City contractor leads the way in completing water system improvements project

PCI replaces 2,600 linear feet of water main and more.

To help Mercer Island ensure a safe and healthy infrastructure, Pacific Civil & Infrastructure, Inc. (PCI) and its subcontractors recently completed a set of water system improvements.

The city Public Works staff-managed project — with a total budget price tag of $1,638,960 — took place in the connected areas of 80th through 82nd avenues southeast, Southeast 24th Street and North Mercer Way.

PCI of Sumner began the construction project on May 10 and replaced 2,600 linear feet of water main, 32 water services and eight fire hydrant assemblies; installed three air vacuum release valve assemblies; and provided roadway and sidewalk restoration.

“We have an aging water system, so these types of infrastructure investments that we make every year are very important,” City Manager Jessi Bon said in her report at the Oct. 5 city council meeting. She praised the Public Works team for completing this and other projects despite being short staffed during the summer.

According to the city website, the upgrades will improve the system’s structural integrity and reliability, and improve water flow for fire suppression.

The city’s adopted goals, according to its 2015 Water System Plan, are listed as preserving public health and safety, and maintaining adequate water volume for firefighting, water volume for basic sanitation and consumptive value and water quality.

During the length of the project, there were several planned water main shutdowns — which residents were apprised of — and two emergency meter shutoffs while water service repairs were made, according to the project report on the city’s site.