Best CBD Gummies For Anxiety : Top Hemp Edibles For Stress Relief In 2022

Do you experience sudden anxiety attacks? Anxiety attacks may arise out of nowhere and affect your mental and physical well-being. Anxiety attacks can make you frustrated, stressed, and depressed. Such conditions may negatively impact your job, your marriage, and your overall future.

Common anxiety symptoms include increased heart rate, shaking, difficulty speaking, shallow breathing, or lightheadedness. Your body is in this state usually when your sympathetic nervous system responds automatically to any thought you have without realizing it. And because this system can’t distinguish a thought from reality, you are stuck in anxious thoughts about a possible bad future with a small to no chance of happening.

Would you like to live your life free from fear and equipped with a calmness that will welcome any unexpected situation? That is why we advise you to consider some of the best CBD gummies for anxiety that we singled out for you and make anxiety a problem of the past.

Mental health problems are no joke, and neither are the CBD-infused gummies. This product will change your perception and, with that, your life. You can be skeptical about having candy that can help them with such serious issues, but you won’t be disappointed if you decide to take us on our word and buy the product.

Edibles like CBD gummies have revolutionized the health industry, creating a new path, with a more holistic approach, instead of pills. They have been mostly used for recreational purposes, but these days more and more people are spending hours and hours reaching for the best CBD gummies for anxiety.

Our Top CBD Gummy Brands For Anxiety Relief

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best CBD Gummies, Editor’s Choice
  2. BudPop – Strongest CBD Gummies For Anxiety, Most Potent
  3. Hollyweed CBD – Popular Full Spectrum CBD Gummies
  4. Cheef Botanicals– Vegan Hemp Edibles On The Market
  5. Fab CBD – Top Rated CBD Isolate For Stress

#1. Exhale Wellness– Overall Best CBD Gummies, Editor’s Choice


Although many brands in the market usually start slow and with few varieties of products, Exhale Wellness started big and has been in the spotlight ever since. If you haven’t heard about them, then you are at the right place. Exhale Wellness is a Los Angeles-based company and one of the most popular markets, with products that have received widespread acclaim.

Exhale Wellness provides you with a 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping on every order. Their gummies are made without animal gelatin; instead, they use pectin. So, the products are vegan-friendly and eligible even for customers with dairy or lactose allergies.

The gummies have anxiety-relieving properties for stress reduction by providing a relaxing and soothing feeling. Moreover, they may improve mood and concentration by providing more quality sleep and digestion. One friendly reminder is never to eat more gummies to achieve more effects as they may kick in upwards of an hour.

The gummies from Exhale come in five flavors: strawberry, apple, orange, grape, and pineapple.


Shipping policy

Exhale Wellness ships its products free of charge, and it is common for orders to be shipped within one business day of being placed. Deliveries are expected to arrive within 5-7 business days, depending on the delivery address.

You have the choice of paying for expedited shipping options. However, you will receive a tracking number regardless of the shipping method you select.

Refund policy

Those dissatisfied with the gummies can request a refund, even if the product is open. Refunds are processed within 2-3 business days.

Independent lab testing

Lab testing is a non-negotiable measure of this brand’s quality. This brand has the purest and safest CBD gummies free of chemicals and contaminants. The third-party lab tests give you a guarantee of their honesty and untampered results.

Each product undergoes various control checks of analyzing the terpenes and screening for pesticides and harsh metals. Exhale is proud of its CBD gummies, and they have nothing to hide. The results from the third-party lab tests are stored in a certificate of analysis that you can find on their website.

Rewards program

With Exhale Wellness, you can earn discounts by collecting points by performing different actions on social media or just buying their product (1 Exhale point per $1 spent). You will even get extra points on your birthday.


  • Vegan gummies without animal gelatin
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Infused with full-spectrum CBD
  • They use the CO2 extraction method
  • 20% off your first order
  • Rewards program
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping on every order
  • Chatbox for any information you need
  • CBD dosage chart
  • Third-party lab tests
  • Educational blog
  • Available in 750 milligrams and 1500 milligrams


  • Selectively available products

Customer experience

Exhale Wellness has been voted the No. 1 brand in many publications such as Observer, Forbes, and the Ministry of hemp. The customers are generally impressed by the quality of the products. The gummies may provide a decent feeling of euphoria and relieve stress like joint pain, hypertension, insomnia, and some others.

Customers are not afraid to express their satisfaction in the reviews; they love gummies that are potent, have anxiety-relieving properties and could help them relieve stress. In addition, they may improve mood and concentration. They may also aid in better digestion and reduce nausea and vomiting.

=> click here to visit the official website of Exhale wellness

#2. BudPop – Strongest CBD Gummies For Anxiety, Most Potent


BudPop is another reliable brand that you can be safe with. Although a new brand, they are sure to be soon the No. 1 brand in the market. BudPop has three gummy products so far. However, ashwagandha is the ingredient that BudPop uses in their gummies to manage anxiety and other stress disorders. This ingredient helps lower cortisol levels in your body.

BudPop has all its products third-party lab-tested, which provides consumers with confidence that the product meets the government health requirements. Even more appealing is the 20% discount you get on your first order. Furthermore, you will get additional discounts if you are a military veteran, disabled, and serving in the army.

These gummies are derived from U.S. grown hemp; they are non-GMO and vegan-friendly. Their products contain less than 0.3% THC, making their products federally compliant, which is also proven in their certificate of analysis.

Lastly, their gummies have a delicious mixed berry flavor, which eliminates the unpleasant earthy taste of CBD, leaving you with a good feel in your mouth.



The main ingredient in their CBD gummies is hemp, grown organically, without pesticides, and has no GMO. The hemp used for this product is planted and harvested in Nevada.

The hemp is full-spectrum and very potent. It’s specifically harvested and manufactured to give you a powerful and safe effect. The term full-spectrum means that CBD gummies are infused with CBD oil containing all the hemp plant’s natural components, such as cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes.

Return policy and shipment

BudPop provides you with fast shipping and processes your orders in just two days. In addition, they give you a 30-day refund policy whereby you can return unused products and get a refund. However, it must be in its original form to return the product.

Discounts & rewards

You will get a 20% welcome discount and additional discounts if you are ex-military, disabled, or serving in the military.

Plus, they offer a unique rewards system, and once you decide to become part of the program, you receive: 100 Bud points on signing up, then you get 1 Bud point for every dollar you spend.


  • Free shipping on every order
  • Calm, relax and rejuvenate gummies
  • 25 milligrams CBD & 150 milligrams ashwagandha per gummy
  • Vegan CBD gummies
  • High quality & non-GMO
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Made in the USA
  • 25% off if you subscribe
  • Bulk offer for additional discounts
  • Rewards program
  • Informational blog


  • Not available in stores
  • Shipping is not available outside the U.S.

Customer experience

CBD has been the subject of extensive study and has been proven to help with Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndromes. According to research, CBD oil and gummies stop attacks in some situations, while it has been shown to relieve symptoms in others. As a result, they have the potential to become a treatment for people who have seizure disorders that don’t react well to common seizure drugs.

BudPop is one of the well-known brands in the industry, and their consumer feedback indicates that they deliver what they promise. Customers use CBD gummies to lift their spirits and stay focused throughout the day. If you go through the reviews with BudPop, you will notice that you get nothing but quality and effectiveness.

=> click here to visit the official website of Budpop

#3. Hollyweed CBD– Popular Full Spectrum CBD Gummies


Zach “Jesushands” Fernandez, the infamous artist who famously transformed the widely recognized Hollywood sign to read Hollyweed to celebrate the legalization of marijuana in California in 2017, is the founder of Hollyweed.

Hollyweed’s mission is based on a holistic approach to health and focuses on the seven different components of wholesome wellness (spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, environmental, and social).

Hollyweed is a respected CBD brand that ensures that only the best and safest items are available. To back up their claims, they publish their third-party lab test results on the company’s official website, and you can check them out whenever you need.

Their candies come in three strengths: moderate (10 milligrams), medium (25 milligrams), and strong (50 milligrams). Besides the significant potencies, you will get this product with a 25% discount if you subscribe.

Hollyweed CBD gummies, just like the other brands’ products on our list, have no animal gelatin and are cruelty-free. They’re also 100% certified organic, with no artificial flavors or colors added.


Return policy and shipment

Hollyweed CBD provides you with a 30-day return policy, ensuring you don’t get stuck with a product that you are not happy with. They also generously offer a grace period of 15 days after the 30-day deadline.

Shipment is processed quickly, and you will receive your gummies within a few days.

Third-party lab tests

All CBD gummies from Hollyweed are third-party lab-tested, which affirms that these CBD gummies are safe, authentic, and of high quality.


Hollyweed uses only 100% natural and organic compounds for ingredients. In the manufacturing process, they remove impurities using the CO2 extraction method.

Plus, Hollyweed uses only organic hemp from Colorado to produce its CBD gummies.

Rewards program

Like the other brands from our list, Hollyweed also has a rewards program that helps you get discounts. Their rewards program works just the same with accomplishing actions on social media to earn points and earn 1 point per $1 spent.


  • No animal by-products
  • 100% organic
  • Undergoes independent laboratory tests
  • High-quality gummies
  • Fast and reliable shipment
  • Offers regular discounts
  • The return policy is 30 days
  • There are no artificial flavors or colors added to their products
  • Rewards program


  • No international shipping
  • Purchases are purely online
  • There is no information on the gummies flavors on their website

Customer experience

There has been a lot of positive feedback from customers who say that this product has helped them deal with chronic pain. Those who repeatedly take these gummies often express how they have helped them overcome stress and anxiety by inducing a powerful euphoria.

Unlike many manufacturers that offer a variety of the same product, Hollyweed goes straight to the point with its CBD gummies. Maybe they lack variety but make up for it in quality, purity, safety, and efficiency. Customers appreciate these gummies as tremendous help with many issues. The fact that they have plant-based gelatin in contrast to many animal-derived gummies on the CBD market makes these CBD cubes a favorite among vegans and vegetarians.

=> click here to visit the official website of Hollyweed

#4. Cheef Botanicals– Vegan Hemp Edibles On The Market


The fourth brand that made our shortlist is Cheef Botanicals. Cheef Botanicals is a successfully established, trustworthy, and reliable brand accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has a 4.6 rating from 2.533 reviews on TrustPilot.

Cheef Botanicals CBD gummies are the most potent in the industry. Their 100-milligram-CBD per gummy is an excellent option for veterans with high tolerance and who have a lot of experience with CBD. They are packed with protein, omega 3 and 6, and do not contain any harmful chemicals. You can check that out in their third-party lab test posted on their official website for the public.

Their products are a great choice because they don’t contain additives, artificial sweeteners, gluten, or animal products. Instead of using artificial sweeteners, they have chosen to use organic cane sugar. Furthermore, they use pumpkins, blackcurrant, carrots, and apples in their gummies for color. And last but not least, to make their gummies more attractive, they infuse natural fruit flavors like pineapple, strawberries, grapes, and oranges for flavor.


Customer service

The customer service at Cheef Botanicals is one of the most reliable. They have friendly professional representatives that will handle all your complaints with ease. Besides, they let consumers know about any changes during shipment. Customer service is the link between the company and consumers, and Cheef Botanicals makes sure you get the best service.

Hemp source

Cheef Botanicals uses the CO2 extraction method to extract CBD from hemp produced in Colorado. They use full-spectrum CBD to provide a mild high and will surely help you with your anxiety issues.

Shipment and refund

Cheef Botanicals offer fast and free shipping across the U.S. for all their products. If you receive a product you are not happy with, they allow you to return it and get your money back within 30 days.

Rewards program

With the rewards program of Cheef Botanicals, just by creating an account, you get 10 points. If you choose this brand, don’t forget to use this feature for discounts that you probably don’t want to miss.


  • Below 0.3% THC
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Free shipping across the US
  • 100% organic and natural products
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Fast shipping process
  • Rewards program


  • No international shipping

Customer experience

This unique composition of 100% natural ingredients ensures that Cheef Botanicals CBD gummies may work as an alternative to stress management and anxiety medication. However, consult your medical practitioner before replacing the pills with this delicious treat.

People express that the CBD gummies have changed their lives for the better. Some say that they have given up and thought they would live with depression for the rest of their lives, but CBD gummies brought a whole new perception and energy to their being. The drastic changes in their mood, as they say, “create a new version of themselves”.

=> click here to visit the official website of Cheef Botanicals

#5. Fab CBD– Top Rated CBD Isolate For Stress


Fab CBD was founded in 2017 to develop the highest-quality CBD products available. They put a lot of thought into each step of the manufacturing process and have carefully selected all of the ingredients to create products that adhere to CBD industry requirements and regulations. That is why they source their hemp from organic farms in Colorado.

Fab CBD is a reliable brand that is widely recognized, and it is especially popular with people suffering from anxiety. Fab CBD stands out in the market with its professionals with over 25 years of experience in medicine and pharmacology. Their gummies are specifically formulated for those seeking a more holistic approach to anxiety symptoms.

Each product is tested using independent labs and third-party verification, ensuring you get only the best product in the market.

Additionally, flavorings and sweeteners are all-natural, ensuring that you enjoy the taste while feeling the relaxing effects in your body.



Like the other brands, the Fab CBD product will provide organic and vegan products. Their CBD gummies contain just cane sugar, ascorbic acid, natural flavorings and colors, citric acid, pectin, and organic hemp as the main ingredient.

Types of gummies

With Fab CBD, you can choose from Anytime gummies, which you can take at any point in the day, and Nighttime gummies. The Nighttime contains L-theanine, melatonin, 5-HTP, and ashwagandha, which are specially designed to enhance sleep quality and are suitable for anxiety.

The Anytime gummies are infused with 25 milligrams of CBD, while the Nighttime gummies only have half the amount.

Shipment and return policy

Shipment depends on location. For local orders, you will get your order in seven days maximum. However, longer-distance shipments sometimes can take one month. That is fast enough considering the many clients and the high demand for their gummies.

All purchases $89 and above will get free shipping. Also, for every purchase you make, you get a 30 days satisfaction guarantee.

Rewards program

With the Fab CBD program, you get 100 points for leaving a review and additional points for buying or performing different actions on social media.


  • A 30-day refund policy
  • Enjoyable fruity flavors
  • Good for vegetarians
  • 100% natural
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Gluten-free
  • They donate to charities
  • Rewards program


  • Slow shipment process
  • It does not ship internationally

Customer experience

Fab CBD’s Anytime gummies are a non-invasive, fast, and effective remedy. The tasty chews provide you with some impressive benefits from their consumption. The Anytime gummies might be frequently used to fight anxiety and improve your mood and attitude.

They’re carefully formulated to safely consume them even if you aren’t experiencing any health issues or conditions.

=> click here to visit the official website of FAB CBD

How Did We Choose the Products?

Customer reviews

Whenever you search for a reliable product, you should always check out the reviews. What can be better for determining if a product works or not than hearing from those who have already used it? As CBD products are not yet FDA-approved as medication supplements, customers’ opinions were of great help when creating our list. We sort customers’ testimonials on many CBD gummies available in the market.

There are many different situations where customers have found themselves with CBD products. Some customers end up with a product that has a nasty aftertaste in their mouths, or they share that the brand that they choose has awful customer service or the brand didn’t refund their money. The complaints are endless.

However, we picked only five products that customers usually recommended. We can’t say that the chosen brands have no negative reviews. But as the products affect different people differently, it is normal for some people to be unsatisfied, especially if they are beginners and still haven’t found the perfect dosage.


As this article is strictly for anxiety issues, a sensitive condition which every person can be, we put safety first and choose only organic and vegan products. Organic cannabis plants ensure that the products are safe and of high quality. The vegan diet is rich in nutrients and low in saturated fats. That is why we consider only vegan products.

When reaching, we realized that some companies incorporate anxiety relievers with organic hemp for anxiety, and we chose those kinds of products for the best effects. Also, the chosen products have only FDA-approved food colors used as an ingredient when making CBD gummies. They are non-GMO and do not contain other harmful ingredients.


Most CBD products come at high prices, especially high-quality ones. We selected the best CBD gummies for anxiety at the most affordable prices. We picked those with a subscription discount and rewards programs for additional discounts to improve the convenience.


Taking too much of something can be poisonous; that also applies to the best CBD gummies for anxiety. CBD gummies are often sweet, and the tendency to overdose is natural and understandable. However, you must follow the correct dosage; if you take too much, it can be bad for your health. For this reason, we made our list of gummies that have a specified dosage on the package and product website.

Shipping and return policy

You would recognize a reliable brand as they have a return policy on their products. If you choose that kind of brand, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with a product that does not meet your expectations. All CBD brands on our list allow you to return the product.

Also, you don’t want to wait an eternity to have your order received. The best-chosen CBD gummies for anxiety offer a fast and reliable shipping experience.

Buying Guide: CBD Gummies For Anxiety

How do CBD gummies work?

CBD gummies work by influencing your endocannabinoid system (ECS); scientists are still not sure how CBD influences this system. The endocannabinoids of the ECS are signaling molecules responsible for regulating various processes, such as pain, memory, mood, immunity, and stress.

They are supposing that CBD prevents endocannabinoids from being broken down. Why is this important? This helps them to have more of an effect on your body.

Scientists also assume that CBD does interact with other receptors, such as serotonin and opioid receptors. There are also grounds to believe that it boosts dopamine production, which may help you experience pleasure and fulfillment.

What are some essentials that you should know?

  • Gummies effects last for 6-8 hours
  • Gummies need 45-60 minutes to work
  • The gummy’s expiration date is between 14 and 24 months

How much CBD should you take?

That depends on many factors, some of which include:

  • Body chemistry
  • Weight
  • Reasons for taking it
  • CBD tolerance
  • Experience

If you are a beginner, you should start with a very small dose, and you can cut one gummy in half or take the quiz that Exhale, Cheef Botanicals, or Hollyweed has on their website. They will provide you with a unique dose that considers all of the aforementioned factors.

No matter the dose, it is best to wait at least 45 minutes before taking another dose; as we mentioned, it takes 45 minutes minimum for the gummies to work. If you are a very experienced user, taking two gummies every six hours is recommended.

How to calculate the dose of CBD?

  • Regular dose = (0.25 milligrams CBD x bodyweight)
  • Strong dose = (0.50 milligrams CBD x bodyweight)

Benefits of using CBD gummies

Let’s take a look at how CBD gummies may improve your life:

Smoother experience

CBD has no psychoactive effects, and it won’t make you “high” like Delta 9 THC. The effects are smoother, and with that, you will avoid the side effects of Delta 9, including anxiety or panic attacks.

Appetite boost

THC leads to stronger cognitive effects, while CBD seems to be more effective at boosting appetite. Scientists believe that appetite stimulation from CBD can be twice as intense as that induced by Delta 9 THC, which makes it perfect for anyone struggling with an eating disorder.

Neuro system protection

One of the benefits of CBD is that it stimulates neurogenesis which may lead to increased cognitive workings. It can even regulate the potassium and calcium channels in your nervous system, resulting in better brain health.

Using these gummies may increase the levels of choline and acetylcholine, which can be very helpful in treatments for Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

May help with anxiety and depression treatment

One study showed that people who took 600 milligrams of CBD experienced significantly less social anxiety than people who took a placebo.

Another study has shown that it can help with reducing depression related to stress.

How does it help with depression? It modifies the brain’s reaction to serotonin (a neurotransmitter that plays an essential part in mood regulation), and it may elevate your mood.

Sleep improvement

Only one gummy before bed might improve your sleep. Taking these gummies into your daily routine may cause stress relief, euphoria, and more. Effects like that might help in managing your insomnia problem.

Digestive support

Both compounds, CBD and Delta 9, have something in common; they can help in controlling nausea and vomiting. The difference is that CBD doesn’t provide harsh side effects.

Pain relief

According to research, CBD gummies might be great for pain relief. These edibles may instantly reduce chronic pain and inflammation.

Improve the body balance

As we explained, CBD gummies may help regulate hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, and glutamine and affect your mood. Additionally, this wonderfully beneficial cannabinoid may even influence hormones like cortisol, melatonin, and estrogen and bring balance to your body.

Side effects from CBD gummies

  • Dry mouth
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Appetite decreases
  • Low blood pressure
  • Lightheadedness and drowsiness

Who should refrain from CBD gummies?

CBD gummies mentioned above are only for humans, so you shouldn’t give them to your pets. There are other CBD products meant for your furry friends.

These products are not for you if you are under 21 years old or if you are dealing with some sort of health or mental issues. You should consult your doctor before implementing the gummies into your daily routine.

Pregnant women should especially avoid CBD products. If you are carrying a child or thinking about starting a family, these products can cause hormonal imbalances.

Furthermore, if you have some liver disease or Parkinson’s disease, you should be careful with CBD gummies. Liver diseases and Parkinson’s disease require lower doses of CBD. Higher doses of CBD can make muscle movement and tremors worse in some cases.

FAQs About CBD Infused Gummies For Anxiety

#1. How to store CBD gummies?

Storing CBD gummies is straightforward. Always keep them in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. Maybe it would be best to keep them in the refrigerator to prevent melting and loss of potency.

Properly storing the gummies will ensure they last as long as possible, which we mentioned is around 14-24 months. The humidity level of an area can also cause the gummies to lose their consistency, so store them in a less humid or damp place. You should put a few gummies in a sealable or airtight container for on-the-go use to keep them fresh.

#2. Where to buy CBD gummies and guarantees?

We strongly advise you to buy these kinds of products strictly from the official webpage of the brands as that is the safest and most harmless way. Never purchase from other shady sides where you are unsure of authenticity and safety. Also, entering your card number into these kinds of sites can cause you actual harm.

When buying from the official websites, you get a subscription option and a lot of discounts. On top of that, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee with each brand from our list, which is very convenient if you ask us.

#3. Are CBD gummies better than other CBD products?

CBD gummies have become increasingly popular, as they’re very convenient and fun to consume so that you can take them anytime you want. Here are a couple of advantages of CBD gummies over other products:

Controlled concentration

CBD edibles include a controlled concentration of CBD in each gummy. In that way, you don’t have to struggle with dosing, as taking a gummy or two is all you’ll have to consider in terms of dosing. This is not the case with CBD flowers, oil, and cartridges.


In contrast to many products, CBD gummies are pretty fun and straightforward to consume. They won’t cause any unwanted attention, regardless of where you take them.

Appetizing flavors

CBD gummies have a variety of flavors that will enhance your experience and uplift your mood by merely taking them.

CBD EDibles : Conclusion

Anxiety is a common result of today’s fast-paced lifestyle. These feelings and thoughts, if ignored, can lead to unhealthy habits. Traditional pharmaceutical drugs may cause dependence or have harmful side effects, and that is why people have started to turn to nature for a holistic solution.

As a result, CBD or cannabidiol, extracted from hemp, is being used by thousands of people to treat various illnesses and conditions, including anxiety.

However, calculating CBD oil or flower dosage can be tricky. Also, it has a hempy aftertaste that most people do not appreciate. In contrast, CBD edibles are tasty, easy to carry around, and a very convenient way to experience the therapeutic properties of the hemp plant.

There are so many choices available for the best CBD gummies for anxiety on the market, and picking a brand might be difficult. We singled out five that best fit our criteria, hope we helped in your selection process.

Good luck!

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