New councilmember sworn in to serve Mercer Island community

Lisa Anderl took her oath of office on Jan. 15.

Attorney and 20-year Island resident Lisa Anderl was sworn in to Position 4 of the Mercer Island City Council on Jan. 15. Anderl was selected after a competitive application process following the resignation of former Councilmember Tom Acker.

“I’m excited to serve our community on Mercer Island,” Anderl told the Reporter. “I promise to work hard on our most important issues, including a fiscally responsible balanced budget. I look forward to working with the council and the residents to keep what we value in this community.”

Anderl served on the Community Advisory Group (CAG) and was a founding member of Mercer Islanders for Sustainable Spending (MIforSS), the political action committee behind this fall’s “No on Prop 1” campaign. The group advocated for the city to find efficiencies before going to the voters to raise property taxes. Their campaign succeeded, as Islanders rejected Proposition 1 with a 57 percent majority.

MIforSS congratulated Anderl in a press release.

“Ms. Anderl will be a strong voice going forward representing most voters on the island on issues of fiscal responsibility,” the release said. “Over the last year, Mercer Island voters have become increasingly interested, educated and involved in the city council’s management of the Island. Ms. Anderl’s analytical and people skills will serve Islanders well.”

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Mercer Island City Council, 2019. Photo courtesy of the city of Mercer Island

Mercer Island City Council, 2019. Photo courtesy of the city of Mercer Island