps regulate the metabolic processes in your body, eliminates the symptoms of calcium deficiency, and enhances the body’s immune system. Sodalite can assist in dealing with gastrointestinal issues.


Moonstone assists in improving strength and promoting inner growth. It can also aid in alleviating mental illness and other stressful conditions. Experts believe it can encourage self-discipline, enhance luck, and bring about good fortune in matters related to love.

Green Aventurine

It’s highly sought after for its ability to heal and natural beauty. The crystal can assist individuals in getting over hard times related to heartbreaks and financial hardships. You can use it to bring genuine love and abundance into your life.


Experts commonly use it to boost sexuality and fertility in their clients. In the Slim Crystal bottle, it has been used to assist in regulating the kidneys and helping the joints and bones to heal at a faster pace.


It’s believed to assist in stimulating self-expression, imagination, and inspiration. Based on its description, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find people linking it to cheerfulness, optimism, and general happiness. Some people use it to attract opportunities and money into their lives.

SlimCrystal Pricing and Where to Buy

You can buy the Slim Crystal Bottles on their official website. Every purchase allows you to save $200 and get free shipping. Choose from one of these two options:

  • One Slim Crystal Bottle — $117.00 + Free Shipping and Sixty-days money-back guarantee
  • Two Slim Crystal Bottles + Bonuses — $97.00 Each + Free Shipping and Sixty-days money-back guarantee

For questions and refunds, customers can contact support at:

  • Email: support@morningfatmelter.zendesk.com


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