CCMIP should have place at the table | Letter

Co-chair of parks group says they should be involved if Mercerdale is discussed as MICA location.

Mercer Island City Manager Julie Underwood scheduled “A study session devoted to the MICA (Mercer Island Center for the Arts) pause” for the City Council at 6 p.m. on Feb. 6. At the Jan. 9 council meeting, Underwood stated, “MICA will be here to discuss what they are planning to do.”

As Concerned Citizens for Mercerdale Park co-chair, I addressed the council on Jan. 23 and stated: “If Mercerdale Park is still being discussed as a possible location for MICA, CCMIP should be invited to participate in the study session discussion representing Mercerdale Park.” As of Jan. 26, we have not yet received an invitation to participate.

It’s been over three months since the city and MICA announced a “MICA pause” to find an appropriate location for MICA. In that time, citizens have received absolutely no information on what has gone on, if anything. And we are still in the dark. An applicant doesn’t have the right to an exclusive sit-down with the council during a study session if public parkland is at risk of private development. If that sit-down is in any way going to discuss Mercerdale Park, CCMIP should have a place at the table.

Meg Lippert

Co-chair CCMIP