Mercer Island has history of saving parkland | Island Forum

Many Islanders will remember when Pioneer Park was under threat of being turned into a golf course — not once but twice (1969 and 1990).

Fortunately, Mercer Island citizens objected to the possibility of losing a beloved public park and put a stop to it. Almost a half-century later, we are all beneficiaries of these forward-thinking Islanders as Pioneer Park continues to be a treasured public park for all to enjoy.

Unfortunately, history is repeating itself and threatening our only Town Center park — Mercerdale Park. Our City Council is moving forward in giving away nearly 1 acre of Mercerdale Park to a private developer for the next 50 to 80 years, irreversibly altering the park.

This private development will destroy over 112 trees, Bicentennial Park, Native Garden the historic Recycle Center and threaten fragile wetlands and wildlife habitat. Just as generations before us saved Pioneer Park, we too can Save Mercerdale Park. Let your voice be heard to once again protect our public parkland from private development.

Robin C. Russell is a concerned citizen who wants to see Mercerdale Park preserved for future generations.