Top 5 USDA Organic CBD Brands

CBD is no longer a trend; It’s mainstream. CBD’s increased popularity resulted in a crowded CBD market, where finding your way to healthy options can get tricky. Some CBD products do not provide the intended quality and can’t meet customers’ expectations. Others aren’t sustainable, hence, negatively affecting the environment.

Why Organic CBD?

Because organic farming is in harmony with nature, and organic products usually are much safer and of higher quality, the demand for organic CBD products has also spiked. Luckily, multiple CBD brands have timely responded to this demand by creating organic CBD products. Some feature a few USDA-organic CBD products, while others have an entirely organic selection.

If you have just decided to opt for organic CBD products, you’re doing a fantastic job for both the environment and your health. Still, choosing a reliable CBD brand to trust can get challenging. Below we have listed the top five USDA organic brands you can trust that offer certified and premium quality products. Before that, let’s see why USDA certification matters and the criteria products need to meet to acquire a USDA-certified stamp.

Why Does USDA Certification Matter?

USDA certification matters as it’s the only way to know whether your CBD is organic. Like third-party lab test results are crucial to confirm there are no harsh chemicals or pesticides in the product, USDA organic certification how brands can prove their CBD is organic.

Many CBD Brands Make Unproven Claims

The growing demand for CBD is exciting; more and more people decide to learn about this natural compound and see how it affects their overall health or helps with certain conditions. However, it also means an increased number of brands who make unproven claims about their products.

At the beginning of the CBD hype, people were looking for potent, farm-bill compliant, and safe products to consume. Many brands promised consumers to provide such products, but in 2020 FDA uncovered a great deal of mislabeled CBD products that didn’t meet the claims on their labels.

Every reliable brand now tests CBD products at third-party labs and makes test results available on their websites to certify claims on their labels. That’s the only way to know that a CBD product is safe and effective.

Now that more and more people are searching for organic CBD products, more brands started using the word ‘organic’ in their names, product labels, and descriptions. Yet, seeing organic on a product label doesn’t usually mean the CBD you are about to acquire is organic. Sometimes the organic ingredient is a carrier oil, something else, or ‘only the brand knows what.’ Because so many companies started promoting their CBD as organic, it’d be challenging to differentiate actual organic CBD products from self-claimed organic CBD only if there was no USDA organic certification.

What Does USDA-Certified Organic Seal Mean?

The USDA-certified organic seal guarantees a product comprises 100% or 95% organic ingredients. Not all CBD brands claiming to offer organic CBD earn this stamp as the certification requires them to go through a very rigorous and lengthy process and prove their products’ quality.

On the other hand, industry leaders and reliable brands that offer organic CBD in their inventory go through the USDA certification process to acquire the seal and provide their customers with a trustworthy solution. The USDA-certified organic seal has become almost synonymous with high-quality, safe CBD.

USDA-certified products use CBD extract derived from organically grown hemp and combine it with other organic ingredients such as certified organic carrier oils. They are free from harmful, toxic, or genetically modified components.

Organic farming doesn’t harm the environment, and it doesn’t pollute the land; thus, organic hemp production is better for nature. Third-party lab test results along with USDA certification are how you can ensure that your CBD product is free from harmful ingredients that are common in low-grade CBD products.

Why is Organic CBD so Rare?

Organic hemp is challenging to acquire due to the pesticide pollution of landscapes in the U.S. Even if farmers don’t use pesticides in the growing process of hemp, if anyone has ever used pesticides on the same land, it will contain pesticide breakdown products that are even more harmful than pesticides themselves. Thus, organic hemp only grows in pure soil that, per USDA guidelines, hasn’t been exposed to pesticides or synthetic fertilizers for at least three years before harvesting. That’s how long it takes for the ground to liberate itself from the contaminants. This is one of the factors why USDA-certified CBD is so rare.

Top USDA Organic CBD Brands

Below are the top 5 USDA organic CBD brands you can shop from and acquire organic CBD guaranteed in quality by USDA- certification.

#1 Joy Organics

Joy Organics is one of the leaders in the industry, setting the standards for manufacturing, testing, and quality of CBD. The brand recently became one of the pioneers amongst major CBD companies to introduce USDA Certified Organic CBD tinctures and jarred salves. It remains committed to crafting some of the highest quality products with the mission to provide excellence and innovation at every stage.

Joy Organics has a sheer volume of positive feedback addressing both the quality of CBD and its customer service. Every ingredient used in Joy’s CBD is meticulously sourced and lab-tested, including organic CBD. All of Joy’s organic hemp grows in nutrient-rich soil in the United States on USDA-certified organic farms and undergoes a USDA-certified hemp extraction process.

The new collection of USDA-certified CBD tinctures combines broad-spectrum organic CBD extract with organic carrier oils and features different potency and flavor options. Joy Organics CBD salve and salve stick are USDA-certified organic and designed for topical application.

#2 R+R Medicinals

R+R Medicinals is amongst the fastest-growing CBD brands due to affordable organic CBD and a surprisingly high amount of positive online feedback, which indicates the brand’s popularity and customer satisfaction. Their tagline – “The CBD that Works,” is there for a good reason.

R+R Medicinals use hemp from USDA organic hemp farms and use organic processes at every production stage. The brand uses the CO2 extraction method, which preserves naturally occurring cannabinoids in hemp, necessary for the entourage effect.

Most importantly, its organic CBD has earned a USDA-certified seal guaranteeing its top quality. USDA-certified products at R+R Medicinals include organic CBD tinctures, gummies, and CBD pet tinctures . The rest of their inventory, like CBD softgels , isn’t USDA-certified organic.

#3 Cornbread Hemp

Cornbread Hemp is a unique brand in production as it prioritizes a flower-only extraction allowing it to extract a high concentration and variety of cannabinoids. The company also claims excluding lower-quality parts enabled them to offer a more enjoyable natural flavor without using other ingredients for CBD oil’s taste.

Cornbread hemp uses hemp from organic CBD farms and has its entire organic supply chain in Kentucky, the state with one of the best climates globally for growing hemp.

Cornbread Hemp offers CBD products with the most THC amount allowed by federal law. Their USDA-certified CBD gummies have 50mg CBD with 2mg THC per serving, and their USDA-certified tinctures offer 50mg CBD with 1mg THC in each drop .

#4 Palmetto Harmony

Palmetto Harmony is another great USDA organic brand you can trust. It was the first CBD brand to gain certified organic status from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for hemp flower and selectively bred seed.

The company grows, extracts, bottles, and distributes its products from its Conway, South Carolina facility. The complete control at every stage allows Palmetto Harmony to oversee all aspects of the supply chain and ensure the quality of its CBD. The company uses only USDA-Certified Organic hemp and approved manufacturing practices for all of its products, half of which earned the USDA certification. The USDA-Certified Organic CBD line at Palmetto Harmony includes CBD body oils, CBD hemp oils, CBD balms, CBD for pets, CBD softgels, and CBD vape oils.

#5 RE Botanicals

RE Botanical is another excellent brand to choose when searching for USDA-certified organic CBD. All their products meet USDA-certified organic standards, from seed to final product. RE Botanicals uses organic cane alcohol for extraction and blends CBD with organic MCT CBD oil resulting in rich and golden full-spectrum distillate packaged at USDA NOP certified facility.

The botanicals used in RE Botanicals CBD products like peppermint, lavender, and ginger-lime are USDA certified organic essential oils derived from whole-plant extracts. The brand does not use natural or artificial flavorings.

Except for their CBD capsules and gummies , every RE Botanicals product is USDA-certified organic. Here you can choose from various organic CBD options such as hemp CBD tincture unflavored and with peppermint, relief roll-on body oils, and tincture for pets.

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