SlimCore Reviews: Do Slim Core Weight Loss Gummies Work?

Slim Core is being marketed as a supplement-based solution for people who are determined to lose weight as quickly as possible. The Slim Core site is filled with emotional appeals from Lynn, the founder and face of the supplement. She recounts how she gained over twenty-four pounds of “stubborn fat” around her belly following pregnancy. Through a carefully designed formula, Lynn was able to shave the fat right off – and she now brings the supplement to consumers through her company.

Very few consumers can say they’ve never felt the way Lynn has felt. She explains that her new weight made her feel like a “fat cow” unworthy of being married to her “handsome husband.” With all the pressure society places on women to look thin and beautiful, it’s no wonder that women like Lynn struggle so much with their self-worth and body images.

The purpose of today’s review is to provide a detailed, accurate account of the information offered on the Slim Core website. Truthfully, consumers should only begin using a weight loss supplement after clearing the move with a licensed healthcare provider. Your doctor will be able to give you better advice about your body’s needs than this writer is able to.

About Slim Core

Slim Core is a diet supplement. According to the official Slim Core website, two diet pills per day can provide tremendous weight loss results. Lynn was considered a weight loss professional, she says, but even she was amazed by how quickly the pills worked to melt the stubborn fat she gained during pregnancy. Whether or not consumers should actually believe that Lynn was a respected medical professional in the weight loss field is another matter entirely, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

The evidence backing Slim Core seems compelling. The product website explains that over “1,823 studies” have explored and backed the active ingredients used within the supplement. We were unable to verify any significant cache of studies relating to this particular combination of ingredients, but there certainly are thousands of research studies supporting the use of at least some of the core ingredients used in Slim Core.

The backstory behind this supplement is fascinating, but we’ll leave it to our readers to parse all of the twists and turns in Lynn’s story. Whether or not she actually received the pills as a part of a ‘family heirloom’ from a wealthy benefactor in Switzerland may be interesting – but it has very little to do with the basic science behind the supplement Slim Core. Instead, we’ll focus this analysis on the hard facts and evidence supporting (or criticizing) the formula.

Slim Core Key Ingredients

There are several key ingredients used to make Slim Core an effective weight loss formula. The main ingredient explained on the product website is Saffron. According to the site’s creators, Saffron is effective to “release dopamine in an equivalent way” to the chemically addictive foods that comprise much of an unhealthy person’s diet. In other words, Saffron might be one way for the body to naturally fight back against junk food addiction.

It is scientifically accurate to say that certain foods release a high quantity of dopamine, which activates the pleasure center of the brain. If it were truly the case that Slim Core’s active ingredient Saffron is capable of activating these same pleasure centers without introducing copious amounts of fat or salt into the body, then the formula could have a revolutionary effect on the bodies of consumers everywhere.

Saffron has been supported by double-blind scientific studies, which goes a long way to support its place in this unique supplement blend.

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Passiflora Incarnata is the second main ingredient being used in Slim Core. Interestingly enough, this is where Slim Core takes their life-changing benefits in a new direction. This ingredient is not only known for its weight loss benefits. Instead, the flower is mostly studied for its ability to promote healthier sleep at night. As the official product website for Slim Core explains, improper sleep is a leading cause of both “weight gain and even obesity.”

The ingredient functions by releasing a small amount of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, or GABA. This can help people to enjoy a deeper and more restive sleep each night. In addition to the myriad health benefits offered by a better night’s sleep, this chemical’s release is essential to providing the quick fat-burning benefits that Slim Core claims to provide. By allowing people’s bodies to recover and sleep more efficiently during the night, the second main ingredient in Slim Core assists the metabolism with a big boost.

Slim Core’s founder explains that both Saffron and Passiflora Incarnata are ineffective if simply taken “off the shelf.” This is the case with many supplements; most store-bought versions are at least somewhat watered-down, diminishing both their potency and their effects. To remedy this problem, Slim Core claims to have developed their own process of distilling extremely pure and potent variations of both chemicals. The result is an even more effective supplement guaranteed to provide all of the benefits of both Passiflora Incarnata and Saffron.

Is Slim Core Worth It?

Generally, we tend to err on the side of science. If you are confident that Saffron has been scientifically backed as a contributor to weight loss, then Slim Core might be a solid purchase. While Slim Core is a bit more expensive than some of the supplements we review ($39/bottle), this purchase price could be well worth it if its benefits are really attainable. After all, who wouldn’t want to lose 26 pounds of stubborn fat in just a few weeks?

At the end of the day, we recommend the same level of caution when trying Slim Core that we recommend with any dietary fat-burning supplement. If you use the supplement with the approval of a doctor, do your own research, and continue to diet and exercise right while taking Slim Core, you’re likely to experience at least a few positive effects. After all, diet pills are only as good for you as the diet they help to supplement.

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