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Best Online Tarot Reading Sites Of 2021 : Get Affordable Psychic Reading From Top Trusted Tarot Cards Readers Online With Accurate Love & Future Predictions

Life can be chaotic for many individuals. It’s not uncommon for us to experience times in our lives when we feel lost or uncertain. As adults, we are expected to balance and manage various responsibilities. Tarot card reading is an easy choice if you’re unsure of what should be your top goal and are looking for solutions.

And no, you don’t have to go to a tarot reader this time. A list of the greatest & best tarot online reading sites with the most knowledgeable tarot readers have been compiled by our team. Make an account on the tarot reading site and begin browsing for the best tarot card readers who fit your preferences.

All of the sites have good filtering features that you may use to narrow down your search for a tarot reader. We conducted extensive research to compile this list, and you will undoubtedly profit from the information provided in each site’s overview.

2021’s Best Tarot Card Reading Sites

  1. Kasamba: Overall Best Tarot Card Reading Site
  2. Keen: Top Rated Tarot Reading Sites With User Friendly Features
  3. AskNow: Best For Experienced Tarot Cards Readers
  4. Oranum: Trusted Tarot Reading Sites For Free Trials
  5. Mystic Sense: Best For Customized Tarot Reading Experience

#1. Kasamba: Overall Best Tarot Card Reading Site


Kasamba started its business in 1999 and has been one of the top online tarot card reading sites. This site’s experienced psychics provide online readings both online and over the phone. They’ve also helped over three million people with various elements of their lives.

You may feel confident that the psychics who work on the site have undergone a rigorous screening process. Only readers who satisfy all of Kasamba’s requirements are considered. All of their psychic advisors go through extensive training after being chosen.

This platform allows you to select which skilled tarot reader will deliver their reading. The list of readers provides details about each tarot reader’s background and areas of expertise. There are also testimonials and ratings from previous customers. The profiles are a valuable tool for assisting you in selecting the finest psychic for their requirements.

This site has been used by millions of people worldwide to get answers to crucial concerns and get advice about their future. They’ve also aided people in contemplating their life, making constructive adjustments, and finding inner peace.


Private Conversations

The readings that occur on the Kasamba platform are entirely private. The psychic and you keep the information exchanged private, and they never disclose user information with third parties. This implies that you, as a user, are free to share your views and feelings and ask the tarot readers whatever questions you wish.

Around The Clock Service

Kasamba’s 24-hour service can also cater to readers in different time zones. You can quickly call out to your trusted tarot card, read professionally at any time of day, and seek help. Each Kasamba tarot reader has the necessary training, intuitive abilities, and ability to assist you in realizing your most significant potential.


  • Having access to hundreds of distinct psychic advisors, each with their unique area of expertise
  • Prices that are both diverse and competitive
  • The most popular option for a tarot reading online
  • There is a smartphone app available on both the Apple and Google Play stores


  • Some people may find the site difficult to navigate

Customer Experience

Kasamba has a 3 million customer base because they have done everything correctly for the past two decades. Customers appreciate how the organization maintains its privacy and security while giving the finest tarot card reading services possible.

Customers are delighted with their online services, even if they don’t meet their expectations because of their money-back guarantee. Additionally, the mobile app has aided them in maintaining contact with their readers while they are away from their laptops or PCs.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba

#2. Keen: Top Rated Tarot Reading Sites With User Friendly Features


Keen is another contender in the online tarot reading field, with clients from all around the world entrusting their professionals with their life decisions. Keen tarot readers consistently prioritize their clients’ convenience, comfort, and difficulties.

People from all around the world and in different time zones can contact these tarot specialists for their tarot readings, which are available via phone, email, and life chart. One of the best aspects of Keen is that its online tarot readers are reasonably priced for all users.

They also make sure that each tarot card reader is trained to give you genuine tarot card readings. Only the top tarot card readers connect with their clients, and their recruiting practices ensure that service quality is not compromised.

You may also view a lot more than just a tarot reader’s charges on Keen. You’ll be able to learn a lot about any expert you’re interested in, including how long they’ve been performing readings, how many people have evaluated their services, and what their average rating is.


Registration Process

The registration procedure is painless and straightforward. Registering with Keen will also provide you with many benefits, like discounts and special pricing. After registering, you may begin exploring your possibilities and determining which tarot reading specialists can align with you for your tarot card reading service.

Finding The Tarot Reader

Keen has a find tarot reader tool, an outstanding feature that distinguishes this tarot reading platform from others. Based on their responses, this innovative program matches consumers with three qualified tarot readers.

The program requires you to answer a few basic questions, and its system is intended to identify your tarot reader’s expectations, interests, and overall needs.


  • Very user-friendly, allowing you to choose from a variety of search filters
  • In their listings, there is thorough information on each tarot reader
  • Includes information on what to anticipate and how to prepare for a tarot card reading
  • The listings are updated regularly


  • Tarot readers on this site are substantially more expensive when compared to other brands

Customer Experience

Customers who want to get a tarot reading online have turned to Keen. The portal also offers video call readings, which is convenient for those who wish to view the tarot reader while receiving a reading.

Customers have indicated in their reviews that the complete profile of the readers has aided them greatly, not only in saving time but also in finding the best tarot reader. Overall, most consumers enjoyed the vibe of their reading and stated that they would gladly suggest it to their friends.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen

#3. AskNow: Best For Experienced Tarot Cards Readers


Our third website, AskNow, is another online veteran. For nearly 30 years, AskNow has provided psychic services and online tarot readings. They have developed a solid and loyal client base by providing a variety of astrology, tarot, and other services.

The enormous array of reader profiles on AskNow is easy to explore through. You can contact any advisor who meets your needs after you’ve checked in. Click on their profiles to see their rates, experience, and ratings to determine which one best meets your needs.

You can also choose from various tarot decks to obtain the answers you’re looking for. These readings provide the information and clarity needed to make confident judgments in the future. Your data will be kept private at all times if you use AskNow.

Readings are available by various methods, including online chat, email, phone, and video calls. A chat now button appears on every adviser profile and glows green when they’re ready to start a session right away.


Two Connection Mediums

AskNow offers live chat and phone readings from advisors with decades of experience. Although phone calls are the most prevalent method of communication, a few advisors now provide live chat readings, offering a platform that is helpful to all customers.

Easy Access To Readers Data

On their bio pages, you can readily get information on their psychic specialists. This can give you an idea of their level of expertise, and you can also read reviews from other consumers about their experiences with that particular tarot reading. This can assist you in selecting a tarot reader who can provide you with the most significant answers to your difficulties.


  • Before you go, look up the ratings of tarot readers
  • Get in touch with world-renowned tarot card readers
  • Before being admitted to AskNow, all tarot readers are put through the rigorous testing


  • A few search options to help you find a tarot reader

Customer Experience

In terms of AskNow tarot reading evaluations, they have garnered overwhelmingly excellent feedback. Customers have generally described the AskNow tarot readers as helpful, courteous, and gentle.

As a result, it implies that they can connect with you and assist you in resolving your concerns in the most practical manner possible. To summarize, what distinguishes them from the rest of the readers is their honesty, sincerity, and politeness.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of AskNow

#4. Oranum: Trusted Tarot Reading Sites For Free Trials


Oranum is a site with one of the largest tarot reader groups online. It’s also the only live webcam site that lets you video chat with readers who specialize in different aspects of life. To receive the answers, all you need is a computer or a phone.

With just over a decade of history, Oranum is among the newer online tarot reading websites in the business. Oranum is popular among users since it offers a ten-minute free trial with a psychic of your choice.

It’s a lot of time spent with a tarot reading, but once you discover how deeply these counselors are willing to go into your history, present, and future, you’ll want to go beyond ten minutes. Even the best tarot readers are available to you around the clock on Oranum. If they’re online and available to talk to you, you’ll see a green dot next to their thumbnail.

You can glance through their ratings, reviews, and degrees of skill before deciding on an advisor. You may also utilize Oranum’s filtering feature to identify someone with specific abilities that match your requirements.


Psychic Bios

Every tarot reader has their page, which includes a self-written explanation of their background, experience, and method, as well as specialties and languages, are spoken. One nice feature is that you can hear many of the tarot readers say on their free live channel, giving you a closer look at their personality and flair.

Community Resources

Oranum’s blog page contains various non-branded articles, guides, and general interest materials that display a commitment to the tarot community and a thorough subject judgment. Furthermore, Oranum’s Facebook page is active, with recent postings and a sizable community, indicating that the company is engaged with its customers.


  • Various specialties are available
  • New users receive $9.99 in free credits when they sign up for the first time
  • Readings are done using a live webcam
  • You can easily inquire about fees with psychics before the start of a meeting


  • The credit system might be perplexing
  • There is no free trial available

Customer Experience

Oranum provides a unique psychic reading experience worth trying out, with free live chat, qualified psychics, and chat rooms. And, because you get to check out a reader for free, you can be confident that you’ll discover one with whom you click.

Furthermore, if you are unhappy with a reading, you must contact customer service within 24 hours to receive credit for another reading.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Oranum

#5. Mystic Sense: Best For Customized Tarot Reading Experience


Almost all tarot reading agencies offer a free three-minute phone consultation. While this is highly beneficial, three minutes is far too short of making an informed judgment on the type of readers you want to deal with. This is particularly true if you are new to psychic counseling or similar services.

Mystic Sense stands out from the competition positively because their free calls last five minutes instead of three. This is roughly twice as long, and those two minutes will go a long way toward determining what you want from your tarot card reader. Mystic Sense also considers persons who are new to divination.

Their tutorial on tarot readings is something you will benefit significantly from. This concise primer covers everything you need to know about the nature of psychic readings, including tarot. Mystic Sense, like other sites, includes a considerable number of gifted psychics and card readers.

But it’s the creative manner they’ve organized their talent that sets them different from the competition. Rather than looking for a psychic by type of reading, you can search for one by concern, such as relationship problems, career problems, or even pet problems.


User-Convenient Website

Unlike a few other psychic reading websites, MysticSenses’ website appears to be up to date. Quick access to online tarots, specialist psychics, articles, and sign up are available on the site.

The site is configured to display a psychic’s availability in your local time zone. Although this is a simple criterion, it genuinely distinguishes the service provider from its competitors. It allows you to plan your best online tarot readings conveniently.

Reliable & Screened Readers

The tarot is commonly viewed as a map of awareness. Using dedicated cards, MysticSense readers can quickly understand this map. They use a variety of tarot cards, which trained readers interpret.

There are more than 300 tarot card readers available. Each advisor has a bio that includes ratings, photos, the charge per minute, a field of expertise, and a communication method. The circle icon in the blurb also indicates if the advisor is available or not. The indicator becomes green if it is available.


  • They have a robust filtration system
  • The service is offered or can be used on both Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Instead of 3 minutes, free trials last 5 minutes
  • There are dozens of distinct specialties available


  • Pricey in comparison to similar brands

Customer Experience

Mystic Sense is an excellent choice for a personalized tarot reading. Customers appreciate that only registered tarots perform services and that their background information is public. This implies you can feel more confident in the person you’re speaking with because you’re familiar with their background.

They also appreciate that you can speak with one of the site’s expert psychics for a full 5 minutes for free. This site has gone through a thorough vetting process, so you can rest assured that the readings will be accurate and reliable.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Mystic Sense

Tips For Choosing A Great Online Tarot Reading Site

  • Accuracy

Some claim to provide you with all relevant information, but they fall far short of the mark. Most people who offer free tarot reading wind up passing on information from one customer to the next. A certified tarot reader specializes in a specific subject and can be contacted through a variety of methods.

You have the option of talking face-to-face via phone conversations, video calls, or internet chatting. They provide correct information because they are experts in their industry, and you are delighted with the reading.

  • Cost

Accurate tarot readings aren’t cheap, but they shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg either. Remember to adhere to your budget, so you don’t get into debt or waste money in the pursuit of the best. A legitimate tarot reader charges a reasonable rate, and some even provide a discount to first-time clients.

You’ll notice that the readings are consistent from one client to the next. You’re left even more perplexed than before you started hunting for answers. Excessively high fees do not always imply that the tarot reader will be correct. That is why it is necessary to conduct a preliminary study and determine the optimum price.

  • Find Out More About The Tarot Reader

Not every fortune teller is qualified to provide you with the knowledge you require. Please find out more about the psychics before you interact with them. You may learn more about who they are and what services they provide to their customers on their websites.

Some people specialize in specific areas, such as love, money, or work. Some provide spiritual readings direction, counseling, or predictions, and you can choose what you desire. To minimize disappointment, double-check that the tarot reader is delivering what you want.

  • Read Other Clients’ Reviews

A satisfied or dissatisfied customer is always willing to talk about their experience. You can read what previous clients have to say about tarot on their websites. However, be wary of inflated comments, as some are intended to entice you to join the site.

Families and friends who have already had an interaction with a psychic may also provide insight. Unless the reviews allege that fate tellers are deceiving people, you should think twice. After reading, not everyone has the same reaction, and you might find that what didn’t work for your friend does for you.

  • Intuition

You can know whether you connect with the psychic as you read a page by how you react to it. If you have a strong suspicion that anything is wrong, trust your instincts and seek help elsewhere. Your feelings influence the way a tarot reading turns out. As a result, it’s critical to begin by consulting a reader with whom you have a solid rapport.

  • Read The Terms And Condition

Most individuals rarely view the acceptable language of a website’s terms and conditions. To be cautious, go the extra mile and read everything so you know what to expect. If the reading does not turn out as expected, you may want to inquire about a refund. You need to know whether you’re paying for the entire reading or just a portion of it.

A physical meeting, a phone conversation, an email, or a video call can all be used to receive a reading. Also, keep your eye out for readers who insist on selling you something after reading. You may end up paying for more than you intended if you don’t take the time to study what a site has to offer.

You also don’t want to hold all of these readers responsible for a negative experience on a website simply because you didn’t read their terms. Knowing all of this will assist you in making an informed selection and avoiding disappointment if something goes wrong.

Benefits Of Tarot Reading

  • Provide Incredible Insight Into Your Life

A tarot reading can provide you with a wealth of information about your present situation that a conventional psychic reading typically lacks. Tarot cards are the most instructive type of reading since each card has a significance that is relevant to your life.

Depending on the layout, you’ll learn about your love life, financial status, how your friends and family influence your question, and the consequences of your actions.

  • Prepare You For The Future

A tarot reading can assure you that you will be ready for whatever the future may bring. After gathering all of this knowledge from the cards regarding your surroundings, you will seem more informed and have a better idea of your possible actions.

This also means you will have greater confidence in dealing with people because you will understand more about yourself and handle yourself better.

  • Nurture Your Relationships

The tarot can assist you in establishing and maintaining harmonious relationships with others. It will inspire you to let go of bad energy and motivate you to take positive risks. If you’re in a relationship, the tarot will show you how to be kind, fair, and patient.

It will assist you in embracing and appreciating the significant elements of your relationship while also exposing the areas that require more focus and dedication. If you’re looking for love, the tarot can provide you with the guidance you need. You must make a conscious effort to seek love, and if romance enters your life, you must work hard to turn it into something more unique and lasting.

  • Relieves Stress

This is one of the tarot’s most significant advantages. When we perform a tarot reading about a particular circumstance, we start to notice ourselves becoming more confident in our surroundings, which is a terrific tool for alleviating the tension of decision making or not knowing.

You can inquire about if you’re on the right track, what you should concentrate on, and more. All of this can help you re-center and breathe a little easier. The tarot helps you distinguish between what is going on and what isn’t, which is such a huge stress reliever in your daily life that you won’t want to be without it.

FAQs On Tarot Card Readers & Psychic Reading

Q1. What are the tarot cards?

Tarot cards work in the same way as any other tarot deck of cards. Although there are many different sorts, the standard deck has 78 cards in total. Each card is distinguished by its unique images, symbols, and narrative.

These 78 cards are further divided into two sections: Major Arcana, which contains 22 cards, and Minor Arcana, which includes the remaining 56 cards. The Major Arcana represents spiritual teachings in life, while the Minor Arcana depicts everyday challenges. Sixteen cards represent the sixteen various personality types from the Minor Arcana.

Q2. Is it true that online tarot reading sites are accurate?

The accuracy of the readings is entirely dependent on the readers’ expertise and abilities. They spend years honing their talents so that they can provide more accurate results. Although some have inherent skills, you should consult with a tarot reader with sufficient experience to ensure the most accurate readings.

You can do so by reading customer reviews and conducting research to find the most suitable options. You can also pick from the list of alternatives above. All of the websites mentioned in this article are entirely legitimate and trustworthy. As a result, you can rely on any of them to provide you with reliable information.

Q3. Are there different types of online psychics available on these platforms?

The sites described above offer various services and psychic reading online, ranging from experienced online tarot card readers to mystic experts in numerology, angel cards, and astrology. Readers can add extra services such as pendulums, crystals, numerology, aura reading, astrology readings, and much more to a tarot reading to help you believe in your potential.

These psychic services will allow you to seek guidance and answers for all of your life’s issues, allowing you to realize your most significant potential.

Q4. How much preparation is necessary before a psychic reading?

There is no need to prepare for a tarot reading because the reader will tap into your energy. Remember that physical appearance has no bearing on how the reading is interpreted. However, some readers advise against wearing particular jewelry since it can be harmful.

When you visit a professional, all you have to do is remain attentive to the reading and mentally open. The reading will be correct if you keep an open mind.

Q5. How can online tarot card readings be confidential?

Individuals who are uncomfortable discussing private details about their relationships with others will benefit from online tarot readings. Since you are not supposed to see the psychic specialist face to face during these virtual tarot reading sessions, a barrier is created between you and them. To have greater privacy, you can choose between chat psychics and phone psychics.

This is ideal for introverts who want to receive a session but don’t reveal their true identity. An anonymous text-based tarot reading or a phone reading are both options. However, compared to other types of psychic consultations, online tarot reading through chat might provide greater privacy and discretion.

Aside from that, you might identify yourself or mention someone in your life by using a pseudonym or initials. These precautions ensure that your data is kept safe at all times.

Q6. Is there any certification for tarot readers?

Some tarot readers are born with psychic ability, while others undergo years of study under the guidance of experienced teachers. It also relies on the tools that the readers employ. It implies the readers can provide you with an accurate reading right then and there. Some psychics, however, still use tarot cards to interpret their readings.

Conclusion: Which Are The Best Tarot Reading Sites To Fulfill Your Desire Of Psychic Reading & Future Predictions?

Effective tarot card readings can provide people with the necessary assistance and support to help them achieve tremendous success in their lives. People no longer have to uproot their roots or travel great distances to meet a tarot card reader thanks to websites like Kasamba, Keen, etc. that offer online tarot card readings, and they can be sure that they will be matched with trained tarot readers in minutes.

We hope that we have supplied you with sufficient information and that you have already decided which company you will select from the various options. We only included the top online tarot reading sites that have been in business for a long time and have an established customer base. So what are you waiting for? Schedule your first reading right now.

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