Islanders express support for council candidate Benson Wong | Letters

Benson Wong’s integrity is sky-high

This is a letter I didn’t think I had the time to write. Benson Wong’s campaign, knowing that I support his re-election to the City Council, asked me if I would consider writing a letter to this newspaper. To save time, I offered to sign a letter written by his campaign if I agreed with the letter’s content. But my offer was politely turned down.

This story is why I felt compelled to write this letter, and it exemplifies what I want Islanders to know about Benson Wong: His integrity is sky-high — he is not looking for ghost-written statements of support.

Benson and I are not personal friends and we have no business connections. I like him because he is down to earth and quietly intelligent. He doesn’t have a big ego, just an open ear. I have observed he is willing to listen to all sides of an issue before making up his mind. If Benson doesn’t agree with you, he doesn’t think less of you. I want him to win this election because I know he will do what he thinks is the right thing and will not bow to pressure to do otherwise.

I’m not the only one in my family who is rooting for Benson. One of my daughters refers to him as “a model human being.” He took the time to talk with her at the Farmers Market when he first ran for City Council even though she wasn’t yet old enough to vote. He thoughtfully listened to her concerns and talked with her in a way that let her know her opinions count. To this day, when someone is unkind to her, she thinks to herself “Benson Wong, Benson Wong.” It’s her shorthand for remembering that smart and kind people exist in this world, a thought she finds comforting.

I can’t comment on the other candidates competing for this position because I don’t know them. I don’t even agree with Benson’s position on one of the major issues facing our community. That said, Benson Wong has my vote because he is a model politician for our city and for our country.

Elizabeth M. Rosenman

Mercer Island

Return Benson Wong to the City Council

I encourage all islanders to re-elect Benson Wong for City Council Position 6. I have known Benson for about 20 years. I had the privilege of working with Benson previously on the boards of the Mercer Island Community Fund and the Mercer Island Schools Foundation. From personal experience, I know he listens to all interested parties, carefully assesses the available information and works hard to forge the best possible solution. He is both considerate, and thoughtful in his work.

His experience in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, both locally and regionally, has served us well these past four years. He doesn’t shy away from voicing his opinion, but he also works collaboratively to move work forward. I know he will continue to keep our Island interests first and foremost, because he has already demonstrated this over many years. Please cast your ballot for Benson Wong and return him to City Council Position 6.

Cheryl Frizzell

Mercer Island