Recology offers holiday cardboard recycling tips

As residents receive or purchase gifts this holiday season, the city’s recycling and solid waste contractor, Recology, reminds Islanders to properly prepare the corrugated cardboard from shipping boxes for recycling and reuse.

If residents have more cardboard than fits in their recycling bin, they are asked to flatten and stack the extra amount inside a different cardboard box no larger than 3x3x3 feet. Or, they can flatten and tear it into pieces no larger than 3×3 feet and then bundle them with twine. Residents can set the extra cardboard neatly next to their blue recycling bin –- there is a limit of an additional 96 gallons per collection day (that’s the size of the largest carts visible at the curb).

If residents need to exceed the 96-gallon limit, they can call Recology customer service at 206-381-6980 seven days a week to make arrangements.