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Delta-8 THC is precisely what you want for a mild high. It’s getting all the glory over its other famous cousin, delta-9 THC. This is because it provides an enjoyable buzz minus heightened euphoria; hence you can carry out day-to-day activities.

Amidst all the available delta-8 products, vape cartridges are perhaps the most popular. You don’t have to deal with the smoke or smell of the cannabis plant. Instead, you can enjoy delta-8 for that perfect kick, anywhere, anytime.

The problem with delta-8 carts is finding quality vape cartridges from a legit vendor. With so many companies looking to get their market share, finding the best delta-8 carts can be quite challenging. That’s where we step in. We have done the work to find five brands with high-grade delta-8 carts.

Top Delta-8 Vape Carts Online For Sale

After researching the most popular delta-8 companies, only five proved to have the best delta-8 carts on the market.

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta-8 Carts On The Market
  2. BudPop – Strongest Vape Pens made with Natural Ingredients
  3. Hollyweed – Top Shelf Delta 8 THC Cartridges
  4. Diamond CBD – Best Selling THC Vape Pens
  5. 3Chi – Most Popular Vape Cartridges to Try

#1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best Delta-8 Carts On The Market


Exhale Wellness is a Los-Angeles based hemp company that is recently outperforming its competitors thanks to top-notch hemp derived products. It deals with delta-8 edibles, gummies, vape cartridges, pre-rolls, and weed flowers.

Having brought some of the highest-quality delta-8 products in the cannabinoid space, it’s no wonder this company is growing at a fast pace. The brand stands out from others by using the finest ingredients. In addition, it chooses organic and vegan-friendly inputs to incorporate into its cannabis products.

Exhale Wellness applies similar attention to detail to its delta-8 vape cartridges. From the cannabis oil to the flavor and cartridge, this company’s delta-8 carts produce the best delta-8 vapor anyone can desire.


Exhale Wellness delta-8 oil comes from organically grown hemp. Every ingredient is natural and vegan. The company does not use artificial additives like MCT, VG, PG, PEG oils, or artificial colorings. In addition, the natural and organic ingredients have been tested in third-party labs for safety and accuracy. Therefore, they do not contain contaminants or traces of heavy metals.

These delta-8 carts do not have any artificial flavors. Instead, Exhale Wellness uses a variety of cannabis strains and natural terpenes in the production of these carts. Whether you’re into conventional flavors from Gorilla Glue or OG Kush or want the new entries like Fruity Cereal or Pineapple Express, there’s something for everyone.

You’ll get a nice dose of terpenes from broad-spectrum hemp oil. Every cartridge packs 900 mg of pure delta-8 THC to deliver a smooth buzz. The carts contain less than 0.3% THC, meeting the legal limit. Hence, no worries about consuming something illegal.

Exhale Wellness allows you to test its delta-8 carts for thirty days, and if you don’t like them, you can apply for a full refund. All orders ship within 24 hours from Monday through Saturday. In addition, you can choose from USPS free economy shipping or priority mail shipping. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy a 20% discount on your first order.


  • All-natural, non-GMO ingredients
  • No additives
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Broad-spectrum delta-8 THC
  • Ten natural flavors
  • 900 mg, potent delta-8 THC


  • Shipping can take up to eleven days

Customer Reviews

Exhale Wellness delta-8 carts are quite popular. Most customers appreciate the excellent aroma, vapor quality, and unbeatable flavor. Some users say the carts take them to a happy place because they are not very strong. Others note that the cartridges are great for dealing with anxiety and sleep issues. Overall, Exhale Wellness delta-8 carts have lots of five-star ratings.

#2. BudPop: Strongest Vape Pens made with Natural Ingredients


BudPop is the brand that every millennial knows and loves. The founders are almost all under the age of thirty, so they know what their fellow youth want in delta-8 carts. At the same time, BudPop’s team has over thirty years of collective hemp experience, so they are not newbies in the cannabis industry.

BudPop may have been set up in 2021, but it has all the makings of making it to the top thanks to excellent, high-quality products. Moreover, this brand makes headlines in popular publications such as Men’s Journal and LA Weekly.

BudPop delta-8 cartridges vie for the top spot alongside gummies and hemp flowers. Featuring all-natural and vegan ingredients, you can’t go wrong with these carts.


BudPop delta-8 carts contain 800 mg of full-spectrum delta-8 oil. These carts deliver a subtle buzz and leave you relaxed without worrying about getting too high. You get to enjoy these carts in Strawberry Gelato and Grape Runtz flavors.

Strawberry Gelato is perfect for evenings when you want to wind down, while Grape Runtz is suitable for daytime vaping. It keeps you alert and focused and allows you to complete everyday chores.

BudPop uses food-grade silicone and quality stainless steel to construct its delta-8 carts. In addition, the carts have a custom-made ceramic heater specifically developed for hemp. Besides, the cartridge is a universal size, so you can use 510-threaded vape pens.

All BudPop delta-8 carts use natural hemp from Nevada, and all plants are non-GMO and are grown by certified cultivators. With a foundation of non-GMO hemp, all other ingredients are 100% organic. What’s more, the carts go through third party testing by Catalysis Laboratories in Henderson, Nevada.

All lab testing results are readily available on BudPop’s website. There, you can see whether the carts passed tests for safety.

Each BudPop delta-8 cartridge provides up to 300 draws. The ideal dosage is one three, second puff. Since the oil is potent, you may need only three to four draws per vaping session. Lastly, you can buy one cart or packs of three or five cartridges.


  • No cutting agents
  • Less than 0.3% THC
  • Strain-specific terpenes
  • Independent-lab tested
  • Plant-derived terpenes
  • Free shipping


  • Only two flavors
  • Available on the official brand website only

Customer Reviews

Although BudPop is one-year-old, it’s making a mark with many loyal customers. Most customers leave a five-star rating because of their unmatched taste and effectiveness. Users praise the brand since it has helped them distinguish between high and low-quality delta-8 carts.

#3. Hollyweed CBD: Top Shelf Delta 8 THC Cartridges


Hollyweed CBD is a name that’s managed to remain on top in the saturated hemp market. This brand is associated with the highest quality hemp products, including delta-8 and CBD. In addition, this company believes in wholesomeness and aspires to improve every level of a person’s existence. To this end, Hollyweed offers health-oriented delta-8 carts.

Hollyweed is at the forefront of exciting and innovative products. In its five years of operation, no other company has managed to come close to producing the range of hemp strains that Hollyweed has. Hence, you are looking to indulge in unusual flavors in Hollyweed’s delta-8 carts.


Hollyweed is keen on producing delta-8 carts using the highest-quality hemp. It sources its hemp from Oregon, which is known for certified cultivators. In addition, Hollyweed chooses organic ingredients and adheres to the strictest production standards.

You’ll like that the delta-8 oil contains natural, plant-based terpenes. Moreover, the carts have no artificial ingredients or chemicals. Hollyweed chooses ingredients meticulously to give you a highly potent dose with nothing but pure delta-8 oil.

We like that the carts do not have any MCT, PEG, VG, or PG additives to increase the volume of the cart. That’s why they give you a mellow buzz that stays for a considerable amount of time. Besides, there are more than ten unique flavors from Hollyweed.

Choose from Blackberry Kush, Blackberry, Gorilla Glue, Sour Diesel, Sunset Sherbet, OG Kush, Fruity Cereal, Jack Herer, Mango, and Zkittles. The vapes are super delicious, so you may be tempted to puff more. However, take it slow if you want a powerful buzz that will not leave you anxious.

Every Hollyweed delta-8 cart has 900 mg of delta-8 THC oil, and the oil is federally legal since it has less than 0.3% THC. Additionally, every cartridge has a construction from Pyrex glass to ensure that it does not crack when you heat it to high temperatures. The carts are disposable, meaning you can’t refill them, but they are pretty easy to use, even for newbies.

Hollyweed offers a 30-day money-back guarantee; thus, you can return the product if you don’t like it for any reason. Also, Hollyweed CBD’s delta-8 carts are among the most affordable on the market. Add to the fact that there are many discounts, and you snag cheap but high-quality delta-8 vape cartridges.


  • Transparent brand
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Non-GMO and no artificial flavors
  • Ten unique and mouth-watering flavors
  • Blissful vapor
  • Free shipping


  • Available in only one strength
  • Long refund process

Customer Reviews

Customers love that they can use Hollyweed delta-8 carts at any time of day. Their carts are also popular for soothing anxiety and managing pain. The satisfaction guarantee and the fast processing of orders have made this brand earn a loyal customer base.

#4. Diamond CBD: Best Selling THC Vape Pens


Diamond CBD is based in Florida and provides full-spectrum delta-8 products from industrial hemp. This brand has a vast catalog, including every type of CDB product available. The company also has a wide variety of delta-8 and delta-10 products.

The team at Diamond CBD consists of scientists and doctors who formulate products that address various moods and health needs. In addition, the company uses the supercritical CO2 extraction method to derive its hemp oil. The best thing is that Diamond CBD supervises every step in the production process to ensure quality and safety in its commodities.


Diamond CBD sources its hemp from Colorado, Scandinavia, and Kentucky. These areas grow highly-controlled hemp that meets legal cultivation standards.

Every delta-8 distillate makes it to a third-party laboratory testing where it undergoes content analysis. Therefore, no hemp oil can be used in the carts if it has contaminants or anything regarded as inorganic. Thus, your delta-8 vapor is pure.

Diamond CBD sells disposable delta-8 carts containing 900 mg or 920 mg delta-8 THC oil. Every cart is designed to produce different effects depending on its strain and flavor. For example, Pineapple Express improves your focus and concentration, while Wedding Cake can help to manage pain.

There are eleven flavors, and you’ll enjoy favorites like Grape Ape, Lemon Squeeze, Lemonade, Mango, and Strawberry. You can expect to feel a satisfying buzz no matter the flavor you choose.

For all orders above $100, Diamond CBD offers 100% free shipping in 48 hours. For any reason that you don’t like the carts, you can return any unopened carts for a full refund within 30 days. Furthermore, you can save money when you subscribe to the company’s website.


  • Discounts of up to 60% off
  • Free shipping on orders above $100
  • Third-party lab tested
  • CO2 extraction method
  • Variety of flavors
  • Balanced blend of terpenes


  • Variety can overwhelm new customers

Customer Reviews

Users are pretty satisfied with Diamond CBD delta-8 carts. Most like choosing carts based on what they want to feel. Other users are happy about the soothing effects of the carts. Furthermore, clients find that Diamond CBD has lots of information which makes them feel confident in the brand.

#5. 3Chi: Most Popular Vape Cartridges to Try


3Chi is a pioneer in the vaping industry. A biochemist founded this company to bring quality and legal delta-8 products to the cannabis market. Thus, the company developed the best extraction process to eliminate contaminants in delta-8 extracts.

With a primary goal to improve people’s health, 3Chi is quite popular. What’s more, it provides affordable delta-8 products that include CBN and CBC cannabinoids. Each blend seeks to offer unique benefits like soothing or calming your nerves.


3Chi delta-8 carts are produced from federally-legal hemp. The carts are tested for quality, potency, and safety in an independent lab. Besides, they contain 900 mg and 50 mg CBG, CBN, and natural terpenes. 3Chi has a broad range of flavors developed from 33 strains. The flavors include Mimosa, Northern Lights, Pink Rozay, Purple Punch, and others.

Some terpenes in these delta-8 carts come from plant sources. Hence, they add flavor to the carts. That’s why you’ll find the taste is close to artificial sweeteners, which is great if you don’t like the earthy hemp flavor. Nevertheless, some carts have cannabis-derived terpenes. These carts are suitable if you want to enjoy the entourage effect of hemp.

All 3Chi delta-8 carts use a universal 510 battery. Nevertheless, the company does not include the battery in the cartridge, which is one of the reasons the carts are cheap. Once you receive the product, all you need is to attach a compatible battery and inhale on the mouthpiece. After using the cart, it’s best to store the cart in a dark place away from sunlight to preserve the oil’s freshness.

Thanks to the CCELL glass and ceramic core, 3Chi delta-8 carts are convenient to use and durable. They are compact and easy to carry to enjoy the benefits of delta-8 THC on the go. In addition, 3Chi offers free shipping for orders above $99, and there’s a 10-day return policy. Moreover, you can find various discounts to help you buy more delta-8 carts.


  • Potent delta-8
  • Blends delta-8, CBN, and CBC
  • Cannabis and plant-based terpenes
  • High-grade cart materials and components
  • No cutting agents


  • Short return period
  • Some strains are harsh on the throat

Customer Reviews

Customers praise 3Chi for having a result-based cart distinction. One can find delta-8 carts based on the effects, making sorting through the long list of strains and flavors easier. We also saw customers saying that the carts provide immediate effects for a smooth vaping experience.

How We Chose These THC Delta-8 Carts

We created this list of the best delta-8 carts by scanning the market for reputable brands. Our team then devised a list of essential features to help cut the list. Remember that there are tons of delta-8 cartridges available. So, we were careful when analyzing the brand’s features. Here’s a list of the features we thought were important when forming this list.

  • Third-Party Lab Testing

The most important feature when determining which delta-8 cart to recommend is independent testing. We investigated every company to find out whether they test their delta-8 carts. After which, we removed any brand that did not post its results after independent analysis on its website.

We also analyzed the available certificates of analysis and looked for any heavy metals, contaminants, solvents, herbicides, and pesticides. Therefore, we only considered companies whose testing results showed that their delta-8 carts are pure, potent, and safe.

  • Brand Transparency

We wanted companies that were open about their manufacturing process, hemp sources, third-party results, and the like. Such companies are confident in their products since they use the best extraction methods and source their hemp from organic farms. They are also keen to post straightforward lab tests that anyone can analyze. Hence, it’s easy for us to see through the company when looking at brand transparency.

  • Brand Reputation

A company must have a good track record to make it to the best delta-8 carts list. The only way to know a brand’s reputation is by searching a company’s history.

To this end, we went through various publications to determine whether any of the companies on our long list had ever received Federal warnings or backlash from the general public.

We discovered that most brands had been caught fabricating lab reports. Others were accused of using cutting agents to increase the quantity of the oil. Unfortunately, we had to cut such companies from our list.

  • Ingredients

Once we knew a brand has a good track record and is transparent about its manufacturing practices, it was time to check the complete list of ingredients. We ensured that every delta-8 cart uses organic, non-GMO ingredients. Similarly, we did not choose any delta-8 cart that uses artificial flavors and additives.

  • Customer Reviews

Finally, our team pored through customer reviews to ensure customers are satisfied with the vapor aroma, flavor, return policies, exchange, and shipping policies. If people are not happy about the customer support or the oil is not potent enough for their needs, we could not recommend that brand. Therefore, we made sure to choose delta-8 carts from companies with the highest number of satisfied customers.

Buying Guide for THC Cartridge Beginners

Selecting the best can be a long process because of the wide variety of delta-8 vape cartridges. However, if you have a list of things to look for, you can make the search short. With that in mind, these are the crucial things you should remember when searching for the best delta-8 carts.

  • Third-Party Lab Tests

Cannabis plants have tiny amounts of delta-8 THC. In fact, delta-8 THC is a byproduct of delta-9 THC after it degrades over time. Furthermore, the amount of delta-8 THC in hemp is so negligible that it would be hopeless to collect it and create lots of products from it.

So, where does delta-8 THC come from? Companies have developed a method that turns CBD into delta-9 THC, and then they synthesize delta-8 THC from it. This process is intricate, and it requires utmost skill and knowledge to remove any toxic chemicals that may have remained after the extraction process.

To ensure that delta-8 carts are safe, companies must ensure that their products get tested by an independent lab. Such a lab must give an unbiased analysis of the carts, and the company must report to their customers as proof of purity. Such companies are reputable; hence you can buy your delta-8 carts from them with confidence.

  • Color

Unlike CBD oil, delta-8 oil does not need to be colorless. It’s a common belief that the clearer it is, the purer it is. This notion has led many companies to bleach their delta-8 oil to make it appear pure and acceptable. But you wouldn’t want to inhale bleach.

Pure delta-8 distillate is rose-colored, so if you’re going for carts that use pure delta-8 distillate, that’s the color to look for in the oil. However, many companies sell delta-8 carts with full-spectrum extracts. It means that the oil contains other cannabinoids such as CBC, CBD, CBN, and trace amounts of delta-9 THC. Such carts have a gold color.

The gold color usually indicates that the carts are rich in cannabinoids and could give you the entourage effect of the hemp plant. Nonetheless, clear delta-8 oil shows that it’s likely bleached.

  • Cutting Agents and Fillers

A big problem with delta-8 carts is that companies can’t make them without vape juice, also known as the carrier oil. These carrier oils stabilize delta-8 by preventing discoloration and crystallization. However, some companies are cutting corners by using cheap alternatives that make the oil appear gold.

Fillers can be dangerous to the lungs. Hence it’s critical to choose from companies that state their delta-8 oil is free from fillers and cutting agents. You should also be on the lookout for things like Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), and Propylene Glycol (PG). These are carrier oils considered harmful when used in vape carts since the oil needs to be heated to high temperatures.

  • Terpenes and Taste

The best delta-8 vapes use delta-8 distillate and natural terpenes. Some vapes contain botanical terpenes from hemp, berry, orange, and lemon. Nonetheless, some use synthetic terpenes.

Botanical terpenes produce a rich taste and superior aroma. From the quality of smoke, you can tell whether a delta-8 vape has botanical or artificial terpenes. It’s best to go for cannabis brands that use botanical terpenes because they also provide health benefits.

  • Safe Hardware

The quality of the delta-8 THC cartridge is crucial since some carts use materials known to leak traces of heavy metals into the oil. The best delta-8 cartridges use medical-grade and food-grade stainless steel and Pyrex glass, which make it impossible to leak heavy metals.

  • Pricing

Delta-8 carts price matters. A low price usually indicates that the carts are of low quality. On the other hand, a very high price is unreasonable since you are not buying the delta-8 cart to use once. Hence, you should buy delta-8 carts from companies with a reasonable price tag like those that we’ve listed in this review.

FAQs: Buy Delta 8 Carts

How do you operate a delta-8 THC vape cart?

First, ensure you have a charged battery and attach it to the cartridge. Second, activate the cartridge by pressing a button or drawing on it. Start with the lowest voltage, then adjust as you vape depending on the strength of the cart.

It’s best to start with one, five-second puff. Wait for five to ten minutes to gauge the strength of the cart. If you don’t feel the effects within ten minutes, you can take another puff.

You can raise the voltage after some time. However, turn it down if the smoke tastes dry or burnt. Moreover, if you start to feel a change in flavor, which is usually after many vaping sessions, you can move to the next cartridge.

How long does a delta-8 THC cartridge last?

The thickness of the oil, the capacity of the cart, and how frequently you vape will determine how long a delta-8 cart will last. A 500 mg cart can take anywhere from 75 to 150 puffs to finish based on 3 mg to 5 mg per puff. On the other hand, a 1ml cart can take 150 to 300 puffs to finish.

If you tend to puff as many as thirty puffs per day, a 500 mg cart will last only three to five days. Yet, if you take only three one-second puffs per day, the cart can last as long as fifty days. Similarly, a 1ml cart will last a hundred days if you take three one-second puffs per day.

As for the lifespan, delta-8 carts usually expire in 24 months. However, delta-8 tends to lose its potency over time, and we wouldn’t recommend keeping the cart for a special occasion in the future.

Are delta-8 carts safe?

Delta-8 THC carts are popular because they hit fast and are discrete. However, the question remains; are they safe? Safe delta-8 carts contain quality ingredients without harmful additives like PG, VG, MCT, and PEG. Without the guarantee of purity, users must research delta-8 carts before buying.

Will you fail a drug test when you vape delta-8 carts?

Yes. A typical urine screen usually tests for THC. Hence, it cannot distinguish between delta-8 THC and delta-9 THC. Therefore, it’s best to keep off vaping delta-8 for at least a month if you’re worried about a drug test.

Are delta-8 carts legal in all states?

Delta-8 carts are legal in 31 states. These are Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Washington DC.

Delta-8 THC is regulated in Connecticut and Michigan, so you must obtain it from licensed cannabis stores. In Arizona, California, Mississippi, and Kentucky, the laws are unclear whether delta-8 is legal or illegal. However, we know that delta-8 THC is illegal in Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, Utah, and Washington.

Conclusion: Delta 8 Carts Near Me

The best delta-8 carts feel amazing. They give an incredible vaping experience and can be therapeutic. Our list of the top choices has carts with high-quality delta-8 oil, fantastic terpenes, and full-spectrum cannabinoids for a powerful and healthy product.

If you want a top-tier delta-8 vape, it’s best to start from these brands. Also, be sure to look at the factors to consider before buying delta-8 carts if you opt for a different brand. So, the next time you take a puff, make sure it comes from a high-grade brand.

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