‘Anything that’s worth doing takes time’

Discussions continue regarding Luther Burbank Park docks renovation project.

The Luther Burbank Park docks subcommittee delved into more details with its prime consultant on the future docks renovation project on Oct. 28 in another of a plethora of meetings that have occurred over the last year.

Paul West, the city’s capital projects and planning manager, said the Parks and Recreation Commission’s subcommittee absorbed the options that KPFF Consulting Engineers brought forward regarding the waterfront area near the docks, such as the beach, the plaza’s ADA connection to the outdoor classroom, benches, art and trees.

Since May, KPFF — an architectural and engineering firm that has designed the Mukilteo Ferry Terminal, Sail Sand Point and more — has developed a 30% design, which is inclusive and ADA compliant. The docks were built in 1974 and have an estimated five remaining years of useful service left, according to the city.

The city has reached out to the community for feedback and suggestions of what to include in the project.

“One of the things that’s very much a concern in the community is the amount of impervious surface any project adds to a park,” said West, adding that KPFF proposed using pervious brick pavers at the plaza that will slowly meter the water and allow some of the sediment to settle out before it gets to the lake. Presently, the surface being used is mostly made of concrete.

On the tree front, the plan proposes removing nine mostly non-native trees and replacing them with 20 new mostly native trees.

A project cost estimate was revealed at the meeting and showed the price tag sitting at about $4 million. West thinks $2 million will be coming from grants and believes $2 million will be obtained from city funds and sources to be determined. An updated cost estimate will hit the meeting table in another year when they’re closer to having a full design.

West said they’re planning to get permits next year, finalize the funding in 2023 and build in 2024. As the project discussions continue, its details will be presented to the full Parks and Recreation Commission and then move on to the city council for approval.

West said he’s not surprised at the lengthy timeline of the project.

“Anything that’s worth doing takes time. This is a really complicated project. It’s got a lot of moving parts, but I think we’re making good progress. I think we’re going to get something that the public really wants,” he said.

The docks concept design overview includes renovating the north pier, installing new breakwater/small powerboard moorage and a new non-motorized dock while reusing the existing float, according to a previous Reporter story.

Also in the Luther Burbank Park beach realm, City Manager Jessi Bon noted at the Oct. 19 city council meeting that the city recently began swim beach environmental improvements.

“We will be putting in new buoys that will be anchored in an environmentally friendly way,” she said. “This is one of the many projects that are happening in succession out at Luther Burbank as we continue to work on our dock replacement.”

For more information, visit https://letstalk.mercergov.org/lbdock