5 Best Delta 8 Brands Of 2021: Get D8 Products, Top Shelf Weed Strains And Delta 8 Flower Online| Best Flavoured Marijuana Edibles & THC Carts To Try In The Cannabis Market

There is a growing demand for Delta-8 among cannabis lovers. It offers a legal way to get high and without the side effects you might get with Delta-9, like paranoia, anxiety, and so on. Although it’s rising in popularity, it’s still fairly new in the market.

We currently have only a few reliable brands that sell Delta-8 in various forms, like gummies, vape carts, flowers, and more. These products can be quite expensive and therefore should not be bought from sellers with no reputation.

Knowing the benefits of Delta-8 and because of the surge in interest in these, we decided to review the best Delta 8 brands that are available. We will also go into the details of why we consider them the best.

Producing high-quality Delta 8 from the hemp plant is not an easy task. Hemp is a cannabis plant like marijuana, but it has less than 0.3 percent THC. This is the reason why Hemp derivatives are legal whereas marijuana is not. But growing organic Hemp & making hemp products and the natural extraction of CBD requires experience.

There are a series of steps to the process, so the end result is Delta-8 with the desired potency and delectable, mouthwatering flavors. There were only a few brands we could trust. Compelled by the reassuring customer reviews about their quality, we decided to review these brands.

Top Picks For Best Delta 8 Brands Reviewed

  1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best Brand For Delta 8 THC Products
  2. Budpop: Most Potent High Quality Products
  3. Delta ExtraX: Premium Delta 8 Brand In The Cannabis Market
  4. Diamond CBD: High Quality THC and Delta 8 Products
  5. 3Chi: Best Value Hemp Products

#1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best Brand For Delta 8 THC Products


This is a Delta-8 brand, dedicated to delivering premium quality products at affordable rates. We found excellent customer feedback regarding this product, and the brand has been consistent with producing top-notch full-spectrum Delta-8 products.

They have also been mentioned in several leading media outlets like Forbes, Observer, Los Angeles Times, and so on. The brand already has a great reputation, which they continue to focus on. With their free shipping and 30-day money-back guarantee, they want to leave no stone unturned in building trust with their new customers.

They have made an entire range of Delta-8 products available to the buyers, like gummies, cigarettes, carts, flowers, and pre-rolls. The brand owners are devoted to creating organic products that can aid people to live healthy lives. But there are several other reasons for picking this brand.

The products have an excellent potency and the flavors are really quite satisfying, especially when trying flowers and gummies. The company is making a wave with its high-quality, authentic Delta-8 products that are free of dairy, GMOs, gluten, and any artificial flavoring or coloring agents.

For first customers, they offer a 20% discount as an encouragement to try out their products. If you don’t want to risk buying cheap quality products, you can go with this brand, which gets all its products tested by third-party labs.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness


  • The brand offers organic, full-spectrum Delta-8 products
  • They use supercritical CO2 extraction method in producing Delta-8
  • They are among the leading brands for all varieties of Delta-8 products
  • A single bottle of Delta-8 gummies contains a variety of fruity flavors
  • There are 10 strains of Delta-8 carts available
  • You can buy Delta-8 in the form of flowers, gummies, vape juice, cigarettes, and oils


  • Doesn’t contain cutting agents like PG, PEG, VG, or MCT oil
  • Links to the third-party lab test reports are available online
  • Contains legal amounts of THC, i.e., less than 0.3 percent
  • Offers a diverse range of Delta-8 products in a variety of flavors and strains
  • They have maintained their brand reputation over the period


  • Their exchange policy is only valid for damaged or defective products
  • There is no mention of international shipping on their website

Customer Experience

This brand has received enormous acclaim from customers and is trusted by a vast number of Delta-8 lovers. It has achieved this in a very short time by producing high-quality products and providing reliable customer support.

Due to its vast array of products and extensive range of flavors, almost everyone is able to find something that they will like from this brand. The reputation and quality standards ensure that no customer is subjected to a bad experience with their products. Its long-time customers rarely ever need to try other Delta 8 brands once they start using Exhale.

#2. BudPop: Most Potent High Quality Products


It is one of the most promising brands in the market. Though it’s a new name among Delta 8 brands, its several products are better than those of the older brands in the market. In the recent few years, we have witnessed a rising demand for this brand name and we decided to look up the reasons for this.

We discovered that they stick to very high standards of quality and are pretty much unbeatable when it comes to purity. They produce Delta-8 gummies, vape carts, and flowers that are derived from the organically grown hemp plant. They implement a completely cruelty-free process, making their products suitable for vegans.

Also, they use an extraction process which is considered the safest in this industry. They invest heavily in their sourcing method and prefer the Nevada climate for growing hemp. This also results in the products having a longer shelf life. Their products are lab-tested and come with a 30-Day return policy.

Instead of coming up with an extensive product line, they are currently selling two yummy fruity flavors; Blue Dream Berry and Strawberry Gelato. Each gummy consists of 25 g of delta-8 that gets you a smooth buzz within a few minutes of taking it.

Their Delta-8 flowers have also become must-try products. These are available in two varieties; Northern Lights and Cookies. Cookies are a hybrid strain with Indica characteristics. If you want to experience spa-like relaxation, this one would be the best. Northern light has a citrus and earthy aroma and is best when you want a clear and focused mind.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Budpop


  • They manufacture Delta-8 products with a legal trace of THC
  • Currently, this brand offers Delta-8 gummies, vape carts, and flowers
  • They cultivate Hemp plants without GMOs and pesticides
  • Their extraction process ensures non-toxic and solvent-free products
  • Several products by Budpop brand have become customer favorites


  • All their products are natural and Non-GMO
  • Budpop ensures third-party lab testing for every product
  • They offer a 30-day return policy
  • The brand’s reputation is reaching new heights in a brief time
  • These are full-spectrum Delta-8 and therefore suitable for multiple purposes
  • Their products contain legal traces of THC


  • Customers wish there were more flavors from this brand
  • They do not sell Delta-8 cigarettes and oils
  • Their products are only available online

Customer Experience

Most new brands have a hard time building a customer base. Well, Budpop turned out to be an exception. It already has almost as many loyal customers as many of the older reputed brands. Most reviews want more options from this brand because they really loved the currently available delta-8 products from Budpop.

The purity of their organically produced Delta-8 is very much evident in their products. Customers who have tried multiple brands feel like they stopped using other brands once they find Budpop. Their only complaint is that they hope Budpop will expand its product line so they get to try more varieties of this wonderful product.

#3. Delta ExtraX: Premium Delta 8 Brand In The Cannabis Market


Another brand with a strong presence in the market is Delta ExtraX. The brand aims to bring the health benefits of Delta-8 to everyone. They have been featured in several reputed magazines and have joined the list of leading brands for Delta 8 products.

The brand realizes many properties of Delta 8 like its analgesic, neuroprotective, appetite-stimulating, antiemetic, and anxiolytic. So they focus on purity and grow organic high quality hemp for CBD extraction. They submit each of their batches to third-party labs for testing purposes.

Delta-8 can be a wonderful and a very handy tool to go through some difficult situations that can cause anxiety. A reliable Delta-8 product that has the right potency and a delightful flavor can get you through any such situation. But the important thing is that you can trust the brand.

Delta ExtraX has become a trusted name today. Also, you will be befuddled with the vast array of options that it offers. Their research & development department and lab testing process has worked impeccably over the years to assure users of quality and variety. Their flavors have a mouthwatering fruity aroma and products give you a strong head rush.

The brand is currently offering 15% off on your first purchase. You can even claim this discount for your every order by subscribing to one of their products and using the auto-delivery feature.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Delta ExtraX


  • Their products help alleviate pain and get you relaxed
  • They offer Delta 8 in the form of carts, edibles, bundles, disposables, and so on
  • This brand provides Delta-8 gummies in a rainbow pack with 5 unique yummy fruity flavors
  • Their tinctures contain MCT oil to allow easy absorption of Delta-8
  • The brand is genuinely committed to a long-lasting relationship with customers


  • A trusted name that offers a vast array of options
  • Discount is available for new customers and subscribers
  • They use a variety of natural Terpenes for better results
  • The brand is transparent about the lab results
  • They provide links to product-specific lab-analysis
  • All their ingredients are natural


  • It is not for vegans
  • Products once opened cannot be returned

Customer Experience

Delta ExtraX has managed to keep the majority of its customers happy with its impressive range of Delta-8 products and quality ingredients. Even those using it for a long time continue to try a new variety of products from this brand.

In a very competitive market, Delta ExtraX has managed to create its own space and the users are quite happy with it. There are recurring orders and according to lots of reviews, Delta 8 lovers are subscribing to its various products for auto-deliveries. This not only saves them money, but they also get timely supplies of their favorite flavors.

Most customers are eager to try more strains and flavors from this brand. They are also quite happy that there is finally a reputed brand offering a great variety of Delta-8 products like edibles, tinctures, cartridges, and so on.

#4. Diamond CBD: High Quality THC and Delta 8 Products


Here is another name that we thought deserved to be on this list. Well, their shop is like an absolute heaven for Delta-8 lovers. It is choked full of different Delta-8 products and come in all varieties and flavors. But the best part is they consistently offer impressive discounts.

Yes, if you are on a budget and still can’t wait to get the relaxing buzz that comes with Delta-8, this is the brand you should check out. They even offer CBD drinks, creams, capsules, and other unique varieties. The brand extracts CBD from Scandinavian Hemps, which are known to be high quality and very safe.

Our main reason for bringing up this brand for our review is they have something for everyone. You cannot feel dissatisfied with this brand. They have always held on to high-quality standards for their entire range of products. Over the period, they have built a fan-following that can be hard to achieve for any brand given the competition.

You can find stronger as well as weaker strains from this brand. As we said, the primary attraction for this brand is not merely because of their authentic products. Of course, that’s what retains their long-term customers. But their R&D is keenly focused on expanding their product based on the customer reviews they get.

When it comes to flavors, this is one brand that will never disappoint you. This is something we have experienced first-hand. We started with their square gummies and were seriously surprised at how real those tasted relative to other brands we have tried. We are not overstating when we say this is a leading brand for Delta-8 products in several aspects.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Diamond CBD


  • They sell bundled CBD products for new users
  • They provide all varieties of Delta-8 products
  • Diamond CBD offers both strong and mild Delta-8 products
  • Their unique products like CBD honey pot are becoming very popular
  • They also offer CBD for pets
  • You can buy high potency CBD Dabs from Diamond CBD
  • Products like CBD tea, body lotion, and pain relief roll-on are also available


  • They ship to all 50 states
  • They offer up to 70% off on Delta-8 products
  • They have an incredible range of products
  • Brand only uses high-quality natural ingredients in its products
  • You can find full-spectrum as well as broad-spectrum products on their site


  • The excess of buying options may seem overwhelming to some
  • They only return goods that are unused and in the original packing

Customer Experience

It’s rare to find brands like this one with a very high number of positive reviews. It stands out mostly because of its extensive range of products. Each customer is able to find their personal favorite flavors and just the right potency of Delta-8 for their use.

Delta-8 from this brand gives the users a smooth experience. It’s a mild buzz that lasts for a fairly long time. Customers who have used this brand for a long time haven’t faced any side effects. Also, most of their flavors give a natural feel unlike some of the other delta 8 brands that use artificial flavors.

Some of the users have mostly ordered highly potent Delta-8 products and they got what they wanted. They are happily using vape carts, gummies, or some of the unique products that Diamond CBD offers. Others looking just for some relaxation prefer the milder products from this brand. This brand has left most of its customers fully satisfied.

#5. 3Chi: Best Value Hemp Products


This is a name you cannot miss if you are a genuine fan of Delta-8 products. 3Chi specializes in Delta-8 products that offer a variety of health benefits. This brand has maintained quality and produced pure Delta-8 products from natural ingredients and organically grown hemp using the best industry practices.

Their dedication to quality is visible in each of their products. The high you get from their Delta-8 products is quite clearly felt. It will have the desired impact on you if you are looking for some wonderful tranquility, clear focus, pain relief, or stimulating appetite.

3Chi offers Delta-8 in the form of oil, capsule, vape carts, gummies, tinctures, and some other less traditional forms like brownies, cookies, and cereals. The optimum traces of THC in their products ensure that you don’t suffer from nausea or anxiety.

In fact, a lot of those dealing with anxiety issues or panic attacks are already using 3Chi products to find relief. After going through their Delta-8 production methods and various lab reports published by the brand, we find this to be a trustworthy brand that is following the best practices to ensure premium quality Delta-8.

From what we hear from its customers, this brand offers just the right kind of products for practical use. Some of these are better suited for a relaxing sleep or to help deal with pain, while others are more appropriate for recreational purposes.

None of their products has turned out to be low quality so far, and the two flavors; watermelon and raspberry are extremely delectable when you try their gummies.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of 3Chi


  • Most of their products use broad-spectrum Delta-8 with strain-specific terpenes
  • They let you choose between two types of terpenes; botanical derived and cannabis-derived
  • Delta-8 balls are flavored gummies that are available in a pack of 5 and 25
  • 3Chi vapes are gentler on the throat
  • They offer different products to suit your lifestyle
  • Safe and healthy ingredients


  • All their products are vegan-friendly and gluten-free
  • Their customer service responds promptly to queries
  • All of the third-party lab results are published on their website
  • They have a great reputation for Delta-8 products
  • Their delivery is super fast


  • Used products cannot be returned

Customer Experience

Customers who have used Delta-8 products from multiple brands prefer 3Chi for how smooth it feels on the throat. Several users are currently relying on 3Chi Delta-8 products to deal with some medical issues. Some of them use gummies to focus better, others vape on Delta-8 carts before going to sleep.

3Chi has a vast customer base and there are no complaints about side-effects in the reviews. Most people find this brand to be a complete package in all aspects. The flavors are quite addictive. Some of its users even claim that once you start using this brand, it’s hard to switch to other brands because 3Chi products are ideal for several types of needs.

Steps to choose the best Delta 8 brands

What ingredients are they using?

In products such as these, it is important to stick with natural ingredients that are proven to be safe. A lot of brands use low-quality ingredients to save money or to boost potency. But these can be immensely dangerous in the long run. The side-effects would be drastic and it might take a very long time to recover.

So we are insistent on using Delta-8 brands that have a reputation of using organically grown hemp and natural terpenes. If they are using additives, make sure those do not consist of any harmful chemicals. Better to go with natural ingredients including the flavoring agents.

Strength of the products

Most brands offer Delta-8 products of varying potency. If you are looking for something moderate but the brand doesn’t offer an option to choose between the different strengths, it might not be a suitable brand for you.

We have found that the best brands either provide products with balanced potency, or they offer you several choices between products. Also, make sure that they are using trace amounts of THC in the product. Delta-8 should not have more than 0.3% THC in order to be legal.

Are the lab results available?

Any brand can just claim to use safe ingredients with no proof. In order to avoid lies and find out if they are selling legitimate products, look for online reports of third-party lab tests carried out on their products.

Some of the most reputable brands even send each of their batches for lab-testing. If a brand is not transparent about the process they use or the ingredients that are used in producing their products, you shouldn’t trust the brand. There are plenty of brands that provide a link to their lab reports for all their products.

What do the customers say?

In the end, only those who have used the product for quite some time can speak about the safety and effectiveness of the products. If the majority of products of a brand receive positive reviews, it would assure us of the quality of the brand.

One of the best ways to choose a brand is to go through genuine reviews on third-party platforms. We found a lot of reviews that helped us decide if a brand was really as good as it claimed to be.


Don’t expect these products to be cheap. Delta-8 products tend to be quite expensive. However, you can find discount codes when you buy products for the first time or when you join their subscription plan. Some of these brands offer free shipping when you place an order of a specific amount.

So, although these products can be quite costly, you can still save money by purchasing from brands that offer discounts to new customers or under some other conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best brand for Delta 8?

The best brands use an extraction process that ensures the purity and safety of the product. Their ingredients don’t contain harmful chemicals or additives and are free from toxins. However, Delta 8 products does not qualify for drug test. There are a few reputable brands like Exhale, Delta Effect, Budpop, etc that have published third-party lab reports on their websites.

  1. What is the most potent Delta 8 flower?

According to the majority of customers, the Skywalker OG by Exhale is the most potent Delta 8 flower. But some of the other users find Sour Diesel premium by Delta ExtraX to have the highest potency among the leading Delta 8 brands.

  1. Which is the most popular Delta 8 brand?

Each brand has become popular for a different reason. While Diamond CBD and Delta ExtraX have built a name for the most diverse range of products, Budpop is a new brand that has received lots of love for being the most reliable and safe product that also offers the most satisfying flavors.


Delta-8 has several benefits that you can access legally and without the common side effects associated with Marijuana. A lot of Delta-8 products are flooding the market. But the high demand has caused some unreliable brands with no reputation to try selling their products to you.

Before you place an order for Delta-8 products, you must thoroughly research the brand or you might end up wasting your money on brands that are either ineffective or even dangerous in the worst case. Producing Delta-8 is quite a complicated process. To do it right requires experience and the will to ensure purity.

Only a few brands are doing it perfectly and we decided to find these names from among a vast number of Delta 8 brands. We hope that you will find the best brands from our selection and our review will help you filter through various top brands and decide the most suitable one for your current needs.

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