NeuroRise Reviews – Scam or Legit? Can You Trust Neuro Rise Hearing Pills?

It’s well-known that hearing loss can lead to various health risks, including depression, increased risk of falling, and even dementia. Most medical experts believe this arises from social isolation when someone has trouble hearing. NeuroRise is a new natural hearing support formula that reduces background noise in the ears and improves hearing.

According to Harvey Abrams, an audiologist, the consequences of untreated hearing loss are many and can lead to people withdrawing from activities that allow them to engage with others. When this happens, the affected person will typically become lonely and depressed.

But now, hearing loss isn’t as rare as people would want to believe. Researchers have proven that hearing capabilities begin to decline as you age, and almost everyone will have some level of hearing loss from aging.

Now, the question becomes, what do you do when you find yourself faced with hearing loss?

NeuroRise Hearing Support Formula – Why Everyone with Hearing Loss Needs It

NeuroRise markets itself as a formulation that provides 360° hearing support designed to promote mental sharpness and healthy hearing well into your senior years.

Thanks to its unique and proprietary formulation, NeuroRise guarantees that you’re able to experience the many joys that come with:

  • Having enhanced mental sharpness, including a strong ability to form and retain memories
  • Reduce outside noise and unwanted interference, leaving you to concentrate on the sounds that matter
  • Listening to your kids and their children as they converse around you and communicate with one another
  • Get to hear your favorite music tracks and even watch movies without trying to imagine what the actors on the screen are saying.

About the NeuroRise Creator

NeuroRise Hearing Support Formula is the brainchild of Steve Brown, the Founder of NeuroRise. On the official website, Steve notes that when he started working on this formulation, he never imagined the impact that it would have on people worldwide.

Today, he gets to sit back and look at the thousands of NeuroRise users who have benefitted from his hearing support formula and thank God that he never gave up on it. These people can now hear sounds properly without relying on hearing aids.

He notes that people like this have helped make all the years of researching, creating, and testing NeuroRise worthwhile. In the future, he hopes that the formula can continue to benefit as many people as possible while remaining affordable.

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NeuroRise Ingredients

A lot of research and testing has gone into making the NeuroRise formula. Ultimately, Steve and his team settled on twenty-plus carefully selected ingredients, each with a proven track record of promoting mental clarity and supporting better hearing.


Some of the compounds included in NeuroRise include the following:

  • Niacin to assist in strengthening hearing quality
  • Ginkgo Biloba aids in increasing blood flow to the ears
  • Red Asian Ginseng is proven to help reduce elevated stress levels
  • Hawthorn helps in fighting inflammation
  • Cayenne Fruit assists in providing some much-needed energy boost
  • Muira Puama is believed to contain potent neuroprotective abilities
  • Chromium Picolinate assists in supporting better auditory health
  • Catuaba increases memory retention and supports recall

NeuroRise Benefits

NeuroRise proprietary formulation brings together unique, high-quality, naturally sourced ingredients from around the world. All these elements work together to deliver maximum performance and ensure 360° Hearing without straining your ears.

As seen above, its unique composition of compounds, herbs, and plants makes it the only hearing support formula capable of delivering proven results. According to Steve, its known benefits include the following:

  • Non-habit forming
  • Innovative recipe with 20+ elements
  • Non-GMO
  • Natural formulation
  • Easy to take
  • Made with plant ingredients

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Q. Should I take the NeuroRise Hearing Support Formula?

A. The NeuroRise Hearing Support Formula has done wonders for thousands of men and women of varying ages worldwide. It works because Steve and his team followed top-notch scientific protocols when creating it, ensuring they didn’t cut any corners.

Moreover, only natural minerals and pure plant ingredients have gone into making NeuroRise. You can, therefore, rest easy knowing that NeuroRise is an all-natural formulation manufactured in an FDA-registered facility.

All manufacturing and distribution of NeuroRise occurs in the USA.

Q. What type of results should be expected?

NeuroRise results will appear in stages and will vary depending on how you have been taking the formula. Inhouse studies have shown that most people taking the NeuroRise Hearing Support formula do so to:

  • Sustain memory formation
  • Improved hearing
  • Maintain mental acuity
  • Support healthy hearing

With this in mind, the NeuroRise team recommends taking it for at least 90 days for the best results.

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Q. How long does it take to notice results from NeuroRise Hearing Support?

A. People are different, so the duration it takes and the results you notice will vary from person to person. Third-party lab tests have shown some people seeing a difference in their memory retention and hearing abilities in seven days or less.

In other cases, it has taken up to three months, and at times longer, to notice a difference. Steve recommends taking NeuroRise consistently for 90 days to give your body enough time to cleanse itself, restore its lost abilities, and renew your hearing system.

As such, try to buy the three- or six-bottle option for the best possible results.

Q. How should I take NeuroRise to benefit from its formulation?

A. NeuroRise capsules are digestible and easy to take. To get started, you’ll need to take two NeuroRise capsules when you wake, preferably before your first meal.

Given its natural formulation, you shouldn’t worry about experiencing any side effects.

Q. Is my NeuroRise purchase secure?

A. NeuroRise uses industry-leading encryption technology to protect all the information its clients submit online. Furthermore, every purchase is treated as a one-time purchase, and no further charges will be billed to your card.

Q. What should I do if NeuroRise fails to work for my hearing and memory issues?

A. Steve and the NeuroRise team want their customers to become enthusiastic about every order they place. And the only way this can happen is by giving you a chance to try NeuroRise risk-free.

You can try NeuroRise for up to 60 days, thanks to its 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you fail to notice a change in your hearing or mental acuity, call or email the NeuroRise team for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

Q. Where can consumers buy NeuroRise, and how long will it take to ship it?

NeuroRise is only available for sale on the official website. Buying it from here is the only way to guarantee you’re buying the real hearing support formula. Once you complete payment, the NeuroRise team will ship the package to your home or office.

The team uses premium carriers to ship out all orders and will do their best to ship your purchase within 24 working hours. A tracking number will be sent to your email, enabling you to keep track of your NeuroRise order. Please note that domestic orders may take five to ten days to arrive.

Pricing and Where to Buy

NeuroRise Hearing Support formula is only available on the official website. At the moment, Steve and his team are running a limited-time offer that will enable you to buy this hearing support formulation at the rates shown below:

  • One NeuroRise Bottle at $69 + shipping
  • Three NeuroRise Bottles at $59 per bottle + Free domestic shipping + Two eBooks
  • Six NeuroRise Bottles at $49 per bottle + Free domestic shipping + Two eBooks

Bonus eBooks

As mentioned, the three- and six-bottle options come with two free eBooks. These books are intended to enable you to make the most out of your natural brain power. They will provide you with tips on how to develop better memory retention and recall.

They include techniques that impress you and your significant other with their results. The eBook offers include the following:

  • Hear Like a Pro: Learn how to unlock your inner ears using techniques that will train you on ways to tune out unnecessary outside noise.
  • Powerful Ways to Sharpen Your Memory: Use its meditation techniques to develop better recall and eliminate the need to carry a grocery list every time you go shopping.

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Refund Policy

NeuroRise Hearing Support Formula comes with a 60-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Consumers who aren’t satisfied with NeuroRise or the results it delivers are welcome to ship it back to the NeuroRise team for a full refund.

All refund requests must be made within the 60-day timeframe and can be made by calling the customer support number on your packaging. You can also send in your refund request by emailing NeuroRise. The company promises to refund all requests from Mon-Sun 10 AM – 1 AM EST, even for customers who return empty bottles.

  • Product Email Support: support@getneurorise.com
  • Product Phone Support: +1.855.207.1868
  • Order Email Support: support@getneurorise.com
  • Order Phone Support: +1.855.207.1868

NB: Please note that the results recorded may vary from one person to the next. Additionally, ensure you seek guidance from a certified health professional before you take NeuroRise or any other supplement.

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