Talon Tactical Gloves Reviews (Savage Badger) Worth It?

A good pair of quality tactical gloves should offer comfort, protection, and durability. Ordinary gloves cannot protect the wearer from cuts, abrasions, or cold. But, Tactical gloves are designed to shield users from potential harm.

“Talon” Tactical Gloves from Savage Badger can supposedly offer more than comfort and protection. The new generation tactical gloves are made from durable material and have different fittings. Continue reading this review to learn more about “Talon” Tactical Gloves.

About “Talon” Tactical Gloves

“Talon” Tactical Gloves can shield users from cuts, abrasions, and the cold. The gloves are made from durable material that offers protection without compromising the tactile feel and dexterity. Savage Badgers advertise tactical gloves for ordinary folks and military personnel. The designer claims they can offer protection in harsh outdoor environments while providing users with comfort.

“Talon” Tactical Gloves are available in multiple sizes. The designer recommends wearing a perfectly fitted glove to enhance blood circulation and comfortability. The official website provides a glove-sizing chart to ensure customers order the correct “Talon” Tactical Gloves.

Savage Badgers assures customers that the Tactical Gloves are made from quality and resilient material. The material can withstand rough outdoor situations, for example, climbing mountains, hiking, or even holding the barbed wire. In addition, the “Talon” gloves have breathable material to offer comfort during hot weather and are warm enough to prevent the hands from freezing.

“Talon” Tactical gloves allow finger flexibility. The product does not compromise on dexterity. Instead, the pair of gloves is smartphone compatible; thus, you do not have to remove them to operate an intelligent screen.

“Talon” Tactical Gloves Features

Super Fiber – The “Talon” Tactical gloves are made from “Super Fiber” to offer maximum protection. Savage Badgers explain that indestructible gloves protect users from lacerations, cuts, and abrasions.

Thermo-Resistant Rubber – “Talon” gloves feature reinforced knuckles created from thermo-resistant rubber. Thus, it can protect the skin, delicate blood vessels, and skin from shock. In addition, unlike ordinary gloves, the thermo-resistant rubber promises to protect the users from impact.

Neoprene Rubber – Savage Badgers claim that the gloves have neoprene fiber. The material allows the “Talon” gloves to be breathable and warm. It prevents the user from becoming sweaty and offers warmth in cold conditions.

Touchscreen Compatibility – Some tactical gloves are not touchscreen compatible, forcing the users to remove them when operating intelligent devices like a phone. The “Talon” gloves are touchscreen compatible, allowing users to operate any bright screen without removing the gloves.

Comfortable – “Talon” gloves are made from durable material that adds comfort to the users. In addition, the high-tech weaving makes the tactical gloves breathable and comfortable.

Unique Palm Padding – “Talon” gloves have quality palm padding to give users a firm grip while operating any tool. Similarly, the unique palm padding protects the users from cuts and abrasions. In addition, the adjustable metal straps and fiber ensure the gloves stay secure even during demanding physical activities.

Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Use – The “Talon” Gloves are ideal for hiking, camping, biking, training, and other indoor or harsh outdoor activities.

“Talon” Tactical Gloves Benefits

The “Talon” tactical gloves enhance dexterity while also offering protection to the palms. Savage Badgers claim they can offer full manual dexterity on all fingers.

The tactical gloves offer a steady and reliable grip on your tools regardless of the weather condition.

The “Talon” gloves are supposedly easy to clean and maintain. In addition, they are made from durable material to offer long-lasting protection benefits.

  • The “Talon” Gloves can protect users from abrasion, cuts, and stab wounds.
  • Savage Badgers advertise that the gloves are breathable and reduce the risk of slippage due to sweating.
  • “Talon” Tactical gloves can offer knuckle protection, particularly during a physical altercation.
  • The “Talon” Tactical gloves are available in different sizes, including small, medium, large, and extra-large.

“Talon” Tactical Gloves Pricing

Customers can purchase genuine “Talon” Tactical gloves only via the official website. Savage Badgers warns against acquiring the product from unverified vendors to reduce the risk of purchasing low-quality tactical gloves.

https://savagebadger.com is a secure website, and there are zero chances of anyone acquiring the customers’ personal or bank details. Savage Badgers is currently giving discounts on all tactical gloves. It takes 3-6 days to make “Talon” tactical Gloves deliveries in the US.

Money-back Guarantee

Per the official website, Savage Badgers are giving a 60-day “No Questions Asked Guarantee” on all orders. Thus, if the “Talon” Tactical Gloves do not meet your expectations, you can ship them back to receive a full refund, less the shipping and handling charges.


“Talon” Tactical Gloves from Savage Badgers are prepared from quality material to give users maximum protection. The gloves are ideal for sporting, hiking, training, camping, gardening, and other indoor and outdoor activities. “Talon” gloves are made from breathable elastic fiber, are easy to maintain, and are lightweight. The gloves also offer maximum dexterity and are touchscreen compatible. You can purchase your pair via the official website.



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