The Hero Emergency Power LED Light Bulb Reviews – Is It Effective or Scam?

Smart technologies and self-lit bulbs have taken a center spot in the global revolution to automated lighting. The era of using candles and flashlights during power outages is slowly losing its grip. People in residential and commercial settings realize the sustainable value of self-charging emergency bulbs. Tech leaders have joined the move, leading to the mass production of state-of-the-art self-lit emergency bulbs like the Hero LED light bulb.

What is Hero LED Light Bulb?

Hero LED light bulb is the first-ever self-charging emergency bulb, engineered for comfort and performance. The bulb turns itself on immediately after the lights go off, lighting your space and preventing blackouts. It’s a multi-use, versatile, and energy-efficient LED light bulb powered by a smart charging built-in Lithium battery. Hero LED connects to your light socket, lighting your space the same way standard LED bulbs do. Its battery self-charges itself, storing enough energy to light your space for 6 hours following a power outage.

Core Hero LED Light Bulb Features

Hero LED light bulb’s excellent performance and reliability are tied to the many practical yet functional features. First, this smart-enabled self-charging emergency bulb has a portable hook for easy placement on your target setting. It has a built-in lithium battery with smart charging technology that supports seamless and fast charging. The bulb can continuously light your space for at least six hours when fully charged.

Rated 60W, Hero LED light bulb uses 60 energy joules per second to generate 800 LED lumens. The 800 LED lumens are bright enough to light smaller spaces, including your dining and living rooms. As for its durability, the bulb has the capacity to last for 25,000 hours, equivalent to 2.85 years. Hero LED light bulb inputs 120 VACs.

It is TUV-certified as an energy-efficient and reliable smart LED bulb for homes and offices. Amusingly, this smart-enabled self-charging LED bulb doubles as a hand-held flashlight. Just disconnect it from the socket and safely touch the electrical contact to complete the circuit.

Best Places to Install Hero LED Light Bulb

Hero LED light bulbs can fit best in virtually every limited-space setting. You can place the bulb along the entrances to prevent issues with tripping over bags or shoes. The 800 lumens of light are enough to light stairwells to prevent falls and trips that could have catastrophic impacts. Fix the bulb in your bathroom to add a sense of security in these crucial spaces. Use the bulb to light up your garage door exteriors and reinforce the security around these spaces.


Why Should You Purchase This Bulb?

Does your home or business location experience regular power outages? Are you bored of using unreliable flashlights and candles to light up your space when that happens? It’s time you grabbed your Hero LED light bulb. With this smart-enabled emergency LED bulb, you can light up your spaces even when the lights go off. So many reasons make this bulb a favorite choice for many.

Quick, Hassle-Free Installation

The brains behind the Hero LED light bulb emphasized creating a product that won’t cost you more on installation. It’s a smart and self-lighting bulb but connects to your existing light socket. You slip the bulb into the socket and let the bulb do its wonders.

Peace of Mind

Dealing with power outages has never been easy on homeowners. It disrupts important processes and leaves people in the dark for hours. This smart emergency bulb seeks to offer a solution to such unfortunate situations.

Affordable and Reliable

Considering the bulb’s value, a price of $29.95 is quite worth it.


Are you looking for a way to light up your space in style and deal with blackouts forever? Grab yourself the Hero LED light bulb today.


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