Meatless Mondays and Waste-Free Wednesdays come to Lakeridge lunchroom

Mercer Island’s Lakeridge Elementary is one of the most environmentally conscious schools in the region; the school’s recycling rate is off the charts and the school’s lunchroom trash sorting is stellar, according to school officials.

After working with the district’s Food Service Director, Carol Bus, school officials were able to move toward an even more sustainable lunchroom.

The school will now have Meatless Mondays and Waste-Free Wednesdays, starting this month. On Mondays, no meat will be served for lunch and on Wednesdays, the lunch served will have no wrappings or packaging like single-use disposable items (except for milk cartons, which are recyclable).

Going meatless once a week can relieve some of the environmental burdens that result from meat production. Producing animal-based protein uses more fuels, water and valuable land (for animals and their food) than plant-based protein. The global demand for meat has also led to degradation of good land and deforestation.