Thrift Shop Giving Tree benefits YFS/ City briefs

The Mercer Island Thrift Shop’s Giving Tree is up and running once again. All proceeds go to Youth and Family Services programs on Mercer Island. For more information, visit:

Safe battery recycling

In the short time since student Bowen Nago’s battery recycling box was added to the Mercer Island Thrift Shop, Islanders have already dropped off more than 350 pounds of batteries for recycling.

The city’s partner, Call2Recycle, requires that batteries be individually bagged to comply with United States Department of Transporation safety regulations to ensure the terminals of select battery types are protected from making contact with each other while in transit. Because battery types are often hard to distinguish, Call2Recycle recommends individually bagging or taping all batteries to prevent the batteries from igniting or combusting.

For more information, visit: