City should add retaining environment to Comprehensive Plan | Letter

Native habitat, wildlife “left out of the city’s Comprehensive Plan.”

I think there is a piece left out of the city’s Comprehensive Plan or I am not aware that it is addressed anywhere. That is wildlife habitat for our birds and bees, other native insect life, native furry creatures and native amphibians and reptiles.

Having open space parks is not enough native habitat for our creatures. We need to promote the use of local native plants along street sides and in homeowners’ yards. If homeowners provide shelter, food, water and a place to raise their young, we will have more birds and pollinators on the island and not lose what we have. These plants are also more adapted to our climate and need much less water once they are established. They also don’t need to be fertilized unless they are growing in pots.

Please make retaining and restoring our local environment as part of the Comprehensive Plan.

Rita Moore

Mercer Island