2022’s Best Personal Loans: Top Direct Lenders for Bad Credit Installment Loans

The best option is to go for no-credit loans when it comes to personal loans. But, most banks only approve loans based on credit checks.

So, what can you do when you have a bad credit score but need an emergency personal loan? Fret not because some lenders offer personal loans without any credit check at higher interest rates or fees.

In this article, we’ve reviewed top companies for the best personal loans. Read on!

Top Loan Companies For Online Personal Loans

  1. Personal Loans – Trusted Mortgage Lenders for Small Personal Loans
  2. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Financial Institution for Personal Loans, Editor’s Pick
  3. RadCred – Most Popular Online Lender for Instant Loans Guaranteed Approval
  4. BadCreditLoans – Well Known Personal Loans for Bad Credit Score
  5. CashUSA – Reputed Loan Company for Speedy Cash Advance and Low Interest Rates

#1. Personal Loans – Trusted Mortgage Lenders for Small Personal Loans



PersonalLoans.com has made getting personal loans easier than ever before. It connects with an extensive network of lenders and third-party lender networks to make the entire loan approval process convenient and super-fast. You can request any loan amount ranging from $1,000 to $35,000 from your office or home or even while traveling using a smartphone.

Whether you’re looking for funds to renovate the house or cover emergency medical expenses, PersonalLoans.com has got you covered. Anyone can apply for loans using the website, even if they have a bad credit score. Even though PersonalLoans.com doesn’t act as the lender, its vast networks help you connect with some of the major lenders in the industry.

Furthermore, the extensive networks of the website allow fast and reliable transactions, so you can have the requested funds transferred to your bank account within 24 hours or less. The loan repayment time window usually ranges from 90 days and 72 months based on the loan terms.

However, using this website, you can also apply for short-term loans with a smaller repayment time of around six months. In addition to this, the application process is entirely secure and encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about any unauthorized access to your personal information.


  • Loan amount ranges from $1000 to $35,000
  • Offers services across all states
  • Personalized loan offers
  • Works for all credit types
  • Fast online application and approval


  • No credit history of late payments
  • No recent or active bankruptcy


A. Policies

As PersonalLoans.com is not a lender, it follows a strict policy of getting involved in the loan agreements between the lender and borrower. Once a lender approves the loan request, PersonalLoans.com directs you to the lender’s website, where you need to agree with the terms and conditions set by the lender. So, it acts as a third-party website to connect you with several potential lenders.

Furthermore, the privacy policy of PersonalLoans.com ensures that lenders can’t access any sensitive information that you provide during the loan application. It simply shares your contact information with the lenders for them to contact you if they choose to approve the loan request.

Also, just because a lender offers you a loan, you are under no obligation to accept their terms and conditions. The website policies allow you to carefully review the terms and conditions of the lenders before you get into any contract with them.

B. Application Process

The PersonalLoans.com website is user-friendly, and the loan application process is quite straightforward. Once you fill out and submit the online application form, you can view and compare different loan offers. The website only shows you the offers that can be suitable to your needs.

Each step of the application process is carefully explained on the website. So, even if you’re a new borrower, you’ll have no problem navigating through the entire process using PersonalLoans.com. You can request a loan amount of up to $35,000 on any occasion, whether it’s a business startup or a family vacation. Anyone can use PersonalLoans.com to get personal loans for any financial assistance.

C. Customer Experience

PersonalLoans.com has become one of the most trusted online loan services among customers. Most of them appreciated the decent APR they got on their loans from this website. The APR amount ranges from 5.99% to 35.99% when customers apply for loans via PersonalLoans.com. So, most customers found the APR amount offered by the website quite reasonable for their loans.

Furthermore, they were greatly impressed with the fast and hassle-free loan application and approval process. Once their loans got approved, the customers received their funds in less than a day. So, PersonalLoans.com has successfully garnered positive reviews from customers due to its fast and secure lending services.

Click here to visit the official website of PersonalLoans.com.

#2. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Financial Institution for Personal Loans, Editor’s Pick



MoneyMutual offers one of the best online loan lending networks across the US, and most of these networks do not need to perform a background credit check. The brand has been hugely successful in building an online marketplace that offers simple, secure, and quick access to potential lenders.

The company has been operating since 2010 to help you get through any financial crisis in your everyday life by offering easy access to potential lenders. Furthermore, by creating an online marketplace, MoneyMutual allows you to directly get in touch with potential lenders who can provide you with no-credit-check personal loans.

Not only that, but the online lending networks of MoneyMutual also make the entire application and loan approval procedures super simple. If you fit the eligibility requirements set by the lender, the loan will be approved, and the money will be deposited in your account within a day. So, it’s perfect for short-term personal loans, even if you have bad or min credit.

Moreover, choosing a lender can be quite frustrating and time-consuming if you need some emergency funds. But, with MoneyMutual, you get to interact with potential lenders through the online networks directly. So, whether it’s your emergency expenses, unexpected bills, or sudden holiday plans, you can trust to find a suitable lender via this online platform.


  • Loans available within 24 hours
  • Available loans up to $2500
  • Over two million satisfied customers
  • Easy application process
  • Extensive online lending networks
  • Simple and hassle-free loan approval


  • Only suitable for short-term personal loans
  • Not available in all the states


A. Policies

While MoneyMutual provides easy and secure access to potential lenders, certain standard policies are in place to maintain fair and transparent transactions. The first regulatory policy that usually all lenders on MoneyMutual follow is to only lend money to people who are at least 18 years old. So, if you want to borrow any personal loan, you have to be 18 years or older.

Plus, you need to have an active checking account and a minimum monthly income of $800 to get your loan approved. You also need to provide proper documentation and other employment details while applying for any personal loan.

The loan amounts can vary between $250 and $2500 based on your qualifications. However, these policies and eligibility requirements are not set in stone. In fact, they tend to differ between lenders. But, the policies are quite effective in fast and secured loans approval of short-term loans.

B. Application Process

The entire loan application process via MoneyMutual takes place in three easy steps. Firstly, you need to fill out an online form, providing all the necessary personal details for the lenders to review. It’s a free online marketplace, so you don’t have to worry about any application fees.

Once you submit the loan application, potential leaders will instantly review it to determine whether they want to lend you loans or not. If a lender wants to collaborate with you, you must follow their rules and guidelines to finalize the loan application. You’ll be redirected to the lender’s website to fill out all the necessary details for getting the loan approved.

They can contact you through email or phone to ensure that you receive the money as quickly as possible. If a lender agrees to work with you, they can also directly transfer the funds into your active bank account within 24 hours. Also, you get to discuss the interest rates and loan fees with your lenders before finalizing the loan.

C. Customer Experience

MoneyMutual has more than two million customers who are extremely satisfied with its online services. The official company website offers testimonials from different customers to highlight their experiences.

Finding suitable lenders via the extensive online networks of MoneyMutual takes only a few minutes. You can get the loan approved and have the funds deposited into your account in less than 24 hours. It’s fast, effective, and absolutely secure, which has been a big hit among customers. With MoneyMutual, they need not wait for days to get their loans approved.

Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual.

#3. RadCred – Most Popular Online Lender for Instant Loans Guaranteed Approval



The online platform of RadCred has made applying for bad credit loans much easier than before. Even if you have a bad credit score, you can apply for loans up to $5000 through the website. It offers easy and reliable loan options with no background credit check. So, you get to sort out all financial woes whenever you want with FundsJoy.

In addition to this, the company values customer privacy over anything else. The entire platform is secured with the 256-Bit SSL technology to ensure that none of your personal information is saved anywhere. Hence, even creators of the company cannot access the information you provide while applying for personal loans.

The entire system is fully encrypted to reduce the risks of any cyber theft. So, any information that you provide on this website essentially stays only with you. RadCred can offer you the ultimate comfort and data security that’s absolutely transparent. Also, the user interface of the website is pretty straightforward. Thus, even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can easily use RadCred to apply for loans.


  • Free application form
  • Loan amount starts from $500
  • Fully encrypted website
  • Simple user interface
  • Loans get approved within a day


  • Not all loan applications get approved


A. Policies

When it comes to policies regarding loan application and approval, RadCred keeps it fast and simple. Using this website, you don’t have to worry about application fees or interest rates while applying for loans. RadCred is not a lender, so the company doesn’t charge interest rates or fees for your loan applications.

In fact, it offers completely free services, and you’re in no way obligated to enter any contract with the company. Furthermore, the website ensures that you are not coerced into accepting or agreeing to any terms and conditions offered by the lender.

Moreover, the RadCred policies do not involve any debt collection because the company isn’t a lender. So, you need not worry about loan repayments when you’re initially submitting the loan application.

B. Application Process

The entire loan application process takes place online, so you don’t need to worry about any complicated and lengthy paperwork. Simply fill in some personal details in the online form and click on the “Get Started” option to view the best available loan offers and deals.

Once you come across the best deal, you need to agree with all the terms and conditions provided by the lender to move forward with the loan approval process. But, if you’re not satisfied with the terms and conditions, you can always look for another lender. You’re not obliged to accept any agreement that doesn’t suit your needs.

After you’ve accepted the most suitable loan offer and e-signed it, the lender will directly transfer the funds into your bank account within 24 hours or less. You can apply for any loan amounts ranging between $500 and $5000 based on your eligibility.

C. Customer Experience

RadCred is quite popular among customers as one of the best direct lenders of no-credit-check personal loans. Most of the customers have been highly satisfied with the fast and flawless services of the website. Plus, it has successfully provided loans to customers who have needed emergency funds the most. It is the best direct lender for personal loans and fast cash.

Customers get to view several loan offers and interact directly with some of the best lenders in the industry through RadCred. Hence, it can be a great way to apply for direct loans and receive the necessary funds in less than a day.

Click here to visit the official website of RadCred

#4. BadCreditLoans – Well Known Personal Loans for Bad Credit Score



With BadCreditLoans, you can request a loan amount of up to $10,000 by connecting you with the best lenders online. Its lender network includes state-licensed and Tribal lenders, and some of them are willing to offer you personal loans even if you have a bad credit score.

Not only that, but the entire online loan application process is quite straightforward without involving any complex paperwork. After you’ve submitted the application, you can connect with several potential lenders through the online marketplace of BadCreditLoans.

Moreover, you have no obligation to sign any contracts or terms and conditions while looking through different loan offers. If you can’t find any suitable offers or need time to think, you can continue searching for better loan offers somewhere else. Hence, you don’t have to worry about making the decision right away while applying for loans via the BadCreditLoans website.

Also, you can opt out of providing any sensitive information to any lender while applying for personal loans. Hence, it’s easy, fast, reliable, and completely safe and can get you the necessary funds within a day.


  • Easy to use website
  • Flexible credit requirements
  • Multiple lenders available
  • Simple online application process
  • 20 years of business experience


  • Loan application requires many personal information
  • Filling the online form is time-consuming


A. Policies

BadCreditLoans has a policy of offering 100% free services to its customers, so you don’t need to pay a single dime for using its services. Also, you don’t have to sign any contract while using the website. Hence, you’re under no obligation to use the online lending services of BadCreditsLoans.

Furthermore, the website has an extended network of third-party non-lender lender networks. So, if you can’t find any suitable lender on BadCreditLoans, the website will help you find other lenders through its extended network. However, as BadCreditLoans is not a lender, its policy doesn’t allow the website to control or endorse any lenders in its network.

On top of this, the website has a strict privacy policy to ensure data security and prevent cyber theft. Any personal information you may provide while applying for loans on the website is protected by advanced encryption technology. The privacy policy also allows you to limit information sharing when you’re no longer a customer.

B. Application Process

The loan application process of BadCreditLoans is pretty straightforward and takes place in three simple steps. Firstly, you need to fill out the online application form by providing all the necessary information. Once you submit the form, you can view and compare different loan offers from multiple lenders.

Also, the annual percentage rate (APR) of the personal loans offered by the lenders can range from 5.99% to 35.99%, based on your qualifications. Plus, the repayment term set by the lenders in the BadCreditLoans network usually ranges between 90 days to 72 months. So, your loan rates and repayment time primarily depend on the information you provide during the application process.

C. Customer Experience

Even though customers have to fill in a detailed online form while applying for personal loans via BadCreditLoans, most online loan requests have been quite convenient for most. The fast and secure loan approval has also helped garner positive feedback and reviews from the customers.

Moreover, customers don’t need to have an excellent credit score to apply for personal loans using the website. As such, anyone can apply for loans through BadCreditsLoans without worrying about their credit scores.

Click here to visit the official website of BadCreditsLoans.

#5. CashUSA – Reputed Loan Company for Speedy Cash Advance and Low Interest Rates



CashUSA has one of the best resources for lending instant cash loans using its vast network of lenders as well as other third-party lender networks. It connects you with several potential lenders who can offer the best deals based on your credit scores. So, even if you have a bad credit score, you can come across suitable loan offers from a potential lender by using the CashUSA website.

The lender network has both Tribal and state-licensed lenders, but the rates and fees of Tribal lenders might be higher compared to state-licensed lenders. Plus, the CashUSA website is pretty easy to use for getting personal loans and looking through various loan offers. So, even if you’re not a tech nerd, you can conveniently use the website to apply for loans.

Not only that, but all the information that you provide on the website while filling out the online loan application form is end-to-end encrypted. CashUSA uses industry-standard end-to-end encryption to ensure data security. So, not even the website creators can access your personal information.


  • Loans are offered to anyone with bad credit scores
  • Easy and fast loan application
  • Funds get directly transferred
  • Best loan rates available
  • Loan amount ranges up to $10,000


  • Doesn’t collaborate with major lenders
  • Might get compensated for sharing your information


A. Policies

The policies set by CashUSA for easy application of personal loans are quite straightforward. You have to provide your area zip code and the last four digits of the SSN. Plus, you need to fill in the date of birth to clarify that you’re 18 or older. You can only apply for personal loans via CashUSA if you are 18 and above.

Also, you have to have a monthly payment income of at least $1000 after tax deductions. In addition to this, the CashUSA policies require you to have an active checking account and have a bid email address and phone number. Hence, you need to provide all the information while you’re applying for personal loans using the website.

Furthermore, according to the policies of CashUSA, once you apply for loans, the company will check whether you have an account with any affiliated website to move forward with the loan request. It only shows loan offers that fit your financial requirements depending on your account information and loan request. So, you only get loan offers from lenders who are willing to work with you.

B. Application Process

You need to follow a simple four-step process to apply for personal loans via CashUSA, and it’s quite fast and reliable. First and foremost, you need to fill in and submit the online application form to get started with your loan. You’ll get to review and compare various loan offers from different lenders before choosing the most suited offer.

But if you find a suitable loan offer, you might need to fill in additional information as asked by the lender to get the loan. Once everything is finalized, you will receive the requested fund amount directly in your bank account within a business day.

C. Customer Experience

CashUSA has been working to provide easy and instant cash loans to its customers over the years, and most customers are highly impressed with its fast and secure loaning process. Also, customers have found it pretty easy to fill up the online application form. The easy user interface of the website offers a great customer experience.

Moreover, most lenders in CashUSA offer quick loans at low-interest rates, which have helped many customers to deal with emergency financial situations. Hence, CashUSA makes it possible for everyone to apply for quick personal loans.

Click here to visit the official website of CashUSA.

How We Made The List of Best Personal Loan Lenders

Choosing the top five best companies that provide quick, no-credit-check personal loans was not an easy feat. With the boom in digital technology, practically every financial service provider offers easy online loans nowadays.

Once we started searching for the best loan providers, we realized a simple Google search wouldn’t do us much good. So, we decided to roll up your sleeves and dig deep to prepare the finely curated list.

Firstly, we looked for the most popular companies with the best brand reputation in the industry and collaborated with major lenders. We also looked through the vast network of lenders and third-party lender networks of each company while preparing the list.

Next, we looked through the customer reviews of the companies to understand whether they have been successful in satisfying and fulfilling the financial requirements of their customers. Going through the customer reviews greatly helped us to understand how these companies work to provide quick personal loans to their customers without any background credit checks.

In the end, we considered and looked through the following factors before making our list:

  • Brand reputation
  • Customer reviews
  • Easy and fast loan application and approval
  • Extensive network of lenders
  • Repayment methods
  • Loan terms
  • Interest rates
  • Eligibility requirements

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you know about online loan providers, it’s best to consider certain factors before you choose the best company to apply for any personal loan. So, in this section, we’ve discussed certain factors that can help you make a well-informed financial decision.

  • Customer Reviews

It’s always a good idea to read through customer reviews before you choose a loan service for your personal loans. Once you get to know what others have to say about the quality of services of the company, you’ll get to make a well-informed decision. There are bound to be some customer grievances regarding the services or loan terms of the company.

But, most of the reviews will highlight the positive aspects of the financial services that the company provides. Moreover, you can also search for what customers have to say about a particular company by looking through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau customer feedback records.

  • Repayment Methods

Before choosing to work with a potential lender, make sure to check out the repayment methods carefully. Usually, the repayment time frame can range between 90 days and 72 months, depending on your loan amount and terms.

You can repay the lender through automatic payments from your active checking account. Not only that, but you can also pay online through internet banking or mail the checks directly to the lender. So, it’s better to choose the lender only if the repayment method works for you.

  • Fees And Penalties

When it comes to loan applications, several fees, and penalties are often associated with the process. The amount of these fees and penalties can vary based on the terms and conditions set by the lender. For instance, some lenders charge an origin fee of 1% to 6% for processing the loan.

Also, you’re most likely to pay a late fee if the loan repayments are delayed. Some lenders might provide a payment deadline, but always discuss it with your lender in the case of any late payment. These late payment fees are usually quite hefty and can be charged on your monthly payments.

Hence, carefully look through the fees and penalties mentioned in the agreement before working with a lender.

  • Loan Terms

If your request for a no-credit personal loan gets pre-approved, the lender will provide you with certain loan terms, such as loan restrictions, APR, total amount, and the loan period. As the borrower, your job is to carefully go through each loan term before agreeing to any of them.

Furthermore, you’re under no obligation to accept the terms and conditions of a lender if they don’t suit your financial needs.

  • Interest Rates And Types

Compare the interest rates offered by different lenders when you’re applying for a personal loan. Most financial service providers usually keep a fixed interest rate for bad or no-credit loans. Hence, the interest rate remains the same throughout the loan period.

However, the loan amount will fluctuate if the interest rate is variable. So, it’s always best to choose a lender who offers a fixed interest rate on no-credit-check personal loans. In that way, the loan amount remains equal throughout the loan period without any fluctuation.

  • Eligibility Requirements

Before you apply for a personal loan, check the eligibility requirements for the application. For instance, you have to be 18 years or older to apply for any loan. Some lenders also ask to know about your source of income before approving your loan request. If you have a steady income source, your loan request is more likely to get approved.

Along with your monthly income, lenders can check whether you have an active bank account through which the transaction can take place. Some lenders might also look into your financial activities before approving the loan.

FAQs About Bad Credit Personal Loans

Q1. Can I get a personal loan if I have a bad credit score?

Yes, it’s possible to get a personal loan even with a bad credit score. You have to look for lenders who are willing to consider your income or banking history to approve the loan.

Q2. Is it possible to get an emergency personal loan even if I’m unemployed?

You can get an emergency loan even if you are unemployed by providing information about other sources of income. If you have an income from retirement pensions, rental properties, government payments, alimony, or other investments, you can still apply for emergency personal loans.

Q3. What is the interest rate for bad credit personal loans?

The interest rate for personal loans increases if you have a bad credit score. It can be as high as 20% if your credit score is below the ideal range.

Conclusion: How Do Personal Loans Work?

With so many companies offering quick personal loans, choosing the best company can be a bit confusing. That said, we hope our detailed reviews have helped you get a better insight into the best financial service providers who offer easy, no-credit personal loans.

If you ask for our recommendation, we’ll suggest you go for the financial services offered by MoneyMutual owing to the reliable, fast, and secure loan application and approval process. The company also collaborates with some major lenders in the industry and offers a vast network of lenders and third-party lender networks to its customers.

But, you can also look through other companies that offer no-credit personal loans at a decent interest rate that can fulfill your financial needs. Just make sure to carefully read through the loan terms before signing any contract, and you’ll be good to go!

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

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