Mercer Island High School alums support levy | Letter

The levy provides for approximately 20 percent of the year-to-year budget for the next four years.

We are proud products of the Mercer Island School District and want to see our schools remain strong. We are raising our own children in the same district where we grew up — living here by choice because we know how much our Island community values supports and invests in our students.

Therefore, we write this letter urging all voters to join us in voting yes for MISD’s replacement Maintenance and Operations Levy. This levy provides for approximately 20 percent of the year-to-year budget for the next four years.

Mercer Island Public Schools have been consistently ranked as one of the best districts in the state of Washington for delivering education. Over the past 75 years, MISD and our community have educated over 16,000 Mercer Island High School graduates. As residents and graduates of Mercer Island we are direct beneficiaries of our community’s investment in education. The levy money is essential for programs K-12 in our district, including: 1) Special education, 2) seventh period at the high school, 3) music, art, PE and Spanish at the elementary schools, 4) ongoing professional development of our teaching staff, and 5) smaller class sizes, support for after school clubs and activities at all grade levels.

We hope you will join us in supporting this important levy.

70-plus MIHS alums raising their families on Mercer Island: Alexis Odell, Amy Mears, Amy Wischman Scarff, Andrea Watson, Andrea Miller Holton, Anne Way, Astrid Schreuder, Carolyn Pirak, Carrie Scull, Carrie York Williams, Chad Dierickx, Charlie Givan, Chris Kane, Collin Hagstrom, Curran Hagstrom, Dana Zahler, Debbie Bertlin, Debbie Friend, Debbie Hanson, Deborah Lurie, Debra Brandt, Diane Eng Salisbury, Floyd Short, Greg Hart, Greg Gottesman, Heidi Martin, Janice Nice, Jennell Fuchs, Jennie King, Jennifer Carmichael, Jim Lovsted, Joanne Wilson, John Schreuder, Julie Ogata Ciobanu, Julie Ulrich, Kathy Moffett McDonald, Kim Jewett, Kim Thomas, Kirsten Ward, Laurie Givan, Lewis Malakoff, Margaret Moscatel Castellanos, Maria Santulli, Mark Harrington, Mark Martin, Michael Beers, Michael Schiller, Michelle Dumler, Milt Reimers, Mitch Mounger, Monica Burnside, Peter Goodman, Rachel Schwartz, Rachel Lenington, Ralph Jorgenson, Robin Li, Roger Shanafelt, Salim Nice, Sam LeClercq, Sarah Smith, Scott Swerland, Shauna Youssefnia, Shelley Whelan, Stephanie Parmenter, Subeer Manhas, Tim Tiscornia, Tim Larson, TJ Burke, Tom Acker, Tracy Sigmon

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Mercer Island High School alums support levy | Letter

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