Island needs Acker’s community leadership | Letter

In November, Mercer Island will face another City Council election. It is our hope that members of the community research the issues and evaluate each of the candidates based on their skills, their contributions to the community, their references and their experience.

For us, the decision is simple. Tom Acker’s business experience, analytical skills and demonstrated community leadership skills are what this Island needs. Over the last several years, Tom Acker elevated issues to the community as well as to the City Council. Most of these issues weren’t being discussed within the community and some weren’t receiving the attention they needed from the City Council. Two examples of where Tom raised the flag early on were Sound Transit negotiations (raised in 2014) and the budget issues (raised in 2015) which the council is only just now publicly acknowledging as a problem. Forethought, analytics and leadership are what Tom brings to the table.

Let’s not forget it was Tom Acker who sponsored and conducted the first community education forum related to the Sound Transit implementation. He invited legal experts, regional leaders and transportation experts to the Community Center event room. And, when he asked them to participate, they came. Tom wasn’t an elected official and didn’t work for the city, yet the experts came. These experts spent several hours educating both the community and City Council members who were in attendance on transportation issues, logistical concerns, legal arguments and negotiation strategies. This is proactive leadership and engagement.

Tom has also supported various local charities (Youth and Family Services, Schools Foundation, Friendship Circle and Youth Theatre Northwest) as well as charities in support of people with disabilities. He served this past year on both the Northwood Elementary Parent Teacher’s Association and the school district’s Legislative Advocacy Committee.

Tom Acker continues to demonstrate he has the knowledge, the history, the perseverance, the patience and the fortitude to collaboratively lead our community through the upcoming challenges. And, with three young kids in the school system, he’s here to stay.

Doris Cassan, James Cassan, Florence Chambers, Darlene Deeny, Terry Deeny, Connie Del Missier, Dick Del Missier, David Dunner, Peg Dunner, Don Gulliford, Sharon Seltzer, Carol Heltzel, Tom Heltzel, Joanne Kinsman, Bobby Morris, Larry Morris, Ron Rowe, Susan Rowe, Gordon Schaefer, Jan Schaefer, Joanne Schunter, Wolf Schunter, Jane Smith, Paul Smith

Mercer Island


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