King County Elections certifies general election results

Five locals win city council, school district director seats.

Three weeks to the day after King County Elections tallied the first round of returns for the Nov. 2 general election, it certified the results of the election.

In the Mercer Island City Council realm, Salim Nice, Ted Weinberg and Lisa Anderl officially won their races. For Position 2, Nice (5,602 votes, 58.75%) beat Daniel Becker (3,921, 41.12%); for Position 4, Weinberg (5,193, 54.19%) defeated Michael D. Curry (4,384, 45.75%); and for Position 6, Anderl (5,334, 55.49%) beat Kate Akyuz (4,265, 44.37%).

Nice, who is currently on council, said that running a campaign is no small undertaking.

“I am incredibly grateful to all the Islanders who showed support over the past months and took the time to learn about the issues. A functioning democracy requires participation — I’m thankful to all who exercised their right to vote in this election,” he said.

Another current councilmember, Anderl added about her campaign experience: “We were fortunate to have wonderful weather in October, which made it great to walk many different neighborhoods ringing doorbells and getting to know constituents and their issues. It might have been my favorite part of the campaign process.”

Council newcomer Weinberg said that during his 11-month campaign, he learned that volunteers truly put the victory stamp on the campaign.

“I’ve already thanked many of my volunteers in person, but there are literally hundreds of thank-you cards I will have the distinct honor and delight of writing in the coming days,” he said the week of Nov. 2. After the results were final, he added that “we can start turning all that energy and momentum into permanent positive change.”

On the Mercer Island School District director front, Dan Glowitz and Deborah Lurie won their races. For Position 2, Glowitz (4,724, 52.86%) beat Brian Giannini Upton (4,148, 46.42%); and for Position 4, Lurie (5,598, 62.49%) defeated Lacey Aaker (3,330, 37.17%).

Current director Lurie said that she is committed to her doing her job on the board.

“I will continue to ask the hard questions, drive for well-informed answers and advocate for all decisions to be made with students as the priority,” she said.

First-time director Glowitz is thankful for the support, advice and time he received from his family, friends and copious community members during his campaign.

“More than anything, however, I look forward to working together to prepare and plan for a brighter future for public education on Mercer Island,” he said.