MI detectives investigating possible attempted luring incident

Mercer Island Police Department (MIPD) detectives are investigating a possible attempted luring incident that transpired in a neighborhood on the afternoon of June 5.

In a social media post on June 6, MIPD noted that the incident didn’t occur near school grounds.

“No one was hurt and there is no active threat to the community,” MIPD said.

According to a letter that the Mercer Island School District communications team dispatched to local families on the morning of June 6, the incident took place at about 4:20 p.m. near a residence in the 7700 block of Southeast 76th Street.

“Fortunately the elementary aged children involved did the right thing by immediately seeking help from a trusted adult, in this case a parent,” the letter reads.

MIPD and the district will stay connected and the district has requested increased police presence in and around its schools, the letter reads.

The district encourages families to discuss personal safety and provided a list of tips, some of which are: Children should know their full name, home phone number and how to use a phone; choose babysitters with care; don’t drop children off alone at malls, movie theaters or parks; and teach children that adults should not approach children for help or directions.

The Reporter will update this story when more information becomes available.