Police nab burglary suspects

Suspects believed to have stolen more than $500K of jewelry and rare collectibles.

In mid-April, three residences were burglarized during daytime hours via kicked-in doors while the homeowners were away. All were thoroughly ransacked. Police responded to investigate and itemize the losses. The first residence, in the 9700 block of S.E. 41st Street had $9,000 worth of jewelry and electronics taken; a home in the 4600 block of 89th Avenue S.E. had $500,000 of collectibles stolen; and $10,000 worth of jewelry and electronics were taken at a home in the 6500 block of 81st Avenue S.E.

While officers were canvassing the neighborhood, one neighbor told MIPD she’d seen a vehicle with four males scrutinizing her neighbor’s home in such a suspicious manner that she’d written down the license plate number. Detectives went to work on the case, in coordination with Seattle and Bellevue Police Detectives and produced enough evidence to request search warrants.

The vehicle was located the next morning in South Seattle and impounded, pending a search warrant.  Detectives from Seattle PD arrested the vehicle’s owner when he called later that day to report his car stolen, and MIPD Detectives arrived to interview the suspect. He provided a full confession and information as to where a large portion of the property could be recovered, including the most valuable pieces of rare collectibles.

The relieved owner then stated, “I want to thank the MIPD and Detective Pete Erickson for performing an outstanding job in recovery of property stolen from my home on Mercer Island.  The department secured the home, canvassed the area for witnesses, collected evidence for a rock-solid case, and acted immediately in impounding the suspected automobile used in the burglary.  The fast recovery of property and capture of suspects are a testament to the true professionalism shown by the Department.”

The suspects are thought to be responsible for additional Island and surrounding city burglaries, which investigators are pursuing.